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Guru Nanak Dev was the founder of Sikh religion. His birthday is celebrated worldwide as a festival popularly known as Guru Parab or Guru Nanak Prakash Utsav. He was the only deity, who made us believe that religion is not only about following rituals and idolatry but is a way of extending virtue, brotherhood, love, humanity and mankind to all over the world.

“Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh”

Prakash Utsav is the celebration time for the Sikh community falling in the month of November during kartik poornima. The dates do differ from year to year but the zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate the festival is never ending. Prakash utsav celebration is similar to all other GuruParb; the only difference is the enchanting of hymns. The celebration commences with procession of the devotees which starts from the Gurudwara and proceed to the localities with chanting of religious hymns of Guru Granth Sahib (religious book of Sikh community) followed by the famous “Gatka”. Gurudwara offers a special community lunch called LANGAR which is free for everyone irrespective of cast and creed. The intense passion in the Sikhs for the SEVA (offering) and LANGAR (free meal) can be seen all over the Punjab district and other states of India.

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The Prakash Utsav is lavishly celebrated at Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib with extreme passion and devotion. It’s the festival to rejoice the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj who was born here and the place is among one of the five takhts (Panj Takht) of Sikhism. The mesmerizing lights and decoration all around Patna city signifies the energy, enthusiasm and the strong connection of the Sikh community towards the almighty Guru Nanak Dev. The Gurudwara campus at Patna city is specially renovated and well equipped with all the amenities for thousands of devotees who will visit this sacred place to offer their prayer to the almighty and SEVA to the visitors all around.

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On this auspicious occasion, the Punjabi community from all around India plan their journey to Patna City. The journey is programmed in a group with a special written application to Indian railways for booking of a whole coach in the train of that prospective route on which they are traveling. The journey is accompanied with merry making, kirtans and lots of Punjabi delicacies like aaloo paratha, Gobi paratha, Pav bhaji chana masala, daal makhni and one of the most delicious sarso ka saag with makki di roti. Earlier, the community traveling in train used to carry their stoves and all other required kitchen accessories to cook their food in train and enjoyed the journey without any hassles, but later the Indian Railways issued a notice on the ban of carrying explosive materials in the train which lead the Sikh community carry their food for the entire journey. At this moment, thanks to the e-catering companies who have shed the load of carrying food during the journey. There are seven famous dishes of Punjab which can be easily ordered in train to avoid that extra baggage of food items which every family carries on their journey. Now order them through RailRestro.com or just dial 8102-888-111 to place your group order 30 minutes before the arrival of train and you will get the hot and fresh Punjabi food delivered at your seat.

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Few famous dishes from Punjabi kitchen now easily available in train:

Sarso Ka Saag with Makki di Roti: The leafy vegetables are all time favorites of the Punjabis, making it one of the important components of their meal. This famous dish is made from sarso ka saag which is boiled and cooked to puree perfection, accompanied by makki ki roti, a special chappati made of corn meal. This delicacy is now available on every station and can be ordered easily in train. Just call 8102-888-111 or visit the website for a discount upto 25%.

Amritsari Naan and Kulche: Made with special dough of Maida, salt, yeast and baked in tandoor, the city of Amritsar is famous for its naan and kulcha. The varieties include stuffed kuchas like aaloo kulcha, gobi kulcha, sweet kulcha, dry fruit kulcha best served with choley. To order Amritsari kulcha in train call us at 8102-888-111 or visit railrestro.com for exciting discount offers on your order

Chana Masala: Chick peas are widely available in every corners of India and Punjabis are the specialist in using this unique ingredient for making choley or chana masala. It is also the dish of celebrations. Order it from RailRestro or call us @ 8102-888-111 to book your order instantly.

Aaloo Paratha: The Punjabis prepare Aaloo paratha which is stuffed with spicy mashed potato filling cooked in butter. It tastes best with mango pickle, salad and sweet dahi. To order butter aaloo paratha call us @ 8102-888-111.

Palak Paneer: When cottage cheese is cooked with palak puree and cream, it turns into one of the finest recipes of Punjab called palak paneer. The dish is now one of the famous dishes cooked in every household and on every festive occasion. To order palak paneer in train call us at 8102-888-111 and enjoy the hot curry with naan or kulcha.

Punjabi Kadhi: Best combined with hot steamed rice the Punjabi kadhi pakoda is one of the specials in Punjabi cuisines. A final touch of fresh fenugreek leaves lifts the recipe to another level. Order hot and fresh Punjabi kadhi in train from Rail Restro or call 8102-888-111 to enjoy it on your seat.

Special Veg Punjabi Thali: Want to have all the Punjabi delicacies in a single plate? Order special Veg Punjabi Thali which has palak paneer, choley, daal tadka Plain/Jeera rice/Veg Pulao, Naan/Kulcha/ Tandoori Roti, Gulab Jamun, salad,and mango pickle. Order Veg Punjabi Thali in train and get it delivered right at your seat.

So whether you are traveling from Ludhiana or Patiala, Amritsar or Bhatinda Ambala or Chandigarh, the holy place of Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib welcomes you for the grand celebration of Prakash Utsav. Enjoy the celebrations with best food experience from RailRestro.

“Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh”


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