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Flavorsome Cuisine: The best things in life are free. Well, we couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we’re excited to offer you the chance to “Enjoy the taste of our flavorsome cuisine. With your very first meal free at RailRestro. We believe in making your dining experience truly unforgettable from the very beginning.



Enjoy the First Meal Free


Just two steps away: “Do you have a favorite meal? If yes, RailRestro has a surprise for you. Do you want to know what it is? Your first meal is free for you! Order your favorite food from RailRestro and enjoy it during the train journey. Your stomach will be full, and you will get hygienic food delivered to you. Just two steps away, you can order and enjoy a free meal. Even when you’re far from home, you can have home-like food with RailRestro.”



Delicious Food in Train


Delightful Surprise: RailRestro is excited to bring forth a special promotion exclusively designed for our new users. If you download and use the RailRestro mobile app, you’ll be in for a delightful surprise. With this limited-time offer, your very first meal is on the train. That’s right, you can now order fresh and delicious food online from a menu curated for the trains.


Enjoy Foods at 500+ Stations: RailRestro available at 500+ stations also we have tie up with more than 4500+ restaurants. You have plenty of options to order and enjoy your journey. 



Coupon Code “MYFIRST” on RailRestro‘s Mobile App


All you need to do is download the RailRestro mobile app, select your preferred meal items, and at the checkout, enter the coupon code “MYFIRST” to avail of your free food while you’re on the go. It’s our way of welcoming you aboard for a fantastic culinary journey right from the start.


Memorable Journey with Your First Meal Free


Train rides are special, and what makes them even better is a great meal. RailRestro ensure that your first dining experience on the train is good and truly unforgettable.



Discover Our Delicious e-Catering Menu


Let’s take a sneak peek into our culinary world. Our menu is a mixture of flavors, specially curated to satisfy your taste. You’re fond of classic comfort food, various delicacies, or contemporary fusion, we have something for everyone. Our most ordered dishes are Veg mini thali, Veg standard thali, Veg maharaja thali,Veg deluxe thali, Veg biryani with raita are a testament to our commitment to excellence.


Enjoy the foods on Train


Spread the word about this incredible offer with your friends and family. Share this and let them know where to get their first meal for free!




How to Get Your First Meal Free in Train


Now, let’s get to the good part – how you can enjoy your first meal for free! It’s as easy as pie. Your journey to a free, unforgettable meal begins now.


Instructions for utilizing the RailRestro Website/App to save on Food Orders:


1- Commence by downloading the RailRestro app from either the Google Play Store or the IOS App Store and logging in. 

2- Input your PNR number and browse through the available food choices at each station, conveniently presented on the interface.

3- Select the items you desire, and they will be promptly added to your cart.

4- Once you’re satisfied with your selections, proceed to the cart, where you’ll find the total bill amount, along with a field to enter any applicable coupon codes. These codes will be automatically applied upon entry.

5- You can opt to make an online payment or choose Cash on Delivery (COD) as your payment method.

6- You can also visit the website ( and follow the above mentioned steps to order the food on train


Sit back and savor your meal right at your seat.


Terms & Conditions:


1- Maximum Savings: Up to Rs.150 (Comprising Rs.75 discount and Rs. 75 cashback).

2- This promotion is exclusively for new customers.

3- Each user can get benefit of this offer once.

4- This promotion cannot be combined with any other ongoing offers, it is not transferable.The discount cannot be redeemed partially or in its entirety.

5- If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email at


All standard RailRestro guidelines are applicable for availing discount, purchase and delivery of food. 


Pre-Book your meal with us now! 


FAQs related Food in Train


Q1. What are the options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on trains?

Ans:– Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options on trains vary depending on the train route and service provider. You expect a menu that includes a variety of Indian dishes Mini Thali, Veg- Thali,  Maharaja Thali, Deluxe Thali, roti, rice, curries, biryani, and snacks like sandwiches.


Q2. Are there vegetarian and vegan food options?

Ans:- Yes, there are often vegetarian and vegan food options available on trains. Indian railways, cater to a wide range of dietary preferences, and find vegetarian and vegan meals on most menus. Be sure to check with the train staff or food service provider for specific options.


Q3. How can I pay for my food order on the train?

Ans:- You can pay for your food order on the train through various methods, including cash, debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, and online payment platforms. The payment options may vary, confirm with the food service provider on your specific train.


Q4. Is the delivery of food always on time?

Ans:- The delivery of food on trains can vary in terms of timing.  Service providers strive to deliver food on time, delays can occur due to train schedule changes, weather conditions, or other logistical issues. It’s advisable to place your order well in advance to allow for any potential delays.


Q5. Can I cancel my food order if my travel plans change?

Ans:- Whether or not you can cancel your food order on a train depends on the specific terms and conditions of the food service provider. Providers may allow cancellations with a certain notice period, others may have a no-cancellation policy. Check the cancellation policy when placing your order and inquire with the service provider if your travel plans change unexpectedly.


Cancellation policies depend on the service provider, check with them.

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