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India is a omni-cultural abode with huge diversity. With vast expanse and cultural diversity, it offers the best avenue one can chose to hangout while traveling in India. November, the month marks the beginning of winter season in India and the weather is extra pleasant, much suitable for tourism. One can travel across multiple destinations in order soak ones soul. India is no doubt a land of festival and November is no exception to it. These festivities add essence to traveling in India. Here are the top 10 destinations one should checkout during the month of November:

  • Varanasi: Also known as “Lord Shiva Abode”. The most sacred destination which marks huge footfall in terms of tourists. November marks the festive season named as “Dev Deepavali”. The sacred ghats of river Ganga enlighten with earthen diyas while people come and illuminate across the ghats. Dev Deepavali marks a tribute to river Ganga. It is a popular belief that on this night (full moon); Gods descends on earth to bathe in the Ganges. Another legend speaks of the return of Lord Vishnu to his abode after the Vamana incarnation. Thus it has become an old tradition in the entire city to lit lamps to welcome Gods.Two crucial events, Kartik Snan and Deepdaan, are performed as a part of this festival. Early morning, devotees take a holy dip in the river bowing to the Sun. While in the evening, under the full moon, they perform Deepotsav. And amidst chanting of Vedic hymns, diyas and lamps are lit everywhere, literally at every corner of the city and is a wonderful sight to watch. The Maha Ganga aarti is also performed.Attraction: Ganga Mahotsav, a 5-day long programme, is the highlight of this festival. All of Varanasi comes alive with music, dance, and feasting for a few days on the occasion of Dev Deepavali. If you are planning trip via train, make sure you can order food at varansi junction or stations falling en-route.

  • Gujrat: Starting from the 1st week of November, the salt plains of the Rann of Kutch are lined with bedecked camels, colourful turbans and tents to accommodate numerous people who come to enjoy the 3-month cultural extravaganza. The Rann Utsav is when Gujarat’s warm hospitality and excellent cuisines are easily noticeable in the temporary city called the Tent City which is spread across an area of 5,00,000 sq. Mts, thus making it the largest tent accommodation in India.Handicraft bazaars, pottery sheds and live embroidery work are showcased. With a multitude of activities to choose from – music and dance performances, spa centres, meditation pavilions, gaming zones, camel cart rides, dirt biking and paramotoring; the guests are offered various choices. These are sure to keep one busy during the festival. If you are traveling to Gujrat, you can drop off at Ahmedabad station and take a cab. You can pre-book meals at Ahemdabad station or order food at Vadodara station.

  • Sonepur, Bihar:The Sonepur Cattle Fair or Sonepur Mela is held in northern Bihar during the month of Kartik(full moon) and is one of the largest in Asia. The festival attracts a crowd from all over the continent and can stretch from fifteen days to a to a month. The site of the festival is at the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Son, Ghagra and Gandak which in itself is a holy spot for Hindus. Animals of all varieties from elephants and camels to cats and guinea pigs are brought here for trade.Performers like dancers, singers, acrobats and circus artists also come to this festival to put up entertainment programs at night once the festival is concluded for the day. One can head over to capital city Patna and take a cab from there to reach the fair venue. It is a 24*7 affair.
  • Rajasthan- Bundi Utsav: Bundi is a picturesque location in the Hadoti district of Rajasthan. The palaces and forts of Bundi have a fairy tale feel about them.The town is quite isolated from the maddening rush and crowd. But it is during the month of November that the city becomes alive during Bundi Utsav. It includes several spiritual and traditional activities and is a remarkable cluster of traditional art, culture and craftsmanship that even visitors are left charmed by its magnificence.The program includes a colourful Shobha Yatra, arts & crafts fair, ethnic sports, cultural exhibition, c music & dance programs, and a sparkling fireworks display. Early in the morning, after the full moon night of Kartik Purnima, women and men clad in attractive colourful costumes, light diyas or lamps on the banks of River Chambal and seek blessings. Book food in train for your travel while traveling to Rajasthan.
  • Delhi-NCR- Guru Nanak Jayanti: This event is a commemoration of Guru Nanak’s birthday (the founder of Sikhism) and is widely celebrated throughout Punjab, especially at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the main shrine of the Sikhs. On the eve of the festival, Amritsar comes alive with a huge procession, accompanied by singers and musicians. Part of it features a demonstration of Sikh martial arts. The beautifully illuminated temple is an incredible sight to behold at this time. One can order food at Kanpur station or book meals at Aligarh junction while planning a trip to this location 

With so many festival abodes, you are not left with any choice of not packing your backpack and catch the very next train for tour this November. For food bookings in train, trusted catering partners of IRCTC are just a call away at 8102888111.

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