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Mughalsarai Jn. recently renamed as Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction is one of the leading stations in Uttar Pradesh and the fourth busiest station in India with 125 trains running daily on the tracks. Any mail or superfast express trains take a halt at Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction (DDU) for 20-25 minutes for servicing and maintenance.

At present, the glimpse of Navaratri can be easily seen at DDU in the form of pandals, Durga Devi idols, beautiful local markets, decoration all over the city etc. This grandeur of Navaratri stays for 10 days and celebrated with great pomp, show and food. It’s the season when vegetarian cuisines are of great importance. The special Navaratri thali, sweets, curries, puri and variety of desserts beautifully decorated with dry-fruits is the king of every kitchen and restaurant all over DDU.

RailRestro, your food partner always accompanies your journey at any part of India. We are an e-catering company which provides the passengers’ food for train journey. No worries on which route are you commuting, we serve fresh food in train to the hungry passengers who are devoid of good food during a journey. If you’re traveling in a group and want to place group food order during the journey, then call us @ 8102-888-111 to book the order at any station. DDU offers a variety of vegetarian dishes for the passengers who are traveling by train and craving for pure vegetarian dishes. So, if its your train about to halt at DDU, consider these vegetarian meal choices for a peaceful journey ahead.

  • Maharaja and Deluxe Thalis: You might ignore the fact, but a Veg Maharaja or Deluxe Thali is a perfect choice during the journey. These thalis contain chapatis, seasonal veg, paneer curry, sweet, jeera rice, curd and pickle which is light on tummy and satisfactory for budget.
    Note: Mini Veg Thali and Veg Standard Thali are also available. You can also order Jain thali at DDU jn. to taste unique Jain style taste.

  • Chinese: Chinese cuisines have various dishes cooked with delicate and often expensive ingredients which serves as the best choice of food to order in train. The menu includes veg noodles, veg fried rice, veg Manchurian, Paneer chilli, mushroom chilli and baby corn chilli. Enjoy your journey ahead with chinese food delivered at your seat.

  • Snacks: Snacks come in a variety forms like sandwich, pao-bhaji, bread-omelette, french fires, veg burgers, veg-cutlets, soups, bread butter toast, poha, pastries, biscuits etc. These quick-bites will fill your hungry tummy instantly.

  • Rolls: A delicious, crusty, tortilla with spicy veggie wrapped inside, is the finest option at any time during the journey. You can order veg roll, paneer roll, veg spring roll and paneer spring roll in train to enjoy this spicy and tangy combination.

  • Vegetables and Rotis: Think of any curries and variety of roti, The city can prepare everything for railway passengers. Dishes like paneer butter masala, paneer matar, shahi paneer, paneer kadai, Dum Aaloo, Malai kofta, Mushroom masala, Paneer-Do-Pyaza, kaju curry, Paneer tikka masala, Kashmiri Aaloo Dum, etc. and the variety of roti include plain naan, Butter naan, Tandoori butter roti, tandoori butter phulka and lacchha paratha to order in train.

  • South Indian Dishes: RailRestro delivers several South Indian dishes to the passengers travelling in train. These dishes include Idli Sambhar, Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Vada sambhar and Uttapam. Order South Indian dishes in train to taste the sour and tangy flavour of the south.

  • Combos: Indian combination meals typical include chapati and veggies, rice, dal and veggies etc. Chinese combo includes veg Manchurian with noodles or fried rice, paneer chilli with noodles and fried rice, mushroom chilly combos etc.

No Pantry=No Worries!
Order these tasty foods at Deen Dayal Upadhaya jn. and get it served on your seat. Visit our website to order or download our Android or IOS application to order with discounts. Call us at 8102-888-111 to order via phone.

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