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To make your journey more memorable you can relish the most tasty and hygienic food on train. Mesmerize with the scenic beauty of your train journey and online food with RailRestro. In our busy schedule, it’s difficult to enjoy the moment with joy and happiness.


You have an option If you want to escape from a hectic schedule and monotony of life, hopping on a train can be just the ticket. The soothing sound of the train on the tracks and the beautiful views outside make for a really nice time. To lift up this journey to new heights of culinary delight, consider placing an online food order before you board the train.




Enjoying the Ease and Comfort of Ordering Online Food 


Nowadays, train journeys aren’t about settling for basic food options. We have technology where you have plenty of culinary options so you can enjoy the scenic beauty and relish the delicious cuisine by ordering through an e-catering. You can say goodbye to limited choices and hello to a world of culinary delights right at your fingertips. Just take out your mobile and open the RailRestro app and follow the instructions and choose your delicious meal right at your train seat. You’ve got a buffet of food options tailored to your taste, making train dining a convenient and enjoyable experience.




The Pleasures of Pre-Ordered Delights


Imagine if you are comfortable on your seat, feeling the gentle swaying of the train as it starts to relax you, and smelling a delicious aroma drifting through the air as your pre-ordered meal is available for you. Platform where you can order food in train. lets you pick from lots of different types of food, making sure that your sense of taste goes on an enjoyable adventure just like the one you’re having by the window.


From local cuisine to different flavors, RailRestro collaborates with different restaurants to offer a menu that Suits the tastes of everyone. Whether you crave a comforting bowl of pasta, a flavourful biryani, or a fresh sandwich, the options are limitless. So, IRCTC Food order is the best option through which you can make your journey memorable and flavourful. This not only adds a layer of excitement to your journey but also you will get to explore tasty food experiences without any inconvenience.




Steps to a Flavorful Journey


Choose Your Meal: Explore the available options on online food ordering platforms and choose a cuisine according to your taste preferences.


Select Your Restaurant: Choose restaurants that are well-known and with positive reviews and ratings. This way, you can be sure you’ll have a delicious meal and a good time.


Customize Your Order: You can usually customize your order according to the requirement and taste preferences. Just tell them what you want that is tailored to your taste, and they’ll make your meal just how you want it.


Choose Your Journey Date and Time: Specify the date and time of your train journey to ensure your meal is delivered fresh and hot.


Place Your Order: Complete the process by placing your order and making the payment through UPI, COD. Be sure to double-check your details and delivery time.



Explore the Joy of Delicious Treats and Scenic Beauty


Picture yourself on a train, passing by beautiful sights and charming towns. But here’s something special for you when you are traveling and enjoy the outside scenery, your taste buds will get the delicious cuisine on train. Each bite you take adds to the adventure, also making sure that traveling is more than just reaching your destination, it’s about enjoying every moment, and relishing the food.


So, why not make your train journey more exciting with some delicious food?


You can enjoy the taste of diverse cuisine with fresh Veg Thali, South Indian, Spicy Chinese, Flavourful Biryani, Combo, Sweets. Also, it’s an opportunity to relish the tasty food on the train by RailRestro.


Just go online, order some tasty meals, relax, and let the flavors take you on a culinary adventure. Because let’s be honest, a truly unforgettable train ride is about savoring every delicious moment of the trip itself, not just the end point.





The Convenience Factor


One of the primary advantages and convenience of Train food order is that you can choose our meal according to your preferences. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about limited food choices on trains or being skeptical about meals during your journey. Just take out your mobile, browse through different restaurant menus, pick your favorites, and place your order. Your chosen dishes will be delivered straight to your train compartment when it stops at a designated station. This will treat you to enjoy your journey without sacrificing good food.




Creating Unforgettable Experiences


Ordering Food on Train during your journeys isn’t just about eating, it’s about making your trip exciting. Imagine being on a train and surprising everyone with yummy, delicious meals instead of boring snacks. You might even share with new friends you’ve met on the journey. Sharing meals brings people closer and makes the train ride feel like a fun food adventure.


In today’s world where everything is run through technology, our travel experience changes constantly. With the ease of ordering food online, train travel becomes more than just a trip from one place to another. It becomes an opportunity to try different and local cuisine that will enhance the journey. So, next time you hop on a train, why not treat yourself to some tasty bites ordered right from your phone. It’s a simple way to add a bit of deliciousness to your travel experience. Relish every bite of your meal and have a memorable journey.


Instructions for utilizing the RailRestro Website/App to save on Food Orders:


1-Commence by downloading the RailRestro app from either the Google Play Store or the IOS App Store and logging in.

2- Input your PNR number and browse through the available food choices at each station, conveniently presented on the interface.

3-Select the items you desire, and they will be promptly added to your cart.

4-Once you’re satisfied with your selections, proceed to the cart, where you’ll find the total bill amount, along with a field to enter any applicable coupon codes. These codes will be automatically applied upon entry.

5- You can then opt to make an online payment or choose Cash on Delivery (COD) as your payment method.

6- You can also visit the website ( and follow the above mentioned steps to order the food on train.


FAQs related to Place Online Food Order and Indulge in a Delicious Train Ride


Q. Can I place an online food order for a train ride?
Ans: Yes, many railway services offer online food ordering options where you can pre-select your meal preferences and have them delivered to your seat during the journey.


Q. How do I place an online food order for a train ride?

Typically, you can place your order through the railway service’s official website or mobile app. You’ll need to provide details such as your train number, seat/berth number, and preferred meal options.


Q. What kind of meals can I order for a train ride?

The available meal options may vary depending on the railway service and the duration of the journey. However, you can expect a variety of choices ranging from snacks and sandwiches to full meals, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.


Q. Is it possible to customize my food order for a train ride?
Some railway services may offer customization options where you can specify dietary preferences or special requests. However, this may vary depending on the service provider.


Q. How far in advance should I place my food order for a train ride?

It’s advisable to place your food order at least a few hours before the scheduled departure time of your train to ensure timely delivery during the journey.


Q. Can I cancel or modify my food order for a train ride?
Policies regarding cancellation or modification of food orders may vary among railway services. It’s recommended to check the terms and conditions provided by the service provider or contact customer support for assistance. RailRestro provides you to modify your food during your train journey.


Q. What payment methods are accepted for online food orders on trains?
Most railway services accept online payments through credit/debit cards, net banking, or digital wallets for food orders placed online. Cash on delivery options are also available.


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