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In the words of “Arlen Specter”- There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset. April 7th is the World Health Day” celebrated on the occasion of anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) which was founded in 1948. The organization was formed with a motto to promote healthy lifestyle, strengthen health system in the country and to unfurl the secrets of healthy living. To commemorate such message every year, a health theme is created by WHO which promotes the advancements of how to be healthy and measures to adopt for a healthy lifestyle. Every human being on earth must realize that:

    • Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of everyone: Whether you are a student moving to school for attaining an imperial knowledge of life or a professional striving hard to earn money, you must remember that health is the primary factor which has to be taken into consideration with your lifestyle. Maintain a healthy diet and indulge yourself in sports activities.

    • Money can’t buy you back good health: Once your health is affected because of a sedentary lifestyle, money can’t buy it back for you.
    • Good health is a valuable savings account: You might not realize the importance of good health which can be troubled by adopting a wrong lifestyle. Today, we need to realize the importance of a healthy body because it resembles a rich and valuable savings account. Money can’t buy you valuable health but a healthy body is like a savings account which helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle forever.

  • The first wealth is health: Mahatma Gandhi once quoted “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”. This quote stressed on the fact that material things and articles will have no value until you have a healthy body. It is a capital asset for everyone. It’s a possession of yours which builds confidence and contentment in life.

Importance of World’s Health Day

  • Create Awareness:
    In today’s era where most of us are strongly affected with health issues like fatigued body, blood pressure, and diabetes, it’s the time when creating awareness against such health hazards has become mandatory. It can be done by creating a deep comprehensive awareness about the harmful effects of a wrong style of living. The health problems can be reduced to a larger extent when an individual is alert while leading a life. WHO creates wonderful and meaningful campaigns every year, with a particular theme to promote health awareness and healthy lifestyle.These campaigns’ are highly acknowledged by the Government and Non-Government organization.

  • Conversation and Discussions:

    Are you aware of your own physical and mental health?
    Are you aware of your diet and how it’s affecting your body?
    These questions might have popped up in mind with many answers. However, there’s an easy equation which unfolds the truth. “Unhealthy diet = Unhealthy lifestyle”. There are some answers which become clear and comprehensive via valid discussion. When we discuss and confer our ideas about health and exchange our views in detail with each other, we are indirectly promoting the good ways to lead a healthy life. Remember! Discuss and debate with your loved ones about health. These core-valued discussions will give you a better understanding of the present condition and will make you aware of what to be treated and what steps to be taken for maintaining a better lifestyle in the future. Your conversation may start with switching and maintaining a healthy diet which seems to be painful in the initial phase, but once adopted, it becomes a part of your life. You will even maintain the same diet and routine during train journey by ordering healthy food in train.

  • Self-access your Health:

    World Health Day is significant as it urges you to check your own health and set parameters of leading a lifestyle with awesome physical and mental health. On this occasion of World Health Day 2019, let us move for a self-assessment of our body’s health. Visit to the nearest hospital and go for complete health diagnosis. Some hospitals charge a minimum amount for health check and the facility is for free in a Government hospital.

World Health Day 2019 Theme: “Universal Health Coverage everyone, everywhere”
The World Health Organisation has emerged with a new theme of “Universal Health Coverage” through which it will empower the entire universal audience with good health and making them available with all the medication facilities they need. There are millions of people who are still devoid of medical care in many countries. WHO will reach them with their facilities and care units.

Credit:World Health Organization (WHO)

Let’s Pledge for our Health on World’s Health Day!
On the occasion of world health day, let us pledge for our health and adopt some bold steps to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    • No Reluctance to Exercise: It’s a truth that our lifestyle and way of living has barred us from our practicing yoga and exercises. Let’s pledge to include and indulge them again in our life and daily routine. Do not hesitate or excuse yourself with multiple reasons. It’s the matter of your health and well-being. Make it a commitment for your body.

  • Good Diet=Good Health: Assure your body for a good diet. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, detox drinks, and avoid fatty, fried, and preservative packed food, tinned fruits and soft drinks. They harm your body leading to intestinal infections and weak liver for digestion.


  • Avoid Smoking and Drinking: Smoking and drinking directly hit your liver and diet. The alcohol is such an addiction that it silently leads to Liver Cirrhosis thus damaging your liver. Other organs like kidney and pancreas are also affected by stones.


  • Maintain an ideal weight: If you’re overweight, try to control food items which tender fats and unhealthy wastes. Integrate physical activity and movement into your life and Choose smaller portions and eat more slowly. This will help you in maintaining an ideal diet and control of weight. It’s quiet easier to maintain a proper weight by following nutritional practices. For more info, check this page on nutrition.


RailRestro is an e-catering company and an official partner of IRCTC, which provides fresh and healthy food in train to the passengers during the journey. We believe in delivering health and taste to the passengers who are dependent on the unhealthy and unhygienic pantry food. RailRestro wishes everyone a happy “World’s Health Day” and good health for lifetime.

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