Indian Railway

Indian Railways has been on move towards development with various initiatives like AskDisha, ISRO navigation systems and application of AI etc. In order to create a one stop management portal, Railway has now launched e-dristi.

What is e-dristi?

e-dristi is a web portal which would help Indian railways on keeping a check on progresses related to various on-going projects, freight systems, station cleanliness and more. It would act as one stop interface where every progress would be mapped visually.

What’s the benefit of e-dristi?

The newly launched e-dristi interface would help railway officials to gauge the progress and identify the lag in any developmental initiative and take necessary actions.

Here’s a tweet from honorable Railway minister on it’s key benefits:


This is yet another welcome step in addition other measures (like e-catering, Ask Disha etc.) being undertaken by Indian Railways.

Author: Amit Roy

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