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Mothers’ day 2020 will be celebrated on 10th May this year. There is no need to retell the importance of a mother in a person’s life. Their presence is stitched to our lives, both visibly and invisibly. Every year, a day is devoted to them, in an effort to honor and celebrate them. A mother plays a pivotal role in shaping and managing the family. From cleaning, washing, cooking, and managing the home, a mother does so many things but very little we acknowledge that. We all remember how moms used to prepare breakfast in a hurry so that we won’t be late for school. We used to eat simple mom-made dishes with such enjoyment that we don’t even find that in restaurant foods. We have all had one or two favorite dishes prepared by our mother.

So, to remember and relive those beautiful times, we have put together a list of homemade food recipes made by mothers that made our childhood awesome. Let’s dive into those sweet memories and thank them for their unconditional love.

Puri Chhole

If you are up for some spicy Indian delicacies, then chhole puri won’t disappoint you. Chhole, a Punjabi dish is made from chickpeas commonly known as kabuli chana. It is a regular breakfast in north India but some people enjoy it as a snack dish as well. Chhole puri is unbelievably tasty but at the same time high in calories. So eat this mouthwatering dish in check.


Besan chilla is a simple yet delicious north Indian cuisine. It is spiced gram flour (besan) pancakes served with chutney and chai. You must remember your mom preparing chilla in the morning as it is very easy and quick to make. Chilla can also be eaten as an evening snack as it goes perfect with a hot cup of tea.

Roti n Sabji

The good old plain roti and sabzi is not so fancy, but Indian moms know how to make it delectable. Roti and sabzi is the staple for almost all Indians. It can be eaten at breakfast, during lunch, or at dinner. Fried veggies in simple masala make for a great sabzi which can be eaten with roti and can be served along with salad and chutney.

Chicken Curry

Nothing can beat the taste of chicken curry prepared by moms at home. If you want to get the true spiciness of Indian cuisines, then home-made chicken curry is there for your service. You can eat it with rice or fulka with salad. The juiciness and tenderness of chicken pieces along with a herd of authentic Indian spices will make your day.


Sewai is a light Indian dessert prepared on special occasions like festivals and dinner parties. This combination of vermicelli strands and milk along with some dry fruits is famous across the entire nation. Indian moms prepare sewai in different styles and children love this simple yet mouth-watering dish.


Halwa is a quick-to-make Indian dessert. It can be prepared in different ways with different things. The most common halwa made by moms in an Indian household is suji ka halwa. The creamy texture of semolina along with a nutty flavor of dry fruits creates a finger-licking taste. During winters, you can’t miss gajar ka halwa. It is so yummy and addictive that you can eat a whole bowl without even noticing.


Pakore are delicious fritters made in Indian style. Chai pakore is one of the best evening snacks that you can have. Prepared in a batter of gram flour with any veggies, pakore are a treat to your taste buds. These deep-fried snacks, when served with green chutney, are very delicious and addictive. For many people, a rainy day is nothing without pakore.

Aam ki Khatti Meethi Chutney

Mango is called the “King of fruits” and it is rightly said so. You can’t go wrong with it. Eat it raw, eat it ripe, it will never disappoint you. Aam ki khatti meethi chutney prepared by moms at home is a delight. It is tangy, sweet, and a little spicy at the same time. You can feel the taste already on your tastebuds. It goes well with puri, parathas, and almost anything.

Aam ka Achar

Aam ka achar has become a staple for Indians. You can’t enjoy dishes like puri and paratha without it. Paired with aloo ki sabzi, it makes for a perfect Indian homemade recipe. The tradition of making aam ka achar in summer is long rooted in the Indian culture. The secret recipe is passed on from generation to generation but the uniqueness of its flavor never fades away.

Gond ke Laddu

Gond k laddu is a rich, delicious, and wholesome sweet treat enjoyed during the winter in North India. Home-made gond k laddus are so tasty and healthy that you can’t be satiated with only one. It is also believed to have medicinal values and work as a good immunity booster.

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