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So you all set for your trip to summer vacation and it’s the time you want to make the most out of it during your travel time. You must be fighting with your mom to pack all the dresses you would love to wear in summers. Your grandpa special requests to keep his glasses safely while packing is something your mom might be busy with. You must have been listening to the stories about the all time famous so called Nawabs from Lucknow. Now is the time to go explore the city of Nawabs and its famous Awadhi cuisines. Lucknow is no doubt an ultimate foodie’s paradise. From kebabs to Paans to Biryanis, wander around in the city for a day or two and you’ll never know which narrow alley takes you to food heaven. The taste, the smell and the air of the city screams magic! Make this trip merrier by ordering food in train at Lucknow Junction.

Even though the list of delicacies is endless, here are some 5 must try mouthwatering dishes that you just cannot miss ordering in train while traveling to Lucknow:

  • Galawati Kebab: Earlier it was a dish only prepared for Nawabs of Lucknow. Galawati means melt in your mouth, and the dish does exactly that. Once finely ground meat and unripe papaya is marinated, a mixture of spices is added to the dish. You can order it even if you are crossing Lucknow station during your train journey. Order food in train at Lucknow junction from e-catering partners of IRCTC.

  • Tunday Kebab: It’s a world fame cuisine and a better option when it comes to ordering non-veg food in trains. The dish has a unique history and the very name of this dish literally means “handicapped”. The reason behind such name is that the dish was firstly made by chef who was handicapped and it made it’s mark when it was served and named after them. Over a 100 different spices go into the making of this royal kebab and they ensure that you don’t feel uneasy after having them. They literally melt in your mouth like ice cream and are best served with Rumali Roti. To enjoy the authentic flavor, you can order food in train at Lucknow Jn. from Railrestro.

  • Lucknowi Biryani: You must have ate multiple forms of Biryani in your life time, but you should try the Lucknowi counterpart too. The Lucknowi Biryani has a unique way of preparation technique which gives the unique aroma and differentiates it from other forms of Biryani. The rice is cooked separately in garden-fresh spices and the marinated chicken is added later. This technique infuses just the right amount of flavor in the dish and the final product is something that you just cannot resist. The very aroma of thus dish will make your journey food worthwhile. If you are ordering food in train at Lucknow Jn., you should try it once.

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  • Tokri Chaat: The very name of chaat turns you into mouth watering mode and nothing can replace it if you are a street food lover. A go-to snack to add a little spice to our monotony. The filling leaves both your stomach and taste buds satiated. The crisper the tokri, the better! Also called Basket Chaat, Lucknow offers a variety of these in the streets.

  • Sheermal: A sweet naan, this one is baked in tandoor and goes well with anything spicy! Sheermals are made with warm milk which is sweetened with sugar and generally flavored with saffron. Totally mouth-watering, you can include while ordering food in train at Lucknow station.

With so many wider options to chose from while ordering food in train at Lucknow Junction, you are left with no option to not to carry any food item with you in train from your home. All you need is to order from your smartphone either via Railrestro App or call at 8102888111. You can also order food in train at Lucknow Jn. by visiting authorized e-catering partner of IRCTC and place order for yourself or someone on a family trip.

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