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With unique vegetarianism, Jain followers have been facing a major problem ordering Jain food in train. The Jain cuisine is completely vegan and excludes consumption of food items which are produced buried under the earth such as onion, brinjal, garlic etc. Such food is very much sattvic. As per Jain texts, a sravaska (householder) shouldn’t consume wine, flesh, honey and five udumbara fruits (Gular, Anjeera, Banyan, Peepal & Pakar).

What’s the rationale behind non-consumption of all the aforementioned items?

Root vegetables are basically storage organs of the plants and are specifically modified for storage of energy or water. Such underground areas help in survival of many living organisms present surrounding such roots.

Here are 8 things one should care about while ordering Jain food in train:

  • Raw Food Items: Avoid consuming anything raw from food vendors as they might contain traces of earthed food items which are prohibited in Jain foods.
  • Food Speciality: Check with e caterers whether they offer food specialities or not. Rilrestro offers food specialities across 6000+ trains across India.
  • Menu Compliance: Check for menu items as whether they are strict followers of Jain cuisines or not. Jain food menu’s are unique and are mentioned separately apart from the normal food menus.
  • Coverage checks: Check whether the stations are covered by the e catering service providers. Railrestro covers the highest number of stations for Jain food lovers.
  • WOM: Do check for word of mouth from your peers and your fellow travellers. They can assist you better.
  • Go Mobile: With increased smart phones usage, one can check for the Jain food ordering portals and their reviews across Google.
  • Social Media Gates: Do look out for customer reviews over major social media channels. These would serve you also in knowing more about their services.
  • Delivery before Sunset: Do check for food order delivery before the sunset, a major concerns for Jain food practices.

Now with Railrestro, Jain food ordering in trains, Jain passengers no longer need to worry for the healthy and hygienic Jain foods.  We serve at most of the stations all over India with the most affordable rates of Jain food delivery.

The Jain Food items are served as per need of the customers with variety of Jain food. Regular feedbacks are taken by all of our valued customers for improvement of our services. You can now order Jain food through Whatsapp too on 810-288-8999. Get in touch today for ordering Jain food in train across India.

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