Surroundings with the fragrance of divinity, the continuous chanting of Mantra, environment soaked in religious zeal, the temple bells and arti echoes at the break of dawn, spellbinds the soul. This is the time to welcome one of the most vibrant festivals of India “The Navratri” to invoke the Goddess of Power. Navratri, the festival is devoted to Maa Durga and celebrated with immense fervor in the month of “Ashwin”. According to the English calendar, the pious Ashwin month is dedicated between September-October which is the time to welcome winter season. The atmosphere during Navratri is filled with floral essence that makes the devotees feel the eternal bliss showered by Maa Durga. The festival is celebrated around the country with boundless enthusiasm. Like every year, this year also the colorful vibes of Sharad Navratri is all set to welcome Maa Durga for ten divine days around the country.

The religious diversity with unity can be seen in every part of the country, as rituals and tradition to celebrate the festival differs in every part of the country. Planning a religious trip to such places during Navratri can make the people feel the colorful culture of India. It’s the time to rejoice and reunite with our family to commemorate these 10 days celebration. There’re popular destinations to visit during the festival which can mesmerize the devotees with its religious essence. Indian Railways is an economical mode to travel to your hometown or to religious locations. During the journey, RailRestro, your trusted e-catering partner of IRCTC, facilitates you with ordering food for train journey that can be ordered within few clicks. Food is the best partner while journeying via train as it makes the trip delicious and fun-loving.

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This year, Maa Durga is arriving on elephant which directly means plenty of rainfall for harvesting. Religiously, it is considered as a good sign for farmers to produce variety of crops. The celebration will commence from 29th September with the ritual of “Kalasthapan” and it will end on 8th October with Ravan-Dahan ceremony. So, get ready to feel the rhythm of this festival to different corners of India. Check online seat avability in trains to book tickets. There are many places in India to enjoy the grand fiesta of Navratri in different style. Let’s explore the places to be the part of this energetic celebration of the Goddess of Shakti.

  1. Kolkata, West Bengal
    The smell of the Dhuni, sight of Maa in all her resplendent glory, Durga Puja of Kolkata holds an importance in the heart of devotees. During Navratri, locals believe that Maa returns to her home like a married woman return to her paternal house. People erect and decorate pandals which is like a rural tent made with bamboo sticks and decorated lavishly. Inside the pandal, one can please their eyes by seeing the majestic idol of Maa Durga. Apart from the pandals, the other major attractions during Navratri season are the arts and creativity of the artisans. With no doubt, Kolkata is the prime place of this celebration.
  2. Ahmedabad, Gujarat:
    The celebration of Navratri starts here with fireworks which could be witnessed throughout the night. People can enjoy the stage drama of Ramleela. During Navratri, Dandiya is the prime event of Ahmedabad which attracts people from different corners of India to join this grand event. Women wear traditional attire Lehenga Choli while men wear Kedia. During Navratri season, the place is a hub for shopaholics to buy ethnic and traditional things, especially for the upcoming festival Diwali.
  3. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
    Durga Puja in Kullu is celebrated in a unique way and carries on for 7 days. People of Kullu worship Lord Ragunath on the fairground of Dhalpur Maidan. Villagers nearby bring the idols of local Gods and Goddesses. People could be found overloaded with joy and happiness for the whole week.
  4. Chhattisgarh, Raipur
    People of Chhattisgarh celebrate Navratri in an eco-friendly style by rejoicing nature and the presiding deity of the state. They worship their goddess Danteshwari and perform their unique rituals known as pata jatra (worship of wood), deri gadahai (installation of Kalash), and nisha jatra (night time festival).
  5. Coorg, Karnataka
    Durga Puja is celebrated here as a carnival organized on a grand scale in the Indian state of Karnataka. This vibrant kind of carnival is also popular as Mariamma festival. People dedicate folk dance to Draupadi, the wife of Pandavs. Parade is also organized in which drama of god, goddess and evils are performed. This grand festival holds along and interesting history belongs to the supremacy of Haaleri kings.
  6. Patna, Bihar
    When the Navratri season arrives, Patnites get drenched in festive colors. Pandals are decorated on different themes that attract locals and visitors from other parts of Bihar. One can get a mesmerizing view of the pandal and puja style of Bengali community in Bengali Akhara. Dak Bunglow road, the commercial heart of Patna is the center location where people from all areas arrive to see the unique décor and beautiful idols. Also, Vijay Dashmi is extravagantly celebrated in the Gandhi Maidan area.

During Puja season, trains are packed and you may not get confirm tickets easily. Book your tickets a month ago to reach your home to attend the festival. But, if you are booking your tickets randomly or without planning and looking for the train in next eight hours, then check the live station feature to know the details of the next running train. This functionality will brief you about the trains to depart from the station in next 2-8 hours.

RailRestro Wishes you Happy Navratri! Have a Happy and Safe journey!

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