“Travel is a new experience that can transport you out of your everyday routine to create memories with the ones you love”.

We know that traveling is an essential part of human life. It always helps people to explore the different colors of life, discover oneself, connect to the unseen beauty of nature, and taste the enticing flavors of different cuisines of the world. Travelling by train is just like adding an extra load of cheese to the meal. In earlier days, travelling was meant to meet from one destination to another. It was a difficult journey with hardships related to ticketing, food and safety. Luxury was never a choice for them during travelling in those days. The seats were made up of iron rods with the pieces of wood stuck on it to form a bench-style seat for the passengers to sit. In present days, the style of travelling has changed a lot over the year.

As time passed, people started to choose luxury along with technological advancement in service, comfort, and availability of hygienic food in train by the Indian Railways. People started taking care of these factors for a comfortable journey. Different types of coaches with clean toilets, washbasin, and comfortable berth were added in the trains. Gradually, AC compartments also went for renovation and provided the passengers with the benefit of the air-conditioned coaches which added comfort and uniqueness in train travelling. The Indian Railways and the technology have made the journey more comfortable and ease for the passengers.

On your vacation trip with friends, you might have booked ticket of an AC coach to make your journey more amazing, but if you find air condition facility not working due to any technical reason, then, the rules of Indian Railways and IRCTC allows the passenger to claim for the refund. There are many passengers who aren’t aware of the fact provided by IRCTC, but the rules existed long back.

TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) can be submitted to claim refund
TDR Rules

  1. The TDR refund will be processed as per extant Railways Rule.
  2. TDR should be filed before or within an hour of train departure.
  3. The refund process will take 60 days or more.
  4. E-ticket refund request (after chart preparation) can be field online.

Yet there are some condition attached to it. The conditions for granting refund to the passengers for non-working of AC are:

  1. AC failure in AC1class
    Difference of fare between AC1class and first class will be refunded for the distance AC didn’t work. Certificate from the TTE (original) is required to claim for refund process. The balance amount for non-functioning of AC in train will be refunded.
  2. AC failure in AC2/AC3 class
    Difference of fare between AC2/AC3 class and sleeper class will be refunded for the distance not worked. Certificate from the TTE is essential to claim for refunding the balance amount for AC not functioning during the journey.
  3. AC failure of AC chair car class
    Difference of fare between AC chair car class and second class will be refunded for the distance not worked. Certificate from the TTE is a must for the claimant to claim his refund.
  4. AC failure executive class
    If any passenger has booked executive class ticket, the passenger will be given the difference between the informed executive class fare for the relevant section and 1st class fare for the relevant distance of the relevant section.
  5. E –ticket
    If any passenger has e-ticket, he/she has to online register TDR within 20 hours of actual arrival of train at the destination and the original certificate (CG/FT) issued by the ticket checking staff is to be sent through post to IRCTC on the following address:
  6. Group General Manager/IT
    Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation LTD
    Internet Ticketing Center/ IRCA Building State Entry Road
    New Delhi-110055

The passenger should know that the railways will process the refund only after receiving the original certificate (GC/EFT) by the ticket checking staff. The claim is forwarded to IRCTC and concern zonal Railway under the train destination fall. The amount will be credited back to the customer’s account in the same mode of payment.
Remember! You journey has several benefits attached to it. If you face such issues on your next journey, move forward for a claim and get your refund easily via IRCTC.

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Author: Anita Raj

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