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Monsoon is a blissful season with a cloudy sky, pleasing weather, the sweet smell of the wet soil and the music of raindrops. The season brings a feeling of excitement and joy to people’s homes. Many people plan a trip to a destination that looks splendid in the rainy season. However, travelling during this season requires a lot of prior planning. “Which travel modes you should choose”, “What essentials you should pack” and more.  So, it’s crucial to have hands on some tips for your monsoon travel



In this blog, we’ve curated 7 essential tips for your Monsoon travel. 


1. Choose the Best Travel Mode


You can plan your trip in Monsoon by bus, train, plane or personal vehicle. But there are greater chances of being delayed or stopped by heavy rains, traffic jams and bad road connectivity. You can choose to travel by train or flight in Monsoon. The train can be the best mode to enjoy the Monsoon while travelling. 


2. Order Delicious Food on the Go 


If you’re travelling by train during Monsoon, you can treat yourself to delicious food. RailRestro serves a range of food items on trains. You can order special monsoon dishes like chai-pakoda, chai-samosa, maggie, sabudana vada-chai, aloo ka paratha, and more. Ordering your choice of monsoon meal is easy with online e-catering services.  


3. Pack a Light Backpack


To enjoy your journey to the fullest, pack your bag light. Light bags will not bother you more in storing and carrying from one place to another. Also, ensure that you pack your essentials in waterproof bags, so it stays safe even in heavy rain. 


4. Must -carry things in Monsoon


Before packing your bag, you must go through the link of must-pack things like raincoats, umbrellas, first-aid kits, crocks, waterproof makeup kits, lightweight dresses, 3-quarter pants, cosy blankets, reusable water bottles, power banks, tissues etc.


5. Befriend With Dark Attire


Wearing white and light-coloured clothes in the rainy season while travelling cannot offer you a good experience as your attire might get muddy or dirty due to the rainwater. So, prefer to wear dark attire. You can also wear floral print dresses to give rainy season vibes and enjoy tripping. 


6. Avoid Buying Food From Local Vendors


In the Monsoon, people get sick easily. So, it’s important you travel safe and healthy. Eating food from local vendors is not good for your health as they keep it usually open. So, while journeying, always try to get fresh food. RailRestro offers you healthy and hygienic food in train, cooked in restaurants, packed nicely and served directly to your seat.  


7. Enjoy the Trip


Last but not least, enjoy your trip! Remember, you’ve come on vacation to enjoy. So, leave all your chaos away and get wet in the rain to release all your stress, and thank the universe for offering you such a life; many wish for!


For journeying, keep the food in train app RailRestro installed, so you don’t need to worry about food in train. You can also do the pre-booking of food in train as you might face some network glitches due to rain. With a pre-book rail food facility, you also get free food delivery in train. 


In case of network issues, you can also make WhatsApp food orders in train or call us at 8102202203, our customer support executive, to place the order. 


FAQs Related to Your Monsoon Travel


Which is the best place to visit during Monsoon?


There are numerous destinations in India, well-known for your Monsoon visit. Mahabaleshwar, Udaipur, Orchha, Goa, Chikmagalur, Pahalgam, Ranikhet, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are some alluring monsoon destinations.


How can I travel in monsoon hassle-free? 


Following these 7 facts, you can travel in monsoon hassle-free. Apart from this, if you have chosen to travel by train, make sure you buy a train ticket in advance and check its confirmation status by performing a PNR check online. Moreover, check the train’s live running status to learn where your train is moving. The current time rail information will help you keep updated and enjoy the trip. 


In addition, you can check the weather forecast, stay updated with news related to your destination and train route for a great experience on your trip.

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Author: Rohit Choubey

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