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Mughalsarai Junction is one of the primary stations of Uttar Pradesh. It is located around 16 km southeast of Varanasi. The city has a historic value as the name itself signifies the meaning. The word “Mughal” means the Muslim communities of the past and Sarai means “establishment”. The station enjoys many privileges and is operated under east central railway division of Indian railways. Some of the prime factors of this station are:

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1. Mughalsarai Railway Station is the Fourth Busiest Station in India:
Mughalsarai station is considered to be one of the fourth busiest railway stations of India. After Mumbai, Howdah, and Lucknow, Mughalsarai is one of the stations in Uttar Pradesh having eight platforms which are crowded 24*7.

2. 125 Trains Cross Everyday: On a daily basis, there are 125 passenger trains which cross the station. It includes all the major trains running to Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Mathura, Haridwar, Varanasi and others. These trains halt for a minimum of twenty minutes for maintenance and changing of engines.

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3. Largest Railway Marshaling Yard in Asia: Mugalsarai has the largest railway marshalling yard in the entire Asia.

4. Delivers Tasty and Fresh Food in Train: The city has ample of best restaurants to serve the food lovers. The variety of cuisines offered here includes vegetarian, non-vegetarian and special Jain food. If you need fresh prepared food in train of your choice to complement your journey, then just call 8102-888-111 at least 60 minutes before your train reaches to Mughalsarai.
What RailRestro offers you at Mughalsarai?
When the hunger pangs disturb you at mughalsarai then RailRestro has unlimited dishes, platters, and combos to serve in the train from one of our e-catering partner restaurants.

Our Partner: GenX Plaza Hotel
GenX Plaza is a three-star hotel and one of our partners providing fresh food in train for the railway passengers of high-quality standards. It has a chain of hotels in other cities like Bhavnagar, Vadodara, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Haldwani. It offers luxury facilities to the tourists who visit the holy city of Varanasi and caters the need of foreign tourists with corporate meetings, conferences as their specialty.

Menu by GenX Plaza Served in Train for Railway Passengers.


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Visit our website @ to order these platters and combos and enjoy your journey. You may call us to order food in train at 8102888111.



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