If you are looking for good food when outside the home, non-vegetarian dishes must be on the top of your list. There is nothing better than having fresh and delicious non-veg food in trains while enjoying the natural beauty en route. This is not a dream! Now you don’t have to eat pantry car food even if you don’t like it. You can get a wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes with the help of the RailRestro app even when you are travelling by train.


RailRestro allows you to order non-veg dishes like chicken biryani, fish curry, egg curry, chilli chicken, and more on your train journey. 


Let’s see how you can order non-veg food on train and which are the best non-veg food options while travelling.


Best Non-Veg Food to Order in Trains from RailRestro


These are the best non-veg foods that you can order in trains while travelling.


1) Non-veg Starters 

It may seem unlikely to you, but it is now possible to get hot non-veg starters like chicken tikka, chicken 65, kebabs, etc. from RailRestro. You can order chicken soups too. Apart from chicken starters, you can also get fried fish, egg bhurji, and more. 


2) Non-veg Main Course

You can get a wide range of non-veg main course items from RailRestro including chicken butter masala, chicken dehati, mutton curry, afghani chicken, chicken curry. You can eat whatever you want, which you thought was not possible when travelling by train. 


Apart from famous chicken dishes, you can also get regional delicacies like maach bhaat, Hyderabadi-style chicken biryani, mutton biryani or special non-veg items.


You should also know about the best chicken dishes that you can order in train


After a great starter and main course, desserts complete your meal. You can order different types of desserts from RailRestro like sweets, shakes, soft drinks, and ice creams.


How to Order Non-veg Food in Train?


With e-catering in trains, ordering non-veg food was never easier than today. It’s like ordering food when you are home; the only difference is that you are ordering food in trains. With different options to make your task easy, RailRestro ensures that nobody is deprived of tasty food on trains.


3 Ways to Order Non-veg Food on Trains with RailRestro


You can get non-veg food on trains from RailRestro through any of the following means:


1) Mobile App

The best way to order non-veg dishes on trains is through the train food order app, RailRestro. Download RailRestro app from Play Store or Apple Store and order your favourite dish.


Steps to Order Non-Veg Food Using RailRestro Mobile App:


  1. Open the app and enter your 10-digit PNR number. Don’t worry, your travel details like train name, date of journey, coach number, berth number, etc. will be automatically fetched with the help of an advanced AI system. You can also order food in trains using your train number or name, but you will need to enter the PNR number at checkout. 
  2. Choose the station where you want to get your non-veg dishes delivered.
  3. You will get a list of restaurants that are ready to deliver food in that city. Choose one of the restaurants and proceed to select food items.
  4. All the veg and non-veg dishes available in the restaurant will be listed. Add items to your cart and proceed to the payment page.
  5. On the payment page, you will get the option to pay online through a Debit/Credit card or cash on delivery. Choose whichever suits you.
  6. Now, wait for your train to reach the station. One of the delivery boys from RailRestro will deliver your food right at your seat. You don’t have to go anywhere.


2) Official Website

If for some reasons, you are unable to download RailRestro app, you can order fresh and delicious non-veg food in trains from RailRestro’s official website, The method to order non-veg dishes in trains from RailRestro website is the same as above.

Enter your PNR number and follow the same steps. 


If you are travelling in a group of 10-15 people, make sure to use RailRestro’s group food order option. You will get impressive discounts on your bulk order in trains.


3) Phone Call

RailRestro allows you to order non-veg dishes in trains just by giving a call on 8102202203. When you are making a call on this number, make sure you tell your PNR number, what food you want to order, at which station you want your food to be delivered, and any other food-related details so that RailRestro can serve you better. 


Please note that the process to order non-veg food in trains is similar to ordering veg biryani in trains.


Now that you know how you can order non-veg food in trains, you can make your train journey more comfortable with RailRestro. Next time you are travelling by train, don’t forget to order food from RailRestro!



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