Delivering food in train is now an indispensable part of Indian Railway. It has become a responsibility cum duty to provide healthy and hygienic food on track to satiate the taste buds of the travelers during their train journey. The initiative was started by IRCTC, when it realized how food plays a crucial role to make the passenger’s journey memorable and worth. It analyzed the situation of pathetic food served by train’s pantry car and noticed the negative reactions and increasing complaints of the travelers after availing the pantry service. IRCTC, with it’s digital innovation in the field of delivering restaurant-style food in train at various stations was started from 75 A+ stations and assured travelers with hygienic and tasty meal onboard. This initiative has brought a revolution in e-commerce business and now there’re private catering companies that partnered with IRCTC and accepted the challenging business of food delivery in train. RailRestro is one of the catering partners, emerging as a leading brand in e-catering service. Ordering food on a finger tips or via call really sounds good but it is quite challenging to serve food in train within an hour. It needs lot of preparation to justify the business deadline of D-1 approach which means delivering food in train within an hour.

What is D-1 Approach of delivering food in train? How RailRestro follows it?
D-1 Approach stands for Delivery-1 Hour. It means any order placed via online or offline mode, by the passenger, has to be delivered within 1 hour of time frame.
Once the order gets placed by the travelers, the countdown begins for the food providers to serve food on time. This creates a hassling atmosphere inside the kitchen about preparing and packaging of food and then delivering it on time. Let’s have a look on the complete figure of how RailRestro manages to deliver food in train within an hour.When a customer places an order either through website or by using RailRestro app, it is directly received in the backend support of RailRestro and the process begins!

Simple Steps on How RailRestro Delivers Food on Time

  • Step 1: In the Initial stage, order received by the RailRestro.
  • Step 2: Backend team cross check the orders by confirming the PNR number or train number, location and seat number of the passenger.
  • Step 3: After verifying passenger’s detail, the order is accepted to proceed further.
  • Step 4: RailRestro sends order notification to the restaurant partners of the particular station selected by the passenger. Another notification is send to the customer to inform that their order is accepted to deliver. After receiving the order details from the e-catering partners, the restaurant verifies the order by calling the customer about the order.

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Note: RailRestro keeps the customers updated about their order like; order placed, order accepted, food is preparing, food is out for delivery and finally when food gets delivered.

Role of Restaurant Partners to Deliver Food in Train
It is quite adventurous for the restaurants partner to fulfill the D-1 approach of delivering food on train. When the restaurants receive the order, without any delay it starts preparing food. They are responsible to serve healthy and good quality food to make the traveler’s journey worth. The rush inside the kitchen is challenging and every one inside the restaurant kitchen seems busy to fulfill the unique demands of the customer. Every PNR comes with different demands that are expected to be fulfilled on time. From cooking to packaging, the complete kitchen performance is interesting. It takes a lot of effort to prepare the varities and then deliver it on time. The restaurant accept bunch of orders with different PNR Number and train number for that particular station. All orders are expected to be served within an hour. This is not treated just as a part of business but as a responsibility that needs to be taken care of properly. So, the food has been prepared with complete hygiene and in healthier manner.

When the food gets prepared, the next procedure that comes in the way is “food packaging”. It is also an important part to enhance the brand name in the market. This is the first appearance that makes the customer to believe in the service. Restaurants pack the food in a stylish manner to seek the value and attention of the customer. The restaurant use RailRestro’s brand packaging and then it is passed on over to the delivery executive (man/woman) with the details including PNR number/Train number, berth/coach details and passenger’s name. Finally, the restaurant makes it possible to make the food out for delivery within time. Now, the next role that is plays in food delivery is by delivery person.

Role Preformed by Delivery Person to Deliver Food in Train
The final and lead role is played by the delivery person to make the order successful. An order becomes successful only when it is delivered on time to the customer within an hour. It’s the delivery executive crossing the roads and flyovers with his vehicle to makes it possible. When order is handed over to the delivery person, she/he checks the delivery details thoroughly and then reaches the platform to deliver the same. They’re well-dressed in the RailRestro’s branded T-shirt along with delivery pass. Firstly, she/he reaches the particular station where food is expected to be delivered. He verifies the platform number and then waits for the train to arrive. When the train arrives she/he instantly enters the coach and reaches to the travellers’ seat to serve their food with a great regard and smile.

This is how the complete processing of food delivery in train runs. From stressing to follow the deadline to fulfill the D-1 approach is the combination of adventure and responsibility. It is truly quoted by A.A. Milnie, “When you see someone putting on his big boots, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen”. It is totally justified in the e-catering business of delivering food in train.

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