Dogs as pets have been an inseparable part of our lives. They are the most faithful friends anyone may have. In our daily lives, we make little effort to care for and pamper our pet dog. When you have to travel by rail, though, a question arises. Most people want to travel with their pets on the train, but are pets allowed in train? Yes, you can travel with pets on train in India. If you are confused about how to carry a dog in train and how to book a dog ticket in train, then continue reading to get your answer. The more you hear about Indian Railways rules and regulations, the more confused you become. As a result, we decided to clear this for you.


You are allowed to ride with your dogs on Indian trains. However, the Indian railways will impose some rules and regulations on this journey. Only while travelling by First Class AC should the dog be held near and inside the cabin. They will be treated as luggage and transported in the Brake or Luggage Van in some cases. Dogs can also be permitted in train coaches if they are handled like a blind person’s seeing eye. However, even if you are travelling with your dog in a train compartment (other than an AC First class coupe), you must ensure that the dog does not create a nuisance. You must also obtain the permission of other passengers.


To carry a dog on trains, you need to contact the Parcel Office of your boarding station. You will be given a booking slip if you pay INR 10 or more (depending on the size of the dog). This is the train ticket for your dog. This booking slip is needed regardless of how the dog travels (whether in a train compartment or in a luggage van).


Tips to Travel With Your Dog in a Train



  1. The best and easiest way to travel by train with a dog is to book a First Class AC coupe. You will need to reserve the whole compartment in the train to ensure that your loved pet has a comfortable ride.
  2. Passengers of any other classes of trains are not permitted to bring their dogs into a train compartment. However, the dog can be transported in the Luggage or Brake Van by paying some due charges (mentioned above). In the Brake Vans, there are specially designed Dog Boxes for this reason.
  3. If you want to travel with your dog in the Luggage Van, contact the Parcel Office two days before your journey to book accommodations for your dog.
  4. If you are caught carrying a dog without due booking in an AC First Class or Brake Van, you will be charged fines at Luggage Rates depending on the weight of the dog. These charges are prepaid in nature.
  5. If the dog is a blind person’s “Seeing Eye,” the tariff would be the same as for dogs transported in a brake van, even if the dog remains inside the compartment. Collars and chains must be attached to the dogs for such travel.
  6. It is the owner’s duty to make the arrangements of water and food on train for their pets during the journey.
  7. And if you’re travelling with your dog in a First Class AC compartment (and sharing a coupe), you’ll need permission from other passengers. If other passengers object to the dog staying in the cabin at any point during the journey, your pet will be taken to the Guard’s van, and no refund will be given.
  8. Whether travelling in AC Sleeper coaches, AC Chair Cars, or second class coaches, dogs are not allowed in these compartments of the train.
  9. If the dog is found to be breaking any Indian railway rules, it will be taken to the brake van immediately, and you will be charged additional fees (equivalent to six times the Luggage Scale Rate).
  10. Large dogs cannot be carried in the dog-box of a brake van in trains and will be carried in a special vehicle at the same costs and conditions as for horses.


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Is Travelling in Trains Really Safe for Dogs?



Indian Railways is one of the best and safest modes of transport to carry your pets to longer distances. It is safe, easy and affordable. It has simple laws and allows you to carry small, big, all kinds of pets in train, including dogs. So, if all of these Indian Railways rules are followed, you can certainly travel with your dog. However, as a pet owner, you are concerned about your pet’s safety. It is safe to travel in train with dogs only in First AC class or First class of trains. You need to book the whole compartment in the train, and you can safely travel with your dogs.


But if the dogs are sent to the Guard’s van, the conditions in the Dog Boxes aren’t great. They’re kept in a completely different area. The interiors of these small boxes with iron shutters are cramped. Apart from that, the coach in which these boxes are stored clearly lacks an air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature. 


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