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The movement of people has started from special AC trains across the country. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has also announced that 200 regular trains will begin services from June 1. Railways have made it clear at the time of ticket booking of the IRCTC special trains that the travellers have read the protocol of the destination state. Railways have made arrangements for online tickets and now a new rule has been added to it. The ticket will be booked only if you agree you will follow the rules of the state you are travelling to after landing in that state. This type of pop-up will appear at the time of ticket booking and if you cancel it, the ticket will not be booked. However, after reaching the home state, travellers from many states have to stay in Quarantine. The central government has given the responsibility to the states to decide the protocol on quarantine. Learn all details about the quarantine protocols of different states of India.

What Are the Rules Regarding Quarantine in the States of India?

Quarantine has been made mandatory for passengers arriving in India via airlines. Earlier, travellers coming from some identified countries had to stay in quarantine but now the Delhi government has said that quarantine will be mandatory for travellers coming from any country. After the health check-up, it will be decided what kind of quarantine centre a passenger will be sent to. Similarly, in the fourth phase of lockdown, states have to decide what rules will be followed regarding quarantine if they travel from one state to another. According to the guideline of the centre, 14 days of quarantine has been advised and most states are following the same, yet certain differences are being observed in most states.

Now, you need to know that if you travel from one state to another, then you have to be aware of the essential rules of quarantine.
Here are the full details of the quarantine rules being followed by 10 different states:

Karnataka Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers
According to the rules of the Bangalore Municipality, if you reach here by any means, you will have to go through a health screening. After screening, it will be decided whether you have any Covid-19 related symptoms or not. If you are found having some of the symptoms, then you will be sent to a COVID Healthcare Centre i.e. DCHC. If you do not have any symptoms, i.e. you are asymptomatic then you may be sent to institutional quarantines in COVID care centres or paid quarantines in hotels or government quarantines in schools and welfare pavilions. This will be according to availability. If you go to a paid quarantine, then it is possible to have an expense of at least Rs 750 per day which could go on to Rs 5000 per day.

Tamil Nadu Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

If you reach Tamil Nadu from another state, then the Covid-19 test will be compulsory. Coming from the hotspots of Coronavirus infected areas like Delhi, Gujarat, or Maharashtra you will inevitably have to go to an institutional quarantine. After seven days your test will be done and even if there are no symptoms, you will still have to be quarantined at home for the next 7 days. If you do not have this facility then you will be sent to a government quarantine centre. If you arrive from non-hotspot states, you will be sent to the home quarantine in case you do not show any symptoms. If this facility is not available, you can opt for institutional quarantine for 14 days.

Bihar Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

Passengers arriving in Bihar by special AC trains will be allowed to go home after the full screening, but they will be essentially asked to follow home quarantine for 14 days. Patna’s DM, Kumar Ravi has said that after the thermal screening of all the passengers coming from the special train, the home quarantine mark will be stamped on his hand and then they will be allowed to go out of the station with instructions. For these passengers, the railway e-ticket will work as a pass. This pass will be valid for 12 hours. The same arrangement will also be available for passengers going out of Patna.

Delhi Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

Regarding passengers arriving in Delhi from other states by trains, it has been written in the Delhi government’s circular that people who do not have symptoms of Covid-19 do not have to be quarantined. According to the circular, people who show slight symptoms can be quarantined at home. There are instructions to follow standard protocols regarding samples, tests and quarantines if clear symptoms of corona infection are seen. A 14-day monitored quarantine will be mandatory in this situation.

Uttar Pradesh Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

There is a provision for Shramik special trains as well as Special Passenger trains that if someone shows signs of coronavirus during the thermal screening, they are to be sent into quarantine. Those who do not have the symptoms are to be sent home by instructing them to stay in home quarantine.

Rajasthan Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

CM Ashok Gehlot of Rajasthan gave clear instructions during a review meeting with top officials that 14-day quarantine should not be compulsory for people moving from one district to another in the state. But on coming to Rajasthan from other states, there will be a 14-day quarantine. After the health check-up, it will be decided how to quarantine. At the same time, instructions were also given to send migrants from other states to their state and bring migrants of Rajasthan to the state.

Madhya Pradesh Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

It has been instructed in Madhya Pradesh that the passengers who have signs of infection will be sent to the Quarantine Centre. If a corona suspect does not want to go to the government quarantine, he will be required to stay for 14 days in the identified hotels, whose cost he will have to bear. Upon completion of the quarantine, his sample will be sent for investigation and he will be allowed to go home if the test result is negative.

Assam Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

The Assam government has decided that it will be compulsory for all passengers arriving by special AC trains to stay in Quarantine for 14 days. During this period, only those people who show any symptoms of COVID-19 will be needed to undergo the test.

Jharkhand Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

Government of Jharkhand has decided to keep the passengers coming from the red zone in quarantine. While the passengers coming from the orange and green zone will be sent to home quarantine after the thermal screening. For quarantine, the state government has also made arrangements with some hotels and guest houses, which cost will have to be borne by the person quarantined there. However, only people from Ranchi will be quarantined in the capital Ranchi, others will be sent to the quarantine centre of their cities.

Kerala Quarantine Rules for Special Train Passengers

If you are reaching Kerala from any other state, then 14 days quarantine will be mandatory for you if you do not have symptoms of Covid-19 but it can also be a home quarantine. For travellers who do have symptoms, they need to be sent to Covid-19 hospitals for quarantine for at least 14 days. After this, further action step will be decided upon the test results.

What Are the Quarantine Rules in Other States?

Concerning quarantine, the central government has instructed that following 14 days quarantine should be mandatory. States are free to make their own decisions to place people in a monitored institutional or government centre and to have a home quarantine if symptoms do not occur. Several states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand are following the Centre’s instructions in this regard, while the home quarantine time in Odisha has been increased from 14 days to 28 days. This rule has been implemented for travellers coming from abroad, urban areas of other states or Odisha itself.

Apart from this, there are instructions for strict quarantine rules in Punjab. At the same time, there are reports of giving priority to home quarantine in Gujarat. On the other hand, there are reports of a ban on the entry of travellers from Gujarat to Karnataka. However, some states are filing cases against people for disobeying the quarantine rules. The latest news is that the central government has abolished the 14-day quarantine requirement for health workers on Covid-19 duty. Delhi and Karnataka have also implemented this.

Recently, Indian Railways started special passenger trains between some cities. One particular incident was in the headlines – Passengers of the train from Delhi to Bangalore were compulsorily asked to go to paid quarantine centres. In such a situation, more than 50 passengers protested that they were not told these rules in advance and after a lot of protests, 15 passengers were not allowed to stay in Bangalore and were returned to Delhi by adding a coach to the returning train.

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