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Travel plans are sometimes planned and mostly random when it relates to commuting for a sudden call. Everyone must have traveled with dad right from their childhood for some excursion trip during vacations or for some academic concerns during their teens. We all have seen, how swiftly ones dad always managed everything for the journey from ticketing to food in trains, to your small demands you would have made during the journey. He was very prompt even in those days when technology had a very little part to play in your travel plans and all one could do was to keep patience until everyone has boarded the train.

Cometh the New Travel Era of Train Traveling
With a lot of advancements in the field of tech and data, the train travel has entered into completely different era where one can actually predict, if one is going to get a confirmed seat for up-coming travel plans. Also, hassle causing concerns such as queries like, Which platform will the train come on?, How to Get Live train Status Updates?, How to check if your tickets are confirmed or not?, How much food you need to carry for longer train journeys? and the list goes on and on…

Thanks to the ease of information access which have been made available by few great minds who have build intuitive applications which offer and easy interface to get all the info you need. The information provided are pretty accurate and are data driven, which includes:

  • PNR confirmation Predictions.
  • Train Seat Availability Checks.
  • Live Train Running Status Updates.
  • Online Food Booking in Trains for journeys exceeding 4 hours of travel time and for group order concerns.
  • Train Alarm- Which would help you to wake up in case your destination station comes in early hours of the day.

But, we are pretty sure, our dad is not concerned as he hates sticking to these digital devices and advises everyone at home too for the same.

Tips to Comfort Train Travel Plans

Here’re Quick tips one how one can add the extra comfort to your dad’s travel plans and show your love and concern for the person who took endless trip for your betterment:

  • Discuss Travel Plans and his itinerary in Advance: Make it a habit to go on a evening roll everyday and discuss things which you both care about. You will surely get to know, when your dad is planning a travel. Knowing it beforehand can help you in getting better travel deals and also confirmed ticket choices.
  • Check for Seat Availability in Advance: Once you are aware about any of his plans, one can be pro-active and check for the availabilities in terms of tickets, hotels and best options for these.
  • Book Tickets and Opt for Lower Berth: You can book tickets 120 days in advance via Railconnect app or through IRCTC official website. Other third party websites also offer ticket booking facilities and offer cashback if you use their wallets etc. Although, seat allotment is something on which Indian Railway is still working to improve, but keeping a preferred berth is easier if one books tickets pro-actively. In case you are not able to get a confirmed status, these websites show the confirmation probability which makes it easier to make decision at the time of booking tickets.
  • Order Meals in Train Online: One can carry single meals, but in case the journey is longer or maybe it’s a group journey plan, you don’t have to worry about food concerns. This is most comforting as your father wont have to get off the train for food concerns and also the food is delivered straight to his berth. Thanks to the e-catering division and official e-catering partners who offer better and hygienic meal options in train journey. In case your dad is a diabetic patient, it’s very vital to take care of his meal timings even during train journey. Once you place the food order for him, you can also track food order status at your end in order to assure delivery of meals. With wider food options, you can surprise him with his favorite Gulab Jamun or maybe “Mathura ke Pede” etc.

  • Arrange for His Travel Essentials: These would include the regular medicines in his day to day schedule and other things which he might miss during his last hour packaging. Make proper arrangement for his glasses, maybe a travel cover for the same would be a better option. Travel Pillows, paper soaps, combs etc. are few one can easily arrange.

  • Book Cabs for his Destination: Once you have the info about what time his train would be reaching to his destination station, you can book cabs online for his commute to the hotel or guest house in which you have made his booking for. Few of these hotels also offer Valet services and also offer special welcome packages. Make sure you check these things out beforehand.

We all know that our efforts aren’t enough for the sacrifices our father has made to make us stand where we exist, and it’s so little we can do in our lifetime. But, comforting them in nitty-gritty things is the best way one can celebrate the warmth of this relationship. Make this and all the coming Father’s Day and years memorable with little things you can do.

Happy Father’s Day!!

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