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In an endeavor to support our Indian Armed Forces defence personnels, Indian Railways has come up with some unique ways through which they can support defence personnels. A major shift has been observed in terms of measures being undertaken for the people who safeguard our nation from cross border terrorism. We already have heard about bollywood stars who are creating unique avenues through which everyone can contribute towards wellbeing of personnels and their families. Even Cricketers like Gautam Gambhir have supported such causes.

In this endeavor, Indian Railways has also joined hands to support the causes which can add value to various defense rank personnels and also police forces of Indian states. Here are the details of the special concessions available for defense personnels and various ranks in police forces:

Defense Quota (DQ): 

The Defence quota is applicable for personnel from Indian Armed Forces (which includes the Army, Navy and Air Force). The para-millitary servicemen quota also falls under this broad category.

Available Options under DQ:

Under this quota 2 seats are reserved, in most, trains across the nation. Tickets can be booked under the Defense Quota for official purposes such as relocation or movement of forces from one part of India to another. It can also be used by individual defence personnel while they are taking a trip back home or rejoining duty after their leave.

How to Book Tickets under DQ:

To book tickets under this quota, the defence personnel in question has to approach the MCO (Movement Control Office) for the station with a duly filled booking form and show their original Indian Armed Forces identity card. In case of bulk booking, a defence staff can approach the MCO with an attested letter by supervising officer, booking forms and photocopies of identity cards for all travelers.

Who all can avail this quota:

  • Defence Concessions Concessions & Quota Applicable for: Military officers, cadets of the National Defence Academy or Air Force College or Naval Training Establishment, Junior Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Chief Jetty Officers of the Navy, certain non-combatants in Defence Service, military pensioners journeying to attend Regimental Re-unions and members of the Military Nursing Services.
  • Note: The booking or concession forms should be duly filled and signed by Supervising Officers as well as Railways issuing office.

Concession For War Widows:

In an endeavor to honor the ultimate sacrifice of our brave martyrs, Indian railways offers a list of benefits to the war widows.

Available Options:

Any war widow traveling on Indian trains can avail a concession of 75% in Second and Sleeper classes. The same extent of concession (75% in Second and Sleeper classes) also applies for widows of Paramilitary personnel and other defence personnel killed in action against terrorists and extremists, I.P.K.F. Personnel killed in action in Sri Lanka and martyrs of Operation Vijay (in Kargil).

Note: Concessions can be availed by providing the identity card issued to the war widow by the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB).

Concessions for Gallantry Award Winners & Widows:

Winners of the gallantry awards such as Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Vir Chakra and Shourya Chakra can travel in First and Second AC classes free of any charges. This concession is also applicable for the widows of gallantry award winners (along with one companion).

Note: The concession can be availed only by showing the award certificates or a identity card issued by KSB during the booking process.

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Concessions for Police Award Winners

President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service or Indian Police Award for Meritorious service can avail concessions for their journeys. The amount of concession is 50% for men and 60% for women.

Note: During the booking process, passenger in question would be asked for due certificates and an attested requisition ascertaining the claim.

Concession for Widows of Police Officers

The widows of those brave police officers, who laid down their lives during action against extremists or terrorists, are offered a concession of 75% in second and Sleeper classes while journeying for any purpose.

Note: Due credentials from the Police station in question should be furnished during the booking process.

In an added endeavor, IRCTC official e-catering partner also now offers special discounts for defence personnels who can avail 20% off on food bookings in trains. In order to give you a better traveling experience, one can now order food for train journey too.

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