India is going digital! We are not saying this on just rough speculation. Recent statistics from digital payment service providers also reveal the same fact. In recent data from Google Pay, the number of digital wallet users increased to double in the last 4 years. Using a digital wallet to transact and transfer money is not only convenient but also rewarding. To serve users, many different companies have entered the big market of digital wallets. Some are quite popular and some not that much. During the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, people are using digital wallets more than before. In this case, a user should be aware of those companies which are genuine and provide quality service. One such company is IRCTC, the official catering and tourism partner of Indian Railways. IRCTC has launched its official e-wallet known as iMudra. It opens a new world of possibilities for users and empowers them to go truly cashless. IRCTC imudra card benefits are many. Let’s have a look at what iMudra has to offer to users and how it is different from other e-wallets.

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Salient Features of IRCTC iMudra Prepaid Card:

  1. A powerful wallet accessible across all channels
    The IRCTC iMudra wallet is very powerful in itself and designed to be working flawlessly on all your devices. It does not matter if you are an Android smartphone user, a tablet user or an iPhone user, the app works the same on all the platforms. Moreover, the app is also available for desktop users so you don’t have to worry a bit. You get the same speed and efficient functionality on every platform.

  2. The easy way to pay online or offline
    The IRCTC iMudra offers a physical and virtual card. You can now shop online, pay bills, order food on trains, recharge your number, book flights or hotels or movie tickets, the possibilities are endless. If you opt for a physical card for a minimal fee, then you get the facility to withdraw cash from any bank ATM.

  3. Send or receive money hassle-free
    Once you complete the mandatory KYC, you can send and receive money using the IRCTC iMudra wallet. So if you want to share the restaurant bill or pay college fees, iMudra will help you do the same. Forget about logging to net banking and filling all the beneficiary details just to send some money. You can easily and conveniently send and receive money from IRCTC iMudra users in the comfort of sitting in your home.

  4. Withdraw cash from any ATM
    IRCTC iMudra prepaid card allows you to withdraw money from your wallet from thousands of VISA enabled ATMs spread all across the country. So if you got some refund in your wallet and want that money in cash, then you can do so easily by just going to any ATM and using the IRCTC iMudra prepaid card there.
  5. Note: You need to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) before you can use the prepaid card to withdraw money.

  6. Special deals and offers
    The IRCTC iMudra wallet offers exclusive deals and offers from time to time. You can avail the benefits of those offers and save some money on online purchases. Just go to the offers section of the app and see which offer suits you the best.

  7. Easy OTP option
    Easy OTP is a 6-digit one-time password that lets you book train tickets much faster than conventional methods. All you need to do is press Easy OTP and Generate OTP on your iMudra app and keep it ready for an IRCTC ticket booking. During the ticket booking process, choose the iMudra option under iPay to make your payment and enter the generated OTP in the app.

Benefits of IRCTC iMudra wallet
IRCTC iMudra gives users the following advantages to users:

  1. Free and secure transactions.
  2. Saves a lot of precious time during the ticket booking by eliminating the payment approval cycle.
  3. No payment gateway charges per ticket.
  4. Manage and top-up your account online.
  5. Send money instantly from the e-wallet.
  6. Less dependency on banks. Even if they have some server issues, you can easily book tickets using the iMudra wallet.
  7. Easy refund for your canceled tickets

IRCTC iMudra Card charges
There are no charges for creating your wallet on IRCTC iMudra. But if you opt for a virtual or a physical card, then you have to pay some money.
IRCTC iMudra physical card charges:
For virtual card: ₹10
For physical card: ₹200 + GST (Comes down to ₹236 approx)
ATM transaction charges: The First 2 transactions in a month on Federal Bank ATMs are free. Any subsequent transaction will be charged at a flat rate of ₹23.6. Any transaction on a non-Federal Bank would be charged at a flat rate of ₹23.6.
Add money charges: IRCTC may charge some service fees on adding money to the wallet depending on the mode of payment.
Note:Use UPI to add money to your IRCTC iMudra wallet. You will not be charged any extra money.

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IRCTC iMudra registration process
The IRCTC iMudra registration process is quite simple and straightforward. You can create an account for the iMudra wallet either from the mobile app or from the official website.

The step-by-step registration process for IRCTC iMudra app is:

  1. Go to the Play Store if you have an Android device or App Store if you use an iPhone.
  2. Search and download the IRCTC iMudra app.
  3. Open the app and click on “Create Account”.
  4. Enter some details such as your mobile number, your email id (optional), create a strong password, and click on the “Create Account” option.
  5. Verify the OTP that you received on your number.
  6. Congrats! You have successfully created and registered on the IRCTC iMudra wallet.

You can also use these links to directly download the IRCTC iMudra app on your phone.
Android, iOS

IRCTC iMudra Full KYC Process:
You should know that without completing your full KYC of IRCTC iMudra, you are missing out on some important features and functionalities such as withdrawing cash from ATM, sending and receiving money, etc. So it is very important that you complete your IRCTC iMudra full KYC as soon as you open your wallet. Look at how you can complete IRCTC iMudra full KYC without going anywhere.

There are two ways you can complete IRCTC iMudra KYC:

  1. Online:
    Full KYC can be completed using your Aadhaar Number and the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar. This process is completely online and you don’t have to submit any supporting documents.
  2. Offline:
    Full KYC will be completed by an IRCTC iMudra agent, who will visit your place with a prior appointment. He/she will verify the hard copies of your supporting documents and update the KYC. It is a 5-minute process, not more than that.

If you are wondering about what documents are needed for IRCTC iMudra full KYC verification, then you should know that you need to submit a xerox copy of your Aadhar ID, your photograph, and your PAN card.

Benefits of IRCTC iMudra full KYC:
There are many features and functionalities available only to the full KYC users.

  1. The monthly wallet limit of minimum KYC users is only ₹10,000 while it is ₹1,00,000 for full KYC verified users.
  2. Full KYC verifies users can withdraw cash from ATMs while minimum KYC users cannot.
  3. Minimum KYC users don’t have the option to transfer money online whereas full KYC users can send and receive money from other IRCTC iMudra users anytime and anywhere.
  4. Users get 12 months’ time to complete their full KYC after which their IRCTC iMudra wallet will become inactive.

IRCTC iMudra Refer and Earn program
In order to enhance the popularity of the app and increase its user base, IRCTC has launched the “iMudra Refer and Earn” program. You can earn up to ₹500 in this program. You will earn up to ₹50 scratch card per refer when your friend installs the application. You have to suggest the app to your friends and relatives and when they sign up using your link or using your referral ID, then you will get ₹50 in your wallet after they add a minimum of ₹100 in their wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the IRCTC iMudra prepaid card?
    IRCTC launched a digital iMudra card that is equipped with various functionalities. Users can easily submit the money, withdraw cash from the ATM, buy on-line or offline goods and services. You can use the iMudra prepaid card cum wallet on your cell phone, laptop, and desktop with ease and simplicity.

  2. Where can I use the IRCTC iMudra digital payment wallet?
    You can use the IRCTC iMudra wallet and prepaid card for counter transactions in stores that have visa-enabled machines. IRCTC iMudra wallet can also be used for making purchases online. Apart from that, you can also use IRCTC prepaid card for ATM transactions two of which are free in a month. You can always use the IRCTC iMudra wallet for booking train tickets.

  3. Is the IRCTC iMudra prepaid card free?
    No, the IRCTC iMudra prepaid card is not free of charge. You have to pay ₹200+GST for the physical card and there are no activation fees, Moreover, you have to pay ₹10 to get a virtual card for online shopping and other purposes.

  4. Can the IRCTC iMudra wallet help me get Tatkal tickets quickly?
    Yes, definitely! If you want to get Tatkal tickets quickly, then you should use the iMudra waller by IRCTC. It offers the following advantages:
    Very low transaction failure rate.
    Amazingly fast transaction due to the elimination of the payment approval cycle. Quite helpful for Tatkal bookings.
    No payment gateway charges per ticket. Just a fixed charge of ₹10 irrespective of the transaction amount.
    Quick refunds.

  5. Can I use the IRCTC iMudra wallet to make online purchases on websites outside India?
    No, you can use your iMudra prepaid card only to make purchases on Indian websites in Indian currency.
  6. Is IRCTC iMudra prepaid card debit or a credit card?
    Although your iMudra wallet card is prepaid, you should select the Credit Card option while using this card to make purchases online.

  7. How to add money in the IRCTC iMudra wallet?
    In order to add money to your IRCTC iMudra wallet, please click on the “Add Money” option. You will then have to enter/pick the amount and proceed to load your wallet with a payment gateway like Debit card, UPI or Credit card.

  8. Is there any charge of adding money to the IRCTC iMudra wallet?
    Some convenience fees may be applicable to the total amount that you add to your wallet depending on the method of payment/amount selected.

  9. I ordered for the IRCTC iMudra physical card. When will I get it?
    You can expect to receive your card within two weeks from the date of ordering.

  10. How do I suspend or reopen and block my card?
    You can suspend/unsuspend or block the card through the iMudra mobile app. Please go to the ‘Cards Section’ from the bottom menu and select the Suspend/Block Card section in the app. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number for unsuspending and blocking your card. Please note that once the card is blocked, it can no longer be used and you may need to get a new card.

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