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It’s said that every journey begins with a small step and with every step one moves more n more closer to success. It was in mid september 2015, our humble founder Manish Kumar and his better half Suman Priya, set sail their entrepreneurial journey and laid the foundation stone of RailRestro- an e-catering service venture under the parent firm Yescom India Softech Pvt. Ltd. It has been 3 years since the time of inception and a lot of hard work undergone that RailRestro completed 3 years of service in the current business vertical.

On this occasion, talking about the hardships, Manish Chandra says:

the road of every startup is very tough as one needs to look after aspect of business, be it man-power or managing operations. One has to compete with all the pre-existing brand names. There was a time when we used to have a very small team and use to work on every touch point to get the meal delivered to the customer. We really thank our customers for bestowing their trust on our whole new venture at that time. Now the company has grown up to a huge scale and we aspire to rule the e-catering sector.

Roadmap Ahead

If one has a plan, he would definitely succeed one day. Talking about the roadmap ahead, Suman says:

We are covering every city in the Indian Railways map and we strive to achieve 100% of the acreage of Indian Railway stations in order to serve in much better manner. Now that we have a good team and we are scaling at faster pace, we would surely reach the pinnacle of success one day. Our prime motto is to solve the prevailing food ecosystem of train travelers.

The roads are narrow and steep, but a determined team can definitely pave the path of success. We thank all our business partners, food outlets & our team members working day and night for helping us achieve this success. We hope to keep working with the same zeal ahead too.

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

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Author: Amit Roy

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