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With a glorious history and remarkable fast developing phase, Patna is on its way to be one of best cities of India. International facilities, infrastructures, wide networking of roadways and highways, malls are being rapidly built in the city to glorify the city at its best. Patna is the 19th largest city of India ranking among the largest city of Bihar and second largest city in Eastern India. The city is located on the southern bank of Holi River Ganga. The wide network of roadways and fast developing city has one major railway station called the “Patna junction” functioning here from 1862 with the name of “Bankipur Junction”. As of now total 3, 00,000 (3 lakhs) passengers have been estimated to travel via this station every day. Another railway station in Patna, Danapur railway station started to serve the city under Danapur Railway division. There are mainly five railway stations functioning in Patna among which Patna Junction shares the highest crowd and pressure in its premises.

To share the extreme pressure from the main junction and to reach to the different parts of India, a newly built “Patliputra Junction” is helping the Danapur railway division of Indian Railways for a smooth flow of trains and other operational activities.  E-catering companies are also active in this station. Any passenger can order food in train at Patliputra Junction and enjoy their delicious journey.

Location of Patliputra station:
The station is built in Rukanpura area of Patna which is underlying the over bridge connecting Rukanpura to Gola Road, Bailey Road Patna. The station is located in Jagat Vihar Colony, Vijay Nagar and Rukanpura. To reach at the station one can hire taxi/cabs/auto rickshaw etc. Public transportation means such as auto-rickshaw and buses also drop the passengers on the Bailey road flyover and there is the pathway attached to get down. After getting down from the bridge, one can easily reach at the station by auto-rickshaw or e- rickshaw at the station. You many also walk by the road side for 7-10 minutes to reach at the station.

The Patliputra Railway junction functions under Danapur Railway division under east central railway zone. The station serves mainly two railway connecting lines one is Patna-Hazipur-Sonepore Railway section and another one is Patna-Pahlejaghat-Chapra railway line.

The station has total three platforms with four railway tracks. Though the Patliputra junction shares the load of Patna and Danapur station, its major part is under construction and a lot of development has to be made in near future. The station hosts more than 50 trains in a day. There total many train halt at the station and 13 trains originate and terminate at this station.

Almost all the trains of North Bihar halt/terminate at this station. Mail and express trains including Rajdhani halt at the station. The station is spacious and built according to the passenger’s comfort. There are some tea/coffee shops are available at the station. You can also feast your hunger with tasty cuisine Litti-Chokha prepared near by the station. There are some Dhabas and stalls preparing delicious Bihari cuisines such as “Littli-Ghughani” tandoori, Chinese and “Litti-Chokha”. You can have a plate full of this tasty retreat. There is a Sudha (famous dairy product brand of Bihar) outlet selling exquisite dairy products of Bihar like Chamcham, Balushahi, Gulab Jamun, rasgulla, Khoya, Son- papdi and many more. Here you can have a tasty cup of “Butter-Milk” or cold coffee made out the cow milk and coffee blended nicely with sweet taste. There are packaged drinks also available in every shop.

Connectivity to the City:
The station is located near bailey road, a commercially developed area of Patna Town. There are a number of auto-rickshaws available out of the station premises. You can easily catch one of them to reach at your destination. You can climb on over-bridge connecting bailey road by stair cases or you may commute at towards Danapur or Ashiyana-Raza Bazar area from the station roads. Reserve an auto-rickshaw or book a taxi/cab to reach at your destination. The station is located at the distance of five kilometers from Gandhi Maidan and ten kilometers from Patna Junction. You can head to any corner of the city by auto-rickshaw or by Bihar Government buses which is frequently running on the route. The newly built Digha- Sonepur Road Bridge is located at the distance of 3 kilometers from the station.

Trains from Patliputra Junction:
There are total 54 trains pass by this station among which total 13 trains originate and terminate at this station. There are trains for Kolkata, Assam, Bareily, hazipur, sonepur, Chapara, Chandigarh , Tripura, Barauni ,Raxaul , Luknow , Muzzafarpur which run daily/weekly form this station.

List of Trains Originating from Patliputra

  • PPTA LJN SF EXP (12529): This train departs from Patliputra Junction and has its destination till Lucknow junction. It runs on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • JANHIT EXPRESS (13206): This train departs from Patliputra Junction and its destination is Saharsa junction. It runs everyday.
  • PPTA CDG EXP (13255): Patliputra Chandigarh express runs from Patliputra junction to Chandigarh junction. It runs on Wednesday and Sunday.
  • PPTA-RXL-NKE INTERCITY(15201): The Patliputra-Raxaul Intercity runs from Patliputra junction to Raxaul junction. It runs on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The same train returns from Raxaul to Patliputra Junction.
  • PPTA YPR EXP (22351): This train runs from Patliputra junction to Yashwantpur junction. It starts it’s journey once in a week on Friday.
  • PPTA LTT EXP (12142): This train runs from Patliputra junction to Lomanya Tilak Terminus junction. It runs seven days a week.
  • PPTA-MFP MEMU (63266): This special train runs from Patliputra Junction to Muzaffarpur junction.It runs seven days a week.
  • PPTA CDG EXP(23255): This train runs from Patliputra junction to Chandigarh Junction. It runs on every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • PPTA-MFP PASSENGER (55216): It runs from Patliputra to Muzaffarpur junction.It runs seven days a week.
  • PPTA-BJU PASSENGER (55230): It runs from Patliputra junction to Barauni junction. It runs seven days a week.
  • PPTA-GKP PASSENGER (55007): This train runs from Partliputra to Gorakhpur Junction. It runs seven days a week.
  • HUMSAFAR EXPRESS (09670): This train runs from Patliputra to Udaipur Junction. It runs on every Sunday.
  • HUMSAFAR EXPRESS (19670): This train runs from Patliputra to Udaipur Junction. It runs on every Friday.
  • PPTA-MFP MEMU (63268):This train runs from Patliputra to Muzaffarpur Junction.It runs seven days a week.
  • PPTA-BJU MEMU (63288): This train runs from Patliputra to Barauni Junction. It runs seven days a week.

The station counts almost 30 to 40 thousands of passengers every day. The station is built newly with limited number of trains running on tracks. This is the only reason as to why only few trains terminate or cross this junction. As the construction completes at the station, more number of trains and route will be included through the station.

Food at Patliputra Station:
If you are visiting Patna and looking for the food and eateries near the station, then you don’t need to be in a state of bewilderment or needn’t worry about the food options. As soon as you climb on Bailey Road Bridge, turn left for Jagdeo Path you will see plethora of food options to eat around. There are a number of food chain eateries and also local restaurants serving you hot and tasty food. There are Haldiram’s, Bikaner, Bikaner Elite, Kanha, Chatkara food court, and other multiple restaurants which are serving delicious food. If you have a strong crave for fast-food, you will have options like KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominos outlets. You can also have a sip of coffee at Café Coffee Day (CCD) and Barista Café outlets. Apart from these chains you will also have many local restaurants and coffee bars serving you delicious food items nearby. You will have many restaurants near Jagdev Path at the distance of 10 minutes form Patliputra station.

If you are looking for staying options nearby Patliputra station, you will have a number of options. You can search for hotels nearby. There are many hotels functioning under flagship of different hotel aggregators company also provide cozy accommodation to the visitors. You can rent a budget hotel room luxurious enough to stay nearby the station.

The city of Patna welcomes you with a new Gateaway “Patliputra Junction”.

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