Traveling by train can be bezzare and can be fun at the same time. When you are traveling by train, you meet strangers. However, you know very well that you won’t meet them again. Still, you share few minutes of your life with them. In the train, you sleep on the berth shaking all night to the rhythmic lullaby. For hours, you look outside to watch the topography change from grassy farmlands to meandering mountains.


Sometimes, be a part of the collective “wooooo” when the trains enter the tunnel.

If you are not happy with the look and the quality of the pantry food when traveling by train, it is the best option to choose e catering. Now, it is not a dream to get delicious food on the train. It provides you healthy food at a very affordable price, so you can save money on food when traveling by train.


Best Nutritious Food In Trains To Go For:


It can be tough to order food to order most of the time because of the extensive menu. To make this task very easy for you, we have made a list of 7 Nutritious Food in Train That You Need to Try on Your Journey. There is no doubt that all these are very healthy food, but they are also best to save money on food while traveling on a train.


Chole Masala:



It is also famous for the Chana masala name, and this is an outstanding spicy gravy chickpea dish that you can cook as a filling of the sandwich. You can also eat it with rice. Rotis, bhaturas, and pooris. This dish is very delicious and has a unique taste because many Indian spices are mixes in it, such as cumin, garam masala, bay leaf, and turmeric.


So the next time, while you are planning on going for a trip by train, try chole masala to fill your sandwich. It is the best healthy food and deficient in cost to easily save money on food.


Paneer Biryani:



It is one of the best and super tasty and aromatic Indian Rice pilaf. In this recipe, they use scented rice with cottage cheese cubes, some vegetables, and spices. Paneer Biryani is unique, full of flavor, incredibly delicious as well as very healthy food. This dish is not very expensive, and you can easily afford this biryani if you want to save money on food when traveling by train.


Mostly the biryani is made from meat, but this Paneer biryani is made from the Indian cottage cheese. If you are vegetarian and love authentic biryani, this is the must-try, and it is the perfect choice for vegetable biryani lovers. Moreover, it is also very nutritious.





Fruits are one of the best healthy food options while traveling on a train. Fruits are always available and can be purchase from anywhere. Although they are cheaper than the other food items, you can save money on food by purchasing fruit. Additionally, they are very light and easily digestible and provide you instant energy, which you will need for a long trip.


Bread Dhokla:



It is a quick-fix dish, effortless to make, and also delicious. Bread Dhokla is made from the batter of bread crumbs and some rava. The addition of ginger and green chilies makes it super tasty food. Bread Dhokla is the best healthy food you ever eat.


Tandoori Chicken:



The food that is cooked on tandoor has its unique flavor. Tandoori Chicken is one of the most mouth-watering dishes in any restaurant. Tandori Chicken is very delicious and also very healthy food. You don’t need so many spices to make it, so you can also save money on food when you order tandori chicken while traveling on a train.


Dum Aloo:



Dum Aloo is the traditional dish of India, and they serve it on special occasions like weddings, festivals, and on their celebrations. They are steam-cooked potatoes. Aloo is the cheapest vegetable, so everyone can buy it very quickly that’s why this traditional recipe you can take with you on your train traveling will help you save money on food. It is one of the best healthy food and also children like it so much and can eat very happily.


Stuffed Naan:



Stuffed Naan is the complete meat itself, and after having it, you don’t need any side dish to complement it. You can take it with plain yogurt, butter or you can also take some pickles. It is mouth-watering, heartfelt, and super tasty. Of course, plain naan is also very delicious, but stuffed naad is more delicious and very nutritious. Having this stuffed naan will keep you full for a long time.


Last Words:


However, e-commerce is the best option to train traveling, but undoubtedly, bringing your food while traveling on a train is a much better option. Because you know the nutritious value of that food and home-cooked food is healthier and has more nutrients. Additionally, you can save money on food while traveling on a train.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar