Travelling lighter way is the best travel and is always in the advice list from our forefathers while planning any trip via Indian Railways. The lighter your luggage is, the better is your mobility. Both things go hand in hand. Why would you mess with the comfort zones of your fellow travelers with excess of pile on in the form of multiple duffel bags. The best option is to carry your sling bag with few crushed Tee’s and your I Pod and maybe a camera.

Carrying home food has long been a tradition in Indian travelling scenarios. What could be the reason for this legacy? We just dug out and did some analysis and QA sessions with a sample of people. All came to consensus that they only wanted two things while they travel: A Better Dinning Experience and keep aloof from any health issues.

Now, with E-catering services in train, one has answer for both of these concerns. Here’s how:

  • Serving best food ever through e-catering: With multiple options to choose from, every traveler is now bestowed with multiple options to choose from while ordering meals on wheels.
  • Real time Customer Food Reviews: E catering offers you a unique model by which you can actually view the reviews of customers who have already ordered from the restaurant which you are planning to place your order too.
  • Easy Social Head Hunting: You can also check for reviews from customers over social media profiles of vendors offering e-catering services in train.
  • Offering multiple dining options: You can chose from a vast array of options while placing your food order in train.
  • Shrug off extra burden of carrying home food: With e-catering services in place, you are in safer hands as they are trusted vendors and IRCTC E-Catering Partners. You needn’t carry that extra burden while travelling.
  • Zero Delivery Charges: Your orders via e-catering services have zero delivery charges and you don’t need to pay any extra penny while ordering food in train.
  • Bulk food ordering benefits: Ordering food for a group or your family has special surprises for everyone. Multiple offers are available for group food orders in train.

So, with e-catering services, all your concerns in terms of health, taste & hygiene are taken care off. All you need is to head over to search and choose the food as per your mood and place your order in just few clicks. Other hassles will be handled by e-catering service providers. If you haven’t ordered food online in train, give it a try and you will surely love the overall experience of travelling.

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Author: Amit Roy

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