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In today’s era, everyone is busy with their tight-pack schedules. Every hour which passes by is busy with a fixed timetable, responsibility along with scary thoughts of future. On the contrary, life has bestowed us with the power to act independently. We are exploring our life on every step but adopted a sedentary lifestyle which makes it monotonous. But very few of us know that traveling and a balance diet propensities are the two main elements to make your life healthy and enjoyable. Traveling and food are the two best ways to identify the inner horizons of life that infuses you with the energy to live each moment of life. It can teach you those experiences which one might not have experienced in their daily life. Being away from your home town, work stations and comfort zone, will give you the space to observe on how you really are and what you really enjoy to do. Traveling brings a genuine smile and invigorate the real you within yourself. In India, Railways is the most convenient mode to travel and when accompanied with hygienic food; it rocks! Now, RailRestro (the catering partner of IRCTC) has facilitated ordering food in train within a few clicks from RailRestro app.

Food during Train Journey:
Traveling and food are the two parallel ends which meet during a train journey. Traveling via other means is just a journey, but traveling via train, especially in a group, creates a party and fun-loving environment needed for a journey. The journey takes you across the beauty of nature, the proud stunning mountains, mesmerizing blue bed of rivers, the green field, and mysterious bridge and tunnels. It’s a fact that railway journey becomes exciting and loving when a platter of your favorite food accompanies on your seat. Witnessing all these fascinating forms of nature from train seat with your favorite cuisines is all you need in a journey. In the present era of digitization, it has become easy for the passengers to order food online in train of their choice and celebrate the journey experience. RailRestro is at your service to deliver you the best food in the train journey. It’s a boon for passengers through which they can order food online in train during their journey.

E-Catering in Train: Online Food Ordering in Train
Earlier, travelling via train meant just reaching to the destination with safety. This scene is no more prevalent these days, as passengers are of very selective in nature. They tend to choose comfort and best food options in train to enjoy their journey. The e-catering service has arrived as a blessing for all who travel through Indian Railways. It has relaxed the passengers from carrying an extra baggage of food items in a long or even in a short journey. Now passengers don’t have to rely on pantry food or food sold at station premises which are prepared under unhygienic condition using cheap ingredients.

There was an era in the Indian Railways when the attached pantry cars were the only source of food during the journey. Though it was a relief, but soon turned into a non-convenient process for food ordering as situations like shortage of food, deteriorating quality and high prices were ruling over the food requirements of passengers. Moreover, deboarding on a junction/station was a solution to get food during the journey. The situation worsened when couples traveled with their sweet toddlers and there was no facility for baby food or milk in train. As babies don’t have the tendencies to control their hunger, it became more difficult for the passengers to handle such situation in train. Gradually, ordering and consuming pantry food from pantry car caused stomach disorders and various health issues to people. Now the questions like “Which food to order in train” or “how to order food in train” will not haunt your mind as e-catering giants like RailRestro has emerged as a solution to all your food problems during the journey.

How can you order Food in Train while Traveling?
Best food options like non-vegetarian and vegetarian food in train is something which every passenger craves for. A smooth and enjoying travel via train is directly connected with food which is a crucial factor. Any passenger with a reservation in any class and having a PNR number can order food of their choice from the desired restaurant and enjoy them at their seat. It’s all packed in your smartphones and mobile application. Passengers can download RailRestro mobile application or visit the website to explore food options of their choice and order them within a few clicks. That’s true!

Steps to Order Food in Train during Journey:

  • Download our food ordering app or visit our website online.
  • Enter your PNR number and click on “SEARCH FOOD”.
  • Choose your food items from the menu and it will be added and billed in cart.
  • Pay the bill online via Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking/Paytm/PayUMoney/Freecharge.
  • Enjoy your food at your seat. It will be delivered at your desired station.

No more labour-Intensive work in kitchen before a journey. Variety of options like vegetarian Thali/Non-Veg Thali/chicken curries, paneer preparations, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Bengali, Chinese cuisines, Jain food, combo meals and desserts, are available through e-catering in trains. RailRestro welcomes you to taste these varieties during your journey.

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