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Travelling is a time when people witness the uniqueness and diversity everywhere. Travelling in a group has its own level of joy where you can experience the togetherness and fun with your loved ones. The Palm-fringed coast, thickly-forested hills along with dark tunnels through which the train crosses in a serpent style motion, is the beauty of a train journey. Group travelling binds people with numerous memories. Many times people unite with the co-passengers and create a memorable journey which lasts forever in the mind. Travelling in a group is next to partying throughout the journey. Tasty food is an important component of your journey and the fun doubles when a platter of mouth-watering food is served on your seat. If the pantry distasteful pantry food annoys you, then sit back and relax. Keep traveling spirit up during the journey and order food online in train via e-catering service and enjoy them at your seat without any effort.

Time to place Group food order and rejoice your meal
Food becomes the irresistible part of a group tour. Enjoying delicacies during journey is a must. When it comes to enjoy food in the train, there are limited options available in the pantry car which can sullen and morose your mood. As a solution to your juggling hunger-pangs, the concept of e-catering in trains have been introduced from which a traveler can choose best food options to order in train and get it delivered. It’s like a fun game where passengers can order their food online by entering their PNR number and check their food availability en route and get their perfect platter online.

There’s a vast difference when it comes to order food for self and for the group. While solo traveling we can order any items we want irrespective of budget and taste. Numerous options are available like veg/non-vegetarian/ Chinese/Rajasthani and Jain food. These options are listed on the food ordering apps or on the official website along with discounts. When it comes to group food ordering in train, then choosing food options depend on the various factors. Some of them are:

  1. Type/number of Group members: There’re several groups traveling in the train. It can be a wedding group of hundred passengers or a religious group of certain specific preference; an excursion or a group of professionals moving for a business trip. Every group has a specific food requirement to enjoy their journey.

  2. Taste and Preference: Irrespective of the group specification, each group members have their own taste and preference. Some of them love to order vegetarian cuisines and some are hardcore non-vegetarian fans. Plan and order accordingly!

  3. Variety and Quantity: Choice matters a lot! Let the group choose their food as per their choice. Whether it’s the pantry food or food ordered online via e-catering portals, each have their specific quantity mentioned in the menu.

  4. Budget: Group food ordering in train directly depends on the budget the group can spend on food. It’s a crucial factor which helps in determining the quantity of order with a proper planning.

Savings:The preliminary objective of Group food ordering in train:
Ordering food for group is always beneficial in every term. Ordering food in bulk goes economically with combo meals and platters. Most online caterers offer heavy discounts when a passenger orders in a bulk. These discount ranges from 20%-25% and sometimes even 30% during festive occasions. They offer coupon codes to passengers to apply during their final billing in the cart. There are two ways for group food order:

  1. Ordering Online
  2. Via Call

Ordering Online:
While ordering group food online in train, it’s the coupon code which is applied in the cart to get maximum discount on your food bill. The order, when finalized via online payment the restaurant starts preparing your bulk order followed by a hygienic packing and successful delivery at station.

Via Call:
You can call on the helpline number mentioned on the e-catering website and get connected to the food advisors who can directly book your group food order for a particular station. Before placing your food order, browse the menu in detail.

Many e-catering portals have a special webpage which is dedicated to group food order with an online form. Users need to fill up the form with a message which directly reaches to the food ordering department of the e-caterer. The request is processed further by a call to the passenger and confirming the order with payment.

Steps to Online Group Food Order in Train

  1. Visit official website or download the food ordering app and Login.
  2. Enter your 10 digit PNR number.
  3. Explore the menu and compare the prices.
  4. Pay online through Debit/credit card, Net banking or digital wallet like Paytm, PayUMoney etc.

Note: The e-caterer can ask you for a certain payment in advance which ranges from 30-40%. This confirms your order. The rest of the payment is done by cash on delivery (COD) to the delivery executive in the train during meal delivery.

How can you save on Group meals?
It is highly suggested to order Veg Platter or combo meals in a group journey as they tend to save money and has a scope to satiate the taste buds of vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Along with these factors, the Thali and combo meals have variety to taste along with accompaniments for which you have to pay extra while ordering individually. Let’s take an example. While traveling in train, the e-catering menu will display the below mentioned prices for food ordering, if you opt for an individual order.

  1. Rice Items Range: Rs. 95 to Rs.185
  2. Bread Items: Rs. 15 to Rs.65
  3. Veg Curry: Rs. 180 to Rs.280
  4. Non-Veg Curry: Rs. 190 to Rs. 300

(The prices mentioned are estimation. The prices may vary according to the dishes you choose)

By ordering these items individually the food bill will tend to an upward spike. On the other end, ordering a platter/combo meal with variety of items is an economical option. The rates are mentioned below:

  1. Veg Thali/Non-Veg Thali:(Mini/Standard/Deluxe/Maharaja): Rs.130 to Rs.265
  2. Combo meals (Veg/Non-veg): Rs. 135 to Rs. 265

(The prices mentioned are estimation.They can vary).

These special prices and savings are just a click away. You need to share your journey details and it’s the prime objective of the caterer to deliver your group food order in train with special discount.

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