Pizza In Train

Pizza in Train!!, the ideas may seem impossible to anyone. Travelling in India via Indian railways is in-evitable and nearly 30 billion people travel each year. Food preferences are something which every traveller cares while ordering food in train. With so many options available, new genre prefers something which is lucrative and soothes their taste buds too. Pizza comes very handy while travelling as you don’t have to be messy while having food and people can carry out their activity such as playing cards, surfing net etc as usual activities while travelling in train.

IRCTC started offering pizzas to passengers travelling in train over few stations, but they lacked coverage to major geographies. Railrestro came up with further reach to passengers. Serving more than 6000+ trains across India, you can order pizza in train.

Why you should order Pizza in train?

Here are few reasons which would help you consider ordering pizza in train:

  • Pizza comes with multiple toppings and is a complete food. The nutritious value of such food is high.
  • Children love it a lot and they will not bother for munching on other snack items after having their favourite pizza in train.
  • Avoids messy food etiquettes: It helps in easy food consumption habits and eliminated messy food practices. The pizza delivery comes to suitable hand wipes, making it easier for the travellers.
  • Fresh Nature: Pizza is always served fresh n hot and this is one thing which everyone cares about while ordering food in train.
  • Hygiene assurance: Pizza delivery comes with assurance that they have been prepared by chefs who care for hygiene the most. This is something which every traveller cares the most.

How to order Pizza in train?

One must be thinking, how is this possible to order pizza in trains? But, worry no more as we have made the ordering process so easy that you don’t have to worry much. Here’s how:

  • Just enter your PNR (Passenger Name Record): This works like a magic as our systems do a reverse engineering to get all the details of your travelling routes and where are the options available for you to dine in.
  • Select the restaurants which offer pizza from the list of trusted vendors (do watch the vendor ratings while selecting from the list).
  • You can opt for COD (cash on delivery) or can also pay online. We have taken the best care and made the payment process super safe to protect your privacy.
  • Get fresh n hot Pizza delivered at your seat.

In case if you are done with the order processing and would like to check about your status or change your preferences of toppings over the Pizza, Railrestro is just a call away. Our representative would be more than happy to follow up on your orders and assist you in the ordering process if required.

With coverage to the largest network of food chains across major stations in India, you can now enjoy pizza in train and make the journey memorable. All you got to do is enjoy the trip and we will take care of your food concerns. In case you want to know more, you may get in touch at 8102888111.

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