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During the scorching summer months, no spot can be more enticing as a snow world park because of which many people prefer to visit it. One can explore the best snow parks of India and revel in the fun over there away from hot summer. While taking a tour of these snowy areas, the entire experience will stay a notch higher as all craze will be shot at many snow selfie points. All the Indians imagine that most of India is snow free in the Northern regions to get snow in fact. For every Indian, snow means snowman, lots of amazing woollies and snowball fights. And amazing snow adventure sports like skiing, tobogganing and even frozen lakes and ice-skates! But then, if you want to make a snowman but live in Kerala, what do you do? You can’t of course go all the way to either the North or the North East just to take a glimpse of snow.


Though in most states of India we don’t get any snow, there are a lot of substitutes to be entertained by chilling snow. Several states have come up with amazing snow theme parks so snow world where people can visit the snow and have a lot of fun. There are snowflakes falling from the sky, indoor little igloos, games and some even have ice-stalls! So get cool in India with the five best snow parks in India and plan to visit them on your weekends. Don’t forget to check your train running status if you have booked your ticket for these places.

Here are curated list of best snow park in India
Axis Mall Snow Park, Kolkata
Would you like to get a cold this summer? If you are in Kolkata you can get chill in the snow park of Kolkata. Go to Rajarhat new town axis mall and experience blizzard there. You may come immediately from the hot summer time to a chill surroundings instantly. It is likewise among the excellent snow parks in India as adequate ice fun can be participated in here. The whole shape has been constructed on approximately 9,000 square ft area and is located on the pinnacle floor of the Axis Mall in New Town, Rajarhat. The principal sights of this amazing snow park in India consist of tube slide, disco on ice, cold winds at 100 km/hr, and a superb selfie point. From children to senior citizens, every person can have a very great time at this excellent location. This top snow park in India also features a food court that serves some scrumptious vegetable items.

Attractions in snow park Kolkata

  • Snow Fall
  • Food Court
  • Disco on Ice
  • Tube Slide
  • Football on Snow
  • Life-size Polar Bear
  • Selfie point

Ticket price
Entry fee: 500/- per person for 1 hr.
Winter jackets, boots, and gloves are also included in the ticket price. The Authority of Axis mall snow park Kolkata also provides a locker to keep your bag free.The locker’s security deposit price is 100 rupees.
Rajarhat axis mall snow park opening time
Time: 11 am to 9 pm.
The last Slot is from 08.00 P.M. to 09.00 P.M

Important note:
The place is awesome for the summer season in Kolkata.
If kids were going then they should be wearing full sleeves paints and shirts. Don’t wear half pants or three quarters unless you want to freeze.

Snow Theme Park, Hyderabad
Snow world in Hyderabad is a wonderland in India. The indoor area is full of snow that is created using industrial technology. This is among the largest snow parks in India which is spreaded over an area of 17,000 square meters. With sophisticated industrial technology, the snow is created here so that tourists can enjoy the fun and frolic. Visitors at the snow world hyderabad can participate in snow basketball, snow volleyball, snow dancing and snow sculptures. There is a snow play area for kids, a merry-go-round in the snow, and snowfall can be enjoyed through nearly all sessions. Kids can be very entertained by visiting the Hyderabad snow World as there is enough space for them.

Amusement ride in snow world Hyderabad

  • Kids Snow play area
  • Snow slide
  • Merry-Go-Round in Snow
  • Snow sculptures
  • Snow basketball
  • Mountaineering in Snow
  • Snow valley Ball
  • Dancing in Snow
  • Ice Hotel and
  • Snowfall in every session.

Entry ticket fee for snow world Hyderabad:

  • 500 rupee for Adult (4 ft 6 inch & above)
  • 300 rupee for Child (2 ft to 4ft 6 inch)
  • 350 rupee for College Students (above 10th Class)
  • 300 rupee for School Students (up to 10th Class)

The timing of snow world Park in Hyderabad

Time: 11 am to 9 pm
Every day of the week


  • The students of the school and college must bring the authorization letter.
  • Minimum 30 students are required to get package offers, applicable for school and college students only.
  • Cell phones are prohibited in the snow area.

Snow World, Mumbai
This is Mumbai’s first indoor snow-park. The indoor temperature of the snow world Mumbai is -10 degree C. In every session, the snow world gives a natural feel of a hill station surrounded by snow and snowfall. Mumbai snow World allows a total one hour tour, including 15 minutes in reception for wearing snowshoes, gloves, Jackets provided by them and rest 45 minutes to play and enjoy the snow. Park socks are needed in the snow, and if you don’t wear you can buy them from within the ice world. This offers snow-themed games such as sledging, skiing, ball games, ice skating, sleeping etc. The ticket cost is worth visiting one time with Friends and Family members. It is situated in the Phoenix Market City at Kurla West and offers an hour’s entertainment to all its visitors. The coats, snowshoes, and gloves are provided to ensure a comfortable stay inside the area.

Theme Snow Park in Mumbai: Main Activity

  • Natural snowfall
  • Ice slide
  • Snow play area
  • Sledging in Snow
  • Snowboarding
  • ice skating

Snow world charges in Mumbai

Entry fee: Rs. 575/- per person for one hour.

The one hour includes your gears like Jacket, Shoes, and Gloves etc. And all activities are inclusive Snow Play, Snow Fall, Ice Skating, Snowboarding, Snow Sledging, Ice Sliding, and many other attractions for taking selfies.

Snow world Mumbai opening timing:
Time:11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The Mumbai snow park is 365 days

Imagica snow park major attractions

  • Snow Basketball
  • Slides in Snow
  • Real Snowfall
  • Toboggan rides
  • Snow Dance Floor
  • Hiking in Snow
  • Snow Mountain Climbing
  • Snow Castle
  • Cafe

Imagica Snow Park, Mumbai
The Snow Park at Adlabs Imagica is India’s one of the most popular indoor snow parks extending over 15,000 sq.ft. This is another snow park near Mumbai. It’s also called Snomagica. The Snow Park authority says the visitor will enjoy an unforgettable experience in this park with 100% pure and natural snow. The minimum temperature inside the snow-park is -5 ° C.

Imagica snow park: Major Attractions

  • Snow Basketball
  • Slides in Snow
  • Real Snowfall
  • Toboggan rides
  • Snow Dance Floor
  • Hiking in Snow
  • Snow Mountain Climbing
  • Snow Castle
  • Cafe

Imagica snow park entry fees
The ticket price: 499 rupees per hour.
Lots of offers, coupons and promotion are available on the Tickets to Imagica. You get a concession on your total ticket price if you buy a combo ticket.

Adlabs Imagica Snow Park opening timings
Timings: 9:45 am to 7:45 pm
Ride Timings: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Snow House, Bangalore
Snow world in Bangalore is a famous snow park in India. Minimum temperature within the Snow Park is -5°C. This is Bangalore’s first indoor snow-park. It is among India’s best snow-worlds. It has a sprawling 12,500 square feet campus and the minimum temperature you can enjoy here is minus five degrees Celsius! It is the city’s first indoor snow park and provides real snowfall experience for all of its visitors. Without an iota of doubt, it can be said to be India’s top snow parks as it features Toboggan rides, snow dance floor, snow rock climbing, snowbox, ice slides apart from many other snow attractions. This snow house in Bangalore offers rafting in snow for visitors so that a real feeling of snow rafting can be enjoyed here.

Snow City Bangalore Attractions

  • Real Snowfall
  • Toboggan Rides
  • Rafting in Snow
  • Snow Dance Floor
  • Basketball in Snow
  • Snow Rock Climbing
  • Ice Igloo
  • Kids zone
  • Snow animals
  • Snow box
  • Ice slides
  • Snow Café

Note: They provide Jackets, gloves and it is included with the entry fee. You have to wear shocks otherwise you have to buy from a snow city counter which costs 40 rupee.
Snow world Bangalore: Timings
Time: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
Last entry time: 7.30 p.m.

Snow world Bangalore: Entry Fee
For Weekdays/Non-Holidays: INR 500 per person
For Weekends/Festivals/Holidays: INR 600 per person.
Camera fee: INR 50
Locker rent is: INR 50

Snow World, Delhi
Snow World, in Delhi, is a sureshot paradise for snow lovers. Snow Park in Delhi is enticed by the name itself, particularly when the scorching summer bakes us with heatstroke, sunburn and what not. To snow lovers this Snow World in Delhi is a sureshot dream. Ironically, it is a real indoor snowfall theme park that awaits all the Delhiites to spend some amazing moments with their family and friends. Snow World in Delhi is a fun-filled place and a happy gateway to the excitement seeking Delhi people. It is the largest snow park in India. Snow Land in Noida with its naughty antics and lineaments is set to capture your head. It is one of a kind Indoor Real Snow Fall Theme Park that makes its way to Noida for all families to spend a fun time packed with and exciting. Snow World is one of India’s leading snow theme parks, now opening its doors to the thrill people in and around Noida are seeking. We have the pleasure of enjoying winters in an indoor park where the temperature falls to-10 degrees Celsius. Look forward to getting a sneak peek in the Eskimos’ lives when you engage in some fun sports and, of course, snow wars.

Snow Park Delhi: Attractions

  • Ice Skating
  • SnowFall/Dance
  • Ski Boarding, Ice Sliding
  • Types of Sledding
  • Snow Tunnel
  • Scenic Mountain
  • Wooden Hut
  • Roman Culture wall
  • Igloos

Snow World Delhi Timings:
Time: 11 AM to 9 PM
Entry Ticket Fee
Entry Fee: INR 799 per hour

Such parks are designed in such a way that the winter environment within them is most satisfyingly recreated throughout the year, so that people can enjoy it amply.

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