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Indian Railways is highly concerned of passengers’ safety in every manner. With the advent of internet, it has advanced its services and adopted digitization in every possible way. Now, it has become easier to reach the destination safely. From appraisal to grievances, everything related to Indian Railways can be instantly shared on social media platforms. From passenger’s need for ordering food in train or to assist them with medical facilities, Indian Railways has proved itself at its best. Providing immediate medical treatment to the travelers is one of the most crucial initiatives taken by Indian Railways as it is always there to help the passengers en route. Health is something which needs special care while traveling. We all are aware that the train passes through various routes like from forest and hilly areas where it is not possible to expect for any medical facilities. So, the Indian Railways has provided the medical assistants on board which is supervised by the experts.

How to use Medical Support from Indian Railways
The idea to help the passengers medically is a boon for passengers’ in Railway services. Currently, there are several medical facilities that can be availed by the travelers journeying via train. Here’re some details on the medical aid given to the train passengers on wheels and tips on how to use them.

First Aid Emergency Care
First aid emergency care is provided at every railway stations and in every passenger carrying trains. This facility includes first aid box, different types of medicines, dressing materials, delivery kit and oxygen cylinder. If any passenger has any complaint regarding health and need to avail instant medical support, they can contact the train superintendent present inside the train. When the travelers fall sick at the station premises, they can consult the station Master for this first medical aid. These First aid emergency kits are recommended by a team of expert doctors of AIIMS, New Delhi. During the course of journey these first medical help can be asked from the staff members of Railways present on-board. They are properly trained in rendering first aid.
In several medical cases, the service of a doctor can also be availed who’re traveling as a passenger. These medical practitioners get concession on their ticket price and requested to check the box on the ticket booking requisition form, so that Railways can immediately contact them within seconds to handle any emergency case. Their identity is separately shown in the chart available with TTE. Availability of doctors on the next coming station is also arranged by the Indian Railways.

Medical Helpline Number
During medical emergency, passengers do not need to get panic as Railways has also provided its helpline number to seek the medical support. There is a three-digit number which is allotted as “Railway Helpline Number”. Travelers can dial 138 and can ask for the medical support en route.

Use “Twitter” tool during medical emergency
Since everything has been digitalized; Twitter is like a quick solution of every problem in Indian Railways. It has established separate social media teams specially twitter that assists the travelers with all their problems. Medical emergency is something that has been listed on priority basis. Now passengers can also avail medical facilities on railway station or in train by tweeting to railways. The twitter handlers respond immediately and provide the best possible medical assistant to the passengers.

Indian Railway Twitter handle: Indian Railway Seva (@ Railway Seva)

Indian Railways is very careful in providing medical facilities on wheel as it understands the medical circumstances that can arrive anytime with any passenger. It assures the passengers to provide them all the medical facilities to have a safe journey. Railways also request the travelers to help the co-passengers in availing medical emergency. There are many travelers who may not be aware of such facilities given by Indian Railways, so during emergency co-travelers can help them in informing the railways about the emergency arises in that particular coach. Ambulance services are available at every station that transfers the passengers to the hospital for emergency treatment. In case of emergency, passengers get panic that at what time they will reach to the next stoppage to avail the service. In such situation they can use the service of train live running status that can help them in updating about the exact timing to reach the next stoppage.

Apart from emergency cases, other regular services that is also taken care by the Indian Railways is to give a special care to the passengers of old age group, pregnant woman and the specially abled travelers. It provides them wheel chair to board the train. There is a railway staff always present there to handle the wheel chair and help the passenger to cross the platforms and board train. Railways give the medical facilities not just as a duty or part of service, but also dedicated it as a part of social cause. It has a motto of “Happy journey, Safe journey”. Being one of the leading and most preferred transportation parts of India, Indian Railways has completely devoted itself to comfort the travelers in every way.

Healthy Travel, Safe Travel, Happy Travel!

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