India is considered the home of culture, language, religion and cuisine. We are a diverse nation where a variety of delicious dishes are available. People love Indian cuisine because the food is spicy, healthy, and tasty. There are many delicious dishes in India that can make your mouth water.


India is a big country with 29 states and some union territories. Each of the Indian states has a popular dish that is famous there. Those who like to eat different types of cuisine should definitely come to India and taste a wide variety of delicacies. Here are some of the most popular and fabulous Indian dishes, which everyone must eat.


Famous Foods of Different States of India


Let’s see some of the best foods and regional delicacies of Indian states. Depending on your taste and food choice, you may get attracted to different food options.


1. Rajasthan


The most famous dish of Rajasthan is Dal Bati Churma. In fact, the first thing that comes into our mind when we think of Rajasthani foods is Dal Bati Churma. This dish is prepared using more desi ghee which makes it even tastier. As the culture of Rajasthan, this dish is very rich in taste. Ball-shaped wheat flour batis are cooked on the heat. They are eaten with tempered lentils and salad. Together, the Churma dish made from semolina enhances the experience.



Apart from Dal Bati Churma, there are some other special foods of Rajasthan such as Gatte ki Sabzi, Pyazz Kachori, Papad ki Sabzi, Ghevar, Gond ke Laddu, Kesar Murg and Laapsi. 


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2. Tamil Nadu


This south-Indian state has a number of dishes that can bring water in your mouth. One such dish is Uttapam. Uttapam is a kind of dosa but slightly different in taste and texture. For uttapam, the batter is prepared by grinding urad dal and rice. It is slightly thick and looks like a pizza. It also uses toppings in which onion, tomato or capsicum are used which enhance its taste. Uttapam is served with coconut chutney and sambar.



Apart from that, Tamil Nadu is popular for Idli, Dosa, Appam, Rasam, and Chettinad chicken. Don’t miss these delicacies while you are in Tamil Nadu. Now you can order all these famous foods in trains from RailRestro. 


3. Bihar


Litti chokha’s name comes on our mind as soon as we think of Bihari food and drink. Eating it during winter days is fun on its own. Litti chokha is very yummy and mouth-watering because of its salty and tangy taste.



Litti Chokha is a traditional delicious dish eaten in Bihar and Jharkhand. You can eat it at lunch, dinner or on any holiday, Litti looks like a bati, but there is a slight difference. The pithi stuffed in it is made from sattu and is eaten with brinjal chokha (bhurta) or potato chokha. Mixed veg chokha and tomato chutney are also served along with litti.


Apart from Litti Chokha, some other famous dishes of Bihar are sattu parathas, jhal murhi, khaja and tilkut.


4. Maharashtra


Marathi foods are full of flavours and spices. One of the most famous dishes of Maharashtra is Puran Poli. It does not need any introduction because, at some point in time, all Indians must have enjoyed this sweet bread in their lives. Cardamom flavoured Puran made with tur dal for the stuffing is absolutely a treat.



It is a traditional sweet dish made in Maharashtra. Puran Poli is made in many types, but mainly Puran Poli of gram dal is more popular. It is very delicious. You can keep and eat Puran Poli for 2-3 days. It is also very easy to make.


Some other Maharashtrian dishes that are very popular are Basundi, Patrode, Shrikhand, Misal Pav, Bhelpuri, Pav Bhaji, Modak, etc. 


5. Uttar Pradesh


Everyone wants to eat good and tasty food. Uttar Pradesh is second to none in terms of taste. Here, a number of delicious dishes are found in every corner. Their taste is also such that your mouth will get watered as soon as its name is taken. It may be because of the heritage and the culture of catering here that the tourists from all over the country enjoy the famous cuisine of any part of UP.



One of the most famous dishes in Uttar Pradesh is Kebab. You will find a wide variety of Kebab everywhere in UP. Tunde Kebab in Lucknow is one of the best kebabs that you can have anywhere in India. Apart from that, some other famous dishes of Uttar Pradesh are Agra ka Petha, Shirmal, Lassi, Peda, and Laddu.


6. Delhi


Delhi is a  paradise for food lovers. To fully enjoy and relish the authentic foods of Delhi, you will have to spend some time in this city.



Of all the mouth-watering dishes, Chhole bhature is the speciality of Delhi. You get a different flavour and texture from other parts of the country. Apart from Chhole Bhature, some other popular dishes of Delhi are Butter Chicken, Paranthas, Chaat, Momos, Biryani, etc.


7. West Bengal


Fish curry is the most famous in Bengal. Bengali fish curry is a very popular Bengali dish here. In this dish, you get to taste the amazing mixture of Bengal spices. The special thing is that it takes very less time to be made.



The rasgullas of Bengal are also considered very popular. Rasgulla has emerged as a dessert among Kolkata residents. In Kolkata, you get to eat rasgulla with jaggery syrup. Its caramel taste is quite good.


8. Gujarat


You can taste dhokla at every street shop in Gujarat. This dish, made from lentils or gram flour, is cooked in steam and sprinkled with curry leaves and rye and served with green or sweet chutney. Sour-sweet dishes are as healthy and light as it is tasty, so it can be eaten anytime from morning breakfast to evening tea.



The taste of Khandvi is very pleasing to those who do not like spicy and spicy food. This dish consisting of gram flour and curd is also very popular here. You can eat it with green chillies and different types of chutney. You can taste it at most sweets shops and street food stalls in Gujarat. But there is something else about Khandvi of Ahmedabad.


Every Indian state has a food that is native to its place. You will find it difficult to get the same taste and flavour of regional foods in other places. Now, enjoy regional delicacies even while you are travelling by train with the RailRestro app or website.

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