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A famous quote expresses that “A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty”. Being pregnant is the happiest moment for a mother’s life. As the baby is born, it fills the vacuum of motherhood and parental instinct which every couple desires. Pregnancy comes with countless responsibilities from the first month. Extensive care, prescribed diets, healthy food habits and exercises/yoga (to a certain period) becomes a part and parcel of routine life.

As pregnancy accompanies endless duties from the month it starts, diet being one of them, we at RailRestro has made the job easy for couples who travel during pregnancy and crave for best food in train. The list of food below will guide you about the best food for pregnant ladies to eat while on their journey by train.

Chapatti with Potato Curry:  

With almost no fat content and rich in vitamins and fiber, chapattis are the best option to satiate your hunger in the train. One of the myths that potatoes are not healthy during pregnancy is wrong. Whether it’s a baby potato curry or a general hand-tossed boiled potato with natural spicy flavors, all the preparations are healthy, if moderately consumed during pregnancy. Chapatti with potato curry, better known as “Dum Aaloo” or “Kashmiri Dum Aaloo” with salad is a perfect meal easily available during the train journey. Call 8102888111 or visit to order this Indian delicacy and get it served on your seat.

Tip: Avoid Maida (all purpose flour) preparations like Naan, Parathas and Kulcha.   

Plain lentil Dosa with Tomato Rasam:

 A good source of protein, fiber and vitamin is required for the mother during this sensitive period (especially first trimester) and the best combination to get it easily is the Plain dosa made with a mixture of Moong daal and rice paste.  These crispy Dosas are extremely appetizing with Rasam which gives you a pungent flavor of tomato and tamarind. To order Dosa and tomato rasam, call 8102888111 or visit

Vegetable Khichdi:

It’s a sumptuous recipe with a healthy combination of dal, rice and vegetables cooked to perfection. If you need a gush of several nutrients with a considerable amount of Iron, then vegetable khichdi is one of the options to order in train during pregnancy. It’s a healthy one-dish meal which is easily digestible and good in taste.  To order vegetable khichdi in train, call 8102888111. One of our representatives will connect with you and place the order at your desired station.

Tomato Soup:

A refreshing cup of tomato soup is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Iron, Potassium, Copper and Vitamin C. This exotic hot drink is low in fat content and very low in cholesterol. The antioxidants present in this recipe helps to maintain heart health, healthy eye, blood pressure and glowing skin. To order tomato soup in train, call 8102888111 or visit to order online.

Tip: There are various vendors selling tomato soup on railway stations. AVOID!!!

Vegetable Pasta:

Vegetable pasta breaks the boredom of routine food and changes the taste pallet during pregnancy. It is extremely rich in carbs, protein, calcium, fiber and vitamin C which are beneficial for mother and baby’s growth.  Do not forget to order this flavorful and exceptional during your train journey. Call directly to our helpline at 8102888111 to place your order.

Tips to make your journey comfortable during Pregnancy:

  • Carry all the medications you require. Medicine box will help you to manage your routine medicine intake during the journey.
  • Pack your bags early. Last minute rush is stressful.
  • Avoid getting down at the halts.
  • Keep your cell phone 100 charged. Carry a power bank, if possible.
  • Carry anti-nausea stuff like mint chewing gums or any sweet/pungent candies to avoid nausea or morning sickness.

RailRestro takes special care of maintaining food hygiene during train journey. Ordering food in train is lot easier now and one can avoid hassle of carrying food in such conditions.

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