Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated throughout India. Mahatma Gandhi is also referred as the “Father of Nation” and remembered for his contribution towards the struggle to achieve freedom. He was one of the most prominent political leaders of India who battled with the English to make India free from slavery. Gandhi Jayanti is also celebrated as the International Day of Non-violence, as Bapu believed to adopt the philosophy of non-violence to set India free from the chains of slavery and promoted peace, tolerance and mutual understanding.

On this national and auspicious occasion, Indian Railways have planned to pay a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and have announced this day as “Vegetarian Day”.The Indian Railway takes the opportunity to respect Bapu and announces few initiatives on his 150th birthday. Here are few plans of action designed by the Indian Railways on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti which will continue for the next three financial years.

  • Railways to go Vegetarian for a Day: Non-violence was one of the secret weapons of Gandhiji which he used all his life. Indian Railway has decided to serve only good quality vegetarian food in the train at every station and in every train. No non-vegetarian items will be served on any routes throughout India.

  • Theme Paintings on Stations: Railway has identified 43 stations across India especially associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s journey and ordered to revive the life of those stations by designing them with thematic Gandhi Jayanti paintings. These stations will be specially painted which will display the life, journey and quotes of Mahatma Gandhi. Setting up of digital museums on these stations are also proposed by Indian Railways.

  • Cleanliness Movement on 28 Stations: Some of the major selected stations will undergo a cleaning campaign as “Swachh Bharat” was one of the prominent dreams of Bapu.

  • Swachhta Express Special Train: Indian Railways will run a special train to be called Swachhta Express which will run from Sabarmati station to all other stations associated with the life of Gandhiji.

  • New tickets: Railways will issue tickets to the passengers having a special watermark of Mahatma Gandhi, encrypted with a message to remind the importance of this celebration. Passengers will not be deprived of fresh food in train during the journey on 2nd Oct. RailRestro, an official e-catering partner of IRCTC will deliver the good quality of food in train to passengers on their seat. Call 8102-888-111 for ordering food in train or download our application to get attractive offers.

Going vegan has a lot to do when it comes to being fit and calm in ones life. Mahatma Gandhi was a dignified person with patience and perseverance, as his tool to lead the life.The 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and his relationship with vegan food is best understood and applied by Indian Railways. As a tribute, these policies will continue to render immense respect to our Father of Nation for the next three years.

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