Passion for travelling can take you to multiple destinations which can be the best of your life experiences. India, being a cultural rich nation, comprises of peoples from diverse culture with each one having its own specialty. Nearly 3.2 million people travel via Indian Railways every day and most of them are people who travel away from the places they reside. Traveling in train is often accompanied with some common concerns such as travel timings and food they ought to carry while traveling in train.

Indian Railway ombudsmen IRCTC launched e-catering facilities in order to address the growing concerns regarding food in train. Passengers had to face a lot of bad experiences with food while traveling in train. In order to curb such complaints, Indian Railways partnered with some catering service providers to create a healthy food delivery eco-system. E-catering services gradually made sure that the passengers of popular trains get the food they desire for while traveling in train. This grew as a pilot project and later on spanned to all the trains traversing across multiple zones in India.
Scope of E-catering services:
E-catering partners of IRCTC span through all the geographies in India and they grow as a chain of food vendors listed across various stations. Trusted e-catering partners have a wide network of food vendors who tie up with them on a mutual benefits sharing model. Trusted E-catering partners are listed on IRCTC E-catering web portal. Travelers opting to order can visits the IRCTC E-Catering user interface and start ordering their food.
How to Order Through E-Catering Service Providers:
The food ordering process has been made a lot easier. Here is some easy step one need to follow while ordering food in train:
• Start with entering the PNR number in the required field. One can also enter the train number info in this field. This helps the internal systems to fetch all information regarding your train route and up-coming railway stations in your journey.
• The travelers are offered with a list of options they can chose to start ordering.
• The vendors who have tied up with IRCTC trusted partners are listed. Travelers can make their selection as per their needs.
• Once the selections regarding food are done, one can either opt to pre-pay or for COD (cash on delivery) options. Prepaid food orders comes with unique discount benefits.
• IRCTC catering partners like Railrestro make sure that the food is delivered as per their orders.
• One can track their food orders in train from the respective vendor’s site.
Things to watch out for while ordering food in train:
• Make sure you check for the available options while ordering food in train.
• Place your orders one hour before the stations where you want the food to be delivered.
• For any assistance while ordering food through e-catering partners, one can reach out over social media profiles or food partners on call at 8102888111.
Choosing the best food in train can make your journey a worthwhile experience indeed. Order food in train from trusted IRCTC E-Catering partners like Railrestro today! Happy Food Ordering!

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