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A passionate traveler, or a nature admirer, willing to explore India, is always ready to travel and witness the vast terrains of India loaded with immense natural beauty. It creates a lifetime memory. One of the amazing directions of India which offer the tourists a package of natural attractiveness and a reservoir of beautiful sceneries is the North East India. The states of seven sisters in north-east region are the perfect example of that scenic magnificence which you must visit once in your life. There are numerous train routes which connect the North east regions of the country, but certain routes contain such natural sites and treasures which will leave you surprised as forces you to capture them in your lenses. Here’re some of different train routes of North east which deals in extravagance of natural splendor.

Guwahati to Agartala
This is one of the most amazing train journeys one can take. The train passes through the beautiful places one can enjoy and feel outstanding natural beauty from train’s window. Passing through Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya and finally to Tripura, one can explore the beauty beyond Imagination. This train trip takes you through tea plantations, coal mines, and breathtaking villages. If you are lucky you can even spot an elephant taking a leisurely stroll through the tea gardens. You can also enjoy the sights of small hills and lakes. As there is no direct rail connection between Guwahati to Agartala, you would have to change trains from Silchar in Assam.

Harmuti to Naharlagun
This rail connection is the new entrant in the wide railway connection of India. The train route is connected between Harmuti (Assam) to Naharlagun (Arunachal Pradesh). Through this journey, you can come across thick forested hills and gently flowing streams. You can capture the pictures of agricultural lands, brimming with vegetation. The train crosses the Subansiri River and valleys. You can see the wide range of hues and colors.

Dibrugarh to Ledo
This train journey can give you a vast experience of land filled with unsurpassed beauty. The major attraction of this Indian rail route is the Brahmputra River. The train passes through many small Assamese villages from where one can get idea about their way of life. Ledo is the town with vast historical significance. The train takes three and half hours to reach. The train crosses through some beautiful tea gardens, green forest, paddy fields etc.

New Jalpaiguri to Tinsukia
The train starts from new Jalpaiguri, the hilly terrain of West Bengal. As you leave from some parts of Bengal, you will see the vast forest areas and some well- known national parks of the zone. If you keep your windows open, you can enjoy the chirping of birds which can soothe your ear. Feel yourself lucky if you could watch the elephant waiting to cross the tracks. As you head into Assam, you can see the women with colorful attire plucking the best variety of tea leaves. Train also passes through the beautiful rice fields, rolling valleys etc.

Siliguri to Alipurdaur
This train route is especially for the one who is nature-friendly and love to enjoy the natural spaces and magnificent landscape beauty. The train mostly passes through dense forests teeming with wildlife, beautiful tea gardens and the attractive Teesta River. The journey offers a unique experience of nature and one can visualize the diversity of flora and fauna as the train passes through Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Buxa , Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary.

North east India is a reservoir of natural sites and reserves. Travelers who’re ready to explore the beauties of nature must take a trip to these mentioned rail routes. If you are on a solo trip or enjoying a group trip, apart from exploring the nature, you would also like to justify with your taste. Food adds the extra flavor in your traveling. It makes your journey worth if you taste the special cuisines of that particular area. Pantry cars have limited variety, but if you want to taste something different and restaurant style food in train, then comes the role of food ordering apps through which the passengers can order food in train of their choice and enjoy the food matching their taste and preference. You can download the app in your mobile and can choose from variety of dishes and local specialties as well.

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