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“Be the Change you want to see in the world”, a truly inspirational thought adopted by our “Father of Nation”, Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was the backbone of Indian Independence. The soul who believed in the concept of “simple living high thinking” attained divine greatness and shook the world by his intellectual thinking. He always dreamt of a “free India, safe India” and so he fulfilled it. He had a great contribution in making India free from the rule of Britishers, and as a result, today we’re breathing in the air of freedom. Apart from the freedom struggle, Gandhiji’s life was also devoted towards cleanliness. The old body with strong willpower was a torch bearer of cleanliness and contributed a significant part of his life to make a clean India. Gandhiji’s dream of “Clean India” is still alive with a popular campaign “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. This was an honor to Gandhiji given by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on his birthday on 2nd October, 2014. Indian Railways, being the utmost part of the transportation,also upgraded the idea with the campaign of “Swachh Bhartiya Rail”. The idea was initiated to venerate Gandhiji on his birth anniversary to be celebrated on 2nd October, 2019.

In India, Railways is a lifeline to travel, so keeping the Indian Railways clean is a nation’s pride. Indian Railways has upgraded itself with the best facilities that need to be maintained properly. From online ticket booking to ordering food in train, every facility is hosted online for passengers’ convenience. At present, Indian Railways is dedicating its services on maintenance of railway infrastructure and system. With a nonstop schedule of 24 hours and 7 days, trains carry millions of passengers on a daily basis. It becomes our prime responsibility to respect our Indian treasure, Railway. Indian Railways campaigning “Swachh Bhartiya Rail” is proving at its best by adopting certain appreciating initiatives.

  1. Introduced new departments to keep trains and stations clean
  2. Housekeeping management
  3. Separate dustbins for wet and dry wastes
  4. Provide dustbin in Non-AC coaches
  5. Eat Hygienic for Healthy Journey

Introduced new Departments to Keep Stations and Trains clean
Indian Railways has introduced a new department to maintain the cleanliness of station and trains. There’s a separate wing for sanitation in railways and there’s a concerned department to clean the station premises and trains. They can be seen at the station area with a mop and groom. There are several advanced equipment and machines to clean the station area and train compartments. They can also be called on passengers request to clean the coaches. They’re completely aware and dedicated towards their duty.

House Keeping Management:
Gandhiji believed that “Sanitation is more important than freedom”, it is the way towards a healthy life. Indian Railways has a dedicated housekeeping management on contract basis to keep this Indian heritage clean. They’re responsible to clean the stations, trains’ coaches and tracks. They also clean the train’s toilet within an interval to maintain hygiene level inside the coaches. During journey, the sanitation should be maintained properly to protect passengers’ from infection. Bio-toilets are used in trains to maintain the sanitation and hygiene.

Separate Dustbins for Wet and Dry Wastes:
The innovation of using separate dustbins is trending in the campaigning of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. Different dustbins are used for different garbage. For wet garbage, there is the “Green Garbage” box and for the dry waste, there is “blue garbage box”. There is a major reason behind using the separate garbage boxes. The wastes thrown in blue box is used for recycling process, which is really appreciating to reuse in a modified way. It helps to enhance the productivity with low cost.

Dustbins in Non-AC Coaches
While travelling via train, we generally realize the cleanliness in AC Coaches only. The Non-AC coaches and general coaches are not maintained properly. But with the initiative towards clean railway, now cleanliness in every coach is maintained with great care. Proper dustbins are kept to dispose waste. Passengers are also informed to keep the coaches clean as it is not only the responsibility of Railways but also a prime responsibility of travelers’ too. They are requested to use the dustbins and to flush the toilets properly.

Eat Hygienic for Healthy Journey
Food is the best travel partner to make the journey delicious and enjoying. People love to experiment with food during their train journey. Bapu always believed in “eat healthy, live healthy”. Indian Railways respect the Gandhiji’s words in its cleanliness campaign. It is suggested by the Indian Railways to eat fresh and to provide healthy food to the passengers; IRCTC has partnered with private food delivery giants for food delivery in trains right to the seats of passengers. RailRestro is one of the leading e-catering partners that support the Bapu’s words with honesty. It offers variety of food in train with a great taste.

The major step of cleanliness campaign by Indian Railways has given an appreciating result which is a tribute to Gandhi on his birth anniversary. There’re numerous stations and trains that have been awarded for the cleanliness. Now, it seems the dreams of clean India will be fulfilled soon.

RailRestro honors Gandhi’s words of cleanliness and assures the travelers to provide hygienic and quality food for train journey.

Swachh Rail, Swachh Bhojan, Swachh Yatra!

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Author: Rohit Choubey

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