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When you hear the word nature, you’re spell-bound and can find yourself in another world. India is one of the magical corners, stunningly blessed with immense natural beauty. With a giant expanse and ethereal nature’s creation, this land of wonders offers many unexplained and exhilarating geographical locations. India welcomes you to explore its natural wonders which can drive you to eternal bliss. There are innumerable places in India witnessing the magnificent beauty of nature. Here’re eight wonderful places of India which is amazingly adopted by nature.

Gurudongmar Lake, Lachen, Sikkim: A Dream Destination
Sikkim is a small state surrounded by snowy mountains, curvy roads, and valleys, sharing international border with Nepal, Bhutan and China. It is popular for its exotic locations, mountains and waterfalls. The city is a home to the highest lakes of India. Gurudongma Lake is one of them which is outstandingly amazing. This lake is one of the highest lakes in India at an altitude of 17800ft, located in the North Sikkim. This is considered as one of the heavenly places in Sikkim attracting tourists from India and abroad. The lake is believed as a holy place as its surface was touched by the feet of Guru Nanak Dev, the Dharm Guru of Sikh. There is a story behind the lake that it used to be on freezing mode throughout the year. This lake is also known as the ‘blessed lake’ because a pious touch by Guru Padmasambha made the water body melt and it became a major source of drinking water for the locals. Reaching to this elegant place is not tough. You can easily reach here by train. You can head towards Lachen directly from the New Jalpaiguri station where you would deboard your train. Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station to reach Lachen. Bagdogara is the nearest domestic airport which is 201 km from Lachen. It takes three and half to four hours to reach lachen by taxi or personal cab. Travel is not worth if you have not tasted the cuisine of the places you visit. It gives you an idea about the food culture and habit of that particular place. You must taste the special cuisine like Thupka, Dhindo and Phagsapha, the traditional meal served in Sikkim. You can also have variety of dishes during your train journey by ordering online food in train.

Lonar Crater Lake, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Lonar Lake is located in Buddhana district of Maharashtra state. The lake is both saline and alkaline in nature. It’s a magical combination that makes the lake pretty unique. It has much more to offer for nature enthusiasts and researchers. It is believed that, about 52,000 years ago, a two million ton meteor had hit the place which created 150 meter deep and 1.8 km wide bowl shaped crater or hole. Now, the site is popular as Lonar Lake, a major tourist attraction. If you are planning a holiday to the Lonar Crater Lake, here’re some directions through which you can easily reach there. If you have a plan to take flight, the nearest airport is Aurangabad, located 157 km away. When you reach the airport, you can hire a cab to reach to the site. But, if you want to make your journey exciting, then train is the best medium to travel and enjoy the nature closely. You can also get your food delivery in train right at your berth. If you want to try the special dishes of the places through which the train passes, you can use food ordering app. RailRestro offers you the best e-catering services. Aurangabad has good connectivity of highways and roads to reach Lonar Crater Lake.

Valley of Flowers, Chamoli
The valley of Flowers is a divine gift on earth located in North Chamoli, state of Uttrakhand. Uttrakhand is rich in its natural scenic beauty covered with exotic flowers. Valley of Flowers is declared as a World Heritage Site. The pristine beauty of this splendid valley is blessed with abundant silvery glaciers, cascading waterfalls. This is the second main zone of the Nanda Devi Reserve spreading over a huge expanse of 87.50 square kms. The valley is a home of exotic flowers and wildlife. It’s a location admired by the trekking lovers. This opulently diverse area is also an abode for rare and endangered animals. In Mythology, it is believed that this valley is the place from where Lord Hanuman had collected Sanjeevini Buti for curing Lakshman. This serene valley is also popular for its medicinal herbs. To reach this mesmerizing location, the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport which is 295 km away from Dehradun. If you have a plan to travel from train, you can deborard your train at Rishikesh railway station which is 270 kms away from the valley. One can also use bus service or book a cab from Govind Ghat town. It takes 5-8 hours to reach this gorgeous destination. The entrance to this location is free.

Loktak Floating Lake, Manipur- An Iconic Floating Lake
Have you ever imagined yourself standing on the piece of land that floats on water? If, not, you must visit Manipur to experience this beautiful adventure. This is the largest freshwater floating lake in India located in Bhisnupur district, which is 53 km away from Imphal. The lake is known as Phumdis in local language that means gathering of heterogeneous mass of vegetation, and soil at various stages of decomposition. The lake covers the area of 300 square meters and it is sustenance for the locals. It is a source of drinking water, hydropower generation and a source of income for the fishermen. Lokatak nourishes and feed the people of Imphal as a mother. It is a home for the aquatic plants, species of birds and animals. Keibul Lamzo National Park makes this lake even more special, located at the south western part of the lake. To reach Loktak Floating Lake, the nearest airport is Imphal airport located at the distance of 50 km from Loktak Lake. If you are travelling from train, Dimapur is the nearest railway station, 215 km away from the Loktak Lake. Buses and cab are also available from Imphal. How can you forget about the food which is one of the essential parts of travelling? You can have the famous fish curry at the lake side. You can also try grass carp and major carp fish curry.

Dudhsagar waterfall – ‘Sea of Milk’
Don’t miss to visit Dudhsagar waterfall, the white beauty of Goa. This royal cascade of white water is situated on the high altitude of 1017ft. The incredible waterfall and the lovely surrounding landscapes seem as heaven on earth. This gigantic waterfall doesn’t cost a penny to admire its beauty. You can visit the place free of cost anytime when you are in Goa. But the suitable time to appreciate the beauty of Dudhsagar is from July to October. To reach that stunning place, the nearest airport is the Dabolim Airport. Kulem station is the nearest railway station to deboard to get a view of this mesmerizing Milky Way.

Hide and Seek Beach, Odisha – Place of Mysteries
Orissa is richly known for its culture and heritage which makes it the most visited tourist destination. Orissa is also popularly known as the ‘Soul of India’. This traditionally rich state has best beaches to explore. Let’s explore ‘Hide and seek’ beach, famous for its unique properties. This is also known as Chandipur beach, located in Bhubaneswar near Balasore Village. This beach has plenty of mysteries which make it exciting to visit. The most interesting fact about this beach is that it plays hide n seek with the locals and tourists. You can see the beach but there’s no guarantee of its presence. The next day you might see the beach replacing the area with sand dunes. Other exciting facts that makes the beach worth exploring is here you can find pearls, seashells, crabs and tiny fishes. Chandipur is well connected to the all major cities in Orissa by roads. The nearest railhead is at Balasore, 7 km away from Chandipur. The nearest airport is Kolkata and Bhubneshwar. You can plan your vacation for this place around the year. There is no entry fee. Don’t miss out to taste the traditional cuisine like Pilaf and Chena Poda.

The Splendid Ganges Delta, Haldia
Ganges Delta is popular as Sunderban Delta all over the world. It is a river delta located in Southern Asia, specifically in the regions of Bangladesh and West Bengal. Due to its fertility, it is nicknamed as the Green Delta’. It is a triangular shape delta forming by the covering rivers of Hooghly, Padma, Meghna and Jamuna. This magnificent delta consists of waterways, jumble of swamps, flood sediments and lakes. The huge population of Bangladesh lives and survives on the Ganges Delta, even if there is high risk of floods due to heavy rain. This delta is a natural reservoir giving shelter to many aquatic creatures. To reach and enjoy the natural essence of this delta, you can board a flight to Howrah International Airport (nearest airport). The nearest railway head is Kolkata Junction. If want to take your ride from roadways, you can take cab and taxi from Kolkata to reach Haldia.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh – A Mystery Hill
If you love adventure, nothing could be more exciting than heading to Ladakh. The magnetic hills in Ladakh are wonderful tourist destination. There are plenty of theories about nature that proposes a different logic. This mysterious hill is one of them. Those who lives in Ladakh believed that there once existed a road that led people to heaven. A scientific theory is also related to this location which is very popular. There is a strong magnetic force emanating from the hill that pulls vehicle that are within its range. The magnetic force is so strong that it even attracts the airplanes flying at the higher altitude. This fascinating pathway attracts tourist from every corners of the world to experience this magic. The nearest airport to reach this destination is Leh, 32 km away. Jammu Tawi is the nearest railway station, which is 700 kms away.

Nature has the power to make you spellbound through its beauty. So, plan a trip and pack your bags to visit these eight pristine location of India which will amaze you.

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