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According to a beautiful quote by Oprah Winfrey “When you educate a woman, you set her free”. The quote signifies the importance of education, freedom and the dexterity, a woman can achieve by her hard work and determination. Just like in the game of chess it’s the Queen who protects the king, likewise behind every successful man lies the effort of a woman who coordinates, empowers and add values to eradicate the unnecessary difficulties and mess life. No country can flourish without the mass contribution of women population, as they make the things done in every field. Whether it’s the topsy-turvy journey of her personal life or any oscillatory/bumpy rides in their professional life, woman survives in every condition and makes other feel the power of togetherness, persistence and self-confidence. The power of women encourages and radiates the powerful rays of bravery, dedication and conviction.

Indian Railways have identified this massive effort of the women population and has tapped this huge resource for the betterment of Railways. Out of 13 lakh employees, over 1 lakh employees in Railways are women and the number is increasing. From woman drivers to TTE’s, we can visualize women empowerment all over all the zones of Indian Railways. To commemorate the International Women’s Day (8th of March) Railways took few initiatives over the past few years. Here’re some of the examples on how Indian Railways has identified and utilized this resource in the best possible manner.

Deccan Queen Express:
The Deccan Queen Express will now be running with a crew having all women members. It runs from Pune to Mumbai. Railways have deployed only women staff in this prestigious train.

Surekha Yadav and Trushna Joshi:
Surekha Yadav was the first woman loco pilot to run Deccan Queen Express and Senior Assistant Loco Pilot Trushna Joshi assisted her in the operations. They were the first women railway pilots and assistant pilots.

Sweta Ghone:
Sweta Ghone was the on-duty guard who was given the honour to give clearance to Deccan Queen Express by waving the green flag on the Women’s Day.

Vandana Chaturvedi:
Vandana Chaturvedi from Bhopal was the first woman guard who joined the Indian Railways on April 19, 1990. Salute to the power of women.

Matunga Road Station:
The Western Railways Zone had exhibited and demonstrated the importance of International Women Day through its most effective decision. Matunga Road station is hereby a complete women crew station where no male staffs are employed. At the station, women staffs are employed to manage the operations and paved its way into the “Limca Book of Records”.
The statement of “Chief PRO of WR Ravinder Bhakar” said: “The commercial department has deployed 13 clerks and three ticket checking staff, 11 operating staff (station master and points person) and four RPF personnel. These staff will handle overall operations of Matunga Road station round the clock.” Maninagar Station will also be the first station of Gujarat to be manned by an all-women staff.

First Women Gang for Coach Maintenance:
Another big move was taken by the giant transporter where an all-women coach maintenance team was deployed to work as coach maintenance team at Guwahati. It was the first time when any technical team of women was formed as “Maintenance Gang”.

These examples purely exhibit that 21st century is not a male-centric world embedded with the power of patriarchy. It’s an era where women also rules with their talent, zeal to work and contribute towards their nation. RailRestro salutes and wishes every woman a “Happy International Women’s Day 2019”.

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