It’s the festive time arriving again where the special ten days in the month of October are dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga. Keeping ritualistic fast is a common practice during these nine days of worship which denotes the devotion and dedication towards the celebration of NavDurga Navaratri. A large part of the west and north India celebrates the festival with great pomp and grandeur. People follow the sattvic diet prepared in rock salt and without a trace of onion and garlic. They are light and easily digestible producing enormous energy in the body to enjoy each day of the festival.

Prepare these eight delightful delicacies during the celebration and simplify your fast (vrat) formulas to auspiciously celebrate the occasion for ten long days. Are you travelling in Train? Need Navaratri style food to be delivered to your seat? Call RailRestro at 8102-888-111 to place your order in train. Visit our website or download our app to facilitate food ordering in train. Once you order, it’s our duty to deliver you the best quality Navaratri food in train, thus maintaining your religious sentiments.

Order these eight tender delicacies of Navaratri in train

  • Aloo Kadhi: This exquisite curry made with mild spicy flavours will make you lick your fingers. The correct proportion of spices, potato and curd when cooked to perfection will emit a strong aroma from your kitchen. So, Navaratri enthusiasts can have this exotic dish plated on every nine days of the Puja.

  • Dry Arbi: Arbi is a summer vegetable that is quite versatile and cooked in various forms. Dry Arbi is prepared with gentle flavor yet tastes scrumptious. Enjoy this exceptional recipe for lunch during Navaratri.

  • Raw Banana Barfi:This special banana barfi is made of raw bananas, sugar, milk and dry fruits. It’s healthy, flavorful and highly appreciated for its taste and nutritional value. It serves as one of the most important recipes when fasting is concerned. It gives instant energy between the gap of meals. Gulp a banana barfi when you feel hungry during fast.

  • Sweet Potato Chat: Have you tried the shakarkandi chaat? If no, then its the to take a break from boring fruit chaat. Boiled sweet potato, when mixed with rock salt, spices, and chaat masala is a standout amongst all the well-known unique Navratri cuisines. Serve the shakarkandi chaat as an evening snack to the Navratri guests.

  • Sama Rice Pulav: You might know that the normal rice is strictly prohibited during Navaratri. The fast enthusiasts utilize sama ke Chawal (Sama rice) to complete their meal. Sama rice pulav is the star recipe during the Navratri fast. This healthy pulao tastes best with aloo kadhi and Arbi Ki sabzi.

  • Kaddu Khus Khus Halwa: Navaratri celebration is incomplete without a variety of halwa placed on the table. The pumpkin halwa is the best preparation during Navratri cooked with Pumpkin, Poppy seeds, Khoya, Desi Ghee, Kesar and elegantly decorated with dry fruits.

  • Water Melon Curry: This traditional dish has its roots from Rajasthan. Rich in Anti-oxidants and vitamin C, this tangy curry verifies that the water melon is not only the fruit to be consumed as it is, but it is far more versatile beyond imagination. The curry is best in taste and served with Sabudana khichdi or sama rice pulav.

  • Makhana and Paneer Curry: A delightful combination of makhana with paneer prepared in the form of curry is something which one can’t imagine of. Beautifully garnished with coriander, green chillies and fried cashews, this recipe will be the food stopper of your table during Navaratri. Try it today!

No more boring Aloo and fruits on this Navratri. Switch to innovative cooking and try these eight finger-licking recipes during your fast. If you are travelling and want these special cuisines to be delivered on your seat, then RailRestro is the only solution. Book your order online at or call us at 8102-888-111 to place the order. We receive your requirement and provide you with the best food in train to satiate your hunger.


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