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Paneer is Indian cottage cheese made with curdling milk. Whether it is a globetrotter or a food lover, Indian families prefer Paneer over chicken when given a choice on the menu. Paneer tastes good and it is also a rich source of protein. So, Paneer dishes are accepted and celebrated on every occasion. 


Paneer can be used to make a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes. On a long train journey, these can help to satisfy your hunger and ease tiredness and relax the muscle.


Here are 15 Paneer recipes to drool over, which are not just tasty but also satisfying. 



1.  Paneer Paratha


Having a paneer paratha with a cup of tea sounds like an excellent start to your day. Paneer paratha is meant to be served both for lunch and dinner. Freshly chopped chillies and red chillies give it its unique flavour. Despite being the most common dish, it is an ideal food for those looking to lose weight. This recipe calls for grated Paneer, garlic, green chillies, and other ingredients.



2.  Kaju Paneer Masala


No matter the occasion, Cashew Paneer Masala is one of the most famous royal meals. Even though the dish has been referred to in various ways by different people, some call it Kaju Paneer in the Dhaba style. Others call it Shahi Paneer Masala. So what are you waiting for? You can order this dish and get it delivered to your train seat so, you can enjoy this luscious, stuffed paneer dish with cashew nuts that will make your mouth water.



3.  Paneer Pulao


If you’re tired of eating plain rice, Paneer Pulao is the only option for vegans and non-vegans. It becomes an excellent combination when eaten with chilli or Manchurian paneer. This meal is both delicious and healthful. So, next weekend, indulge in a platter of Pulao filled with chunked paneer cubes and peas.



4.  Paneer Pizza


Along with traditional fast food, Italian fast food, such as Paneer Pizza, has grown in popularity. It is a Paneer-based pizza made up by combining Italian and Indian ingredients. The various tastes and toppings of this recipe are so unique that you will avoid buying samosas and bread cutlets on the train. So, if you are on a journey and your appetite is craving cheese, there is no need to wait until you arrive at your destination; order Paneer pizza on the train and enjoy your train ride.



5.  Shahi Paneer Korma


If you are tired of traditional recipes, try this creamy Paneer Korma that will soothe your choosy soul. Shahi Paneer Korma is a delightful curry, a basic and easy-to-make recipe. It is served with thick creamy gravy comprised of whole and ground spices and almonds. This Shahi Korma complements Naan or Butter Roti nicely.



6.  Ajwain Paneer Kofta


Ajwain Paneer (also known as vrat ka khana) is a flavorful and healthy dish. This dish is a fusion of flavours produced out of Singhara flour, a delicious sattvik ingredient. It is served with carom seeds, peppers, and a spicy tomato puree. So, if you want to eat something else besides falahaar (Vrat eatables) during your fast, try scrumptious Paneer Kofta, which is tasty and nutritious.



7.  Paneer Butter Masala


The credit for Paneer Butter Masala goes to Punjabis who first prepared this dish in 1950 at Moti Mahal in Delhi. Loaded with flavorful spices and aroma, this is one of the finest dishes that will test your temptation when served on your plate. The Paneer Butter Masala is a gourmet favourite. A creamy, sweet dessert prepared with cashew nuts tastes sour and buttery. Paneer Makhani is just another label for this dish. You can taste the delicacy while travelling to Punjab by ordering Paneer butter masala on the train at the Punjab railway station.



8.  Palak Paneer


When it comes to gaining strength like Popeye, Palak Paneer is the best food option. The cheesy recipe contains a wealth of proteins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fibre. The benefits of this healthy Paneer recipe include weight loss, muscle building, and improved eyesight. It contains a significant amount of fibre which regulates appetite. Therefore, Palak Paneer is beneficial for passengers who are losing weight and keeping track of their diet.



9.  Paneer 65


It’s not precisely 65 paneer cubes on a plate to fill you up with protein, but something tangy, tasty, and tempting made from Indian cottage cheese. Paneer 65 is traditionally prepared by deep-frying cubes of Paneer. The dish is also prepared by mixing non-veg ingredients. Chicken 65 and mushrooms 65 are some examples. So, if you’re looking for starters and light snacks, Paneer 65 is a better choice on the go.



10.  Achari Paneer


A prominent edible in every kitchen, Achari adds flavour to your dishes to make them even more delicious. It gives a delightful and sour taste when combined with the Paneer recipe. Achari Paneer is a tangy dish that will help in digestion so, you don’t need to stop eating your favourite dishes on train.



11.  Paneer Skewers


The idea of spicy Paneer, fried tomato, and tangy onion skewered together sounds delicious! Paneer skewers are also known as Paneer Tikka which is made up of spices, yoghurt and barbecued in a tandoor. These skewers are universally adored; thus, non-vegetarians don’t mind having the recipe on their plate.



12.  Paneer Pakoda


Bread cutlet was once the only option for train journey. However, you got a new option now. Paneer Pakoda is a fresh evening munchie to satisfy your hungry spirit. A fusion of Paneer and flavoured spices tastes best with chutney. Order this recipe on the move and enjoy the fresh air and delectable flavour from the comfort of your train seat.



13.  Paneer Bhurji 


Paneer Bhurji is a quick and simple meal to quench your cravings. Like those of other Paneer meals, the flavour is likely to give you an immediate boost. Cottage cheese is crumbled and cooked with spices and tomatoes. The recipe goes well with naan roti. So, whenever in doubt, reach for Paneer Bhurji on train, which is both tasty and healthy.



14.  Paneer Dosa


Paneer is now on the South Indian menu. How about eating the traditional Punjabi delight in a Classic South Indian makeover? Now Order a peppery and spicy Paneer Dosa from RailRestro to enjoy the fusion of North and South on the train. This dish will fill you with the mouth-watering flavour of Indian Cottage cheese and varieties of chutneys.



15.  Chilli Paneer 


Chilli Paneer is an Indo-Chinese appetizer that we enthusiastically welcome without prejudice. Onion, ginger, capsicum, and Paneer cubes are mixed and sautéed in garlic chilli sauce to drive you insane wherever you go. I’m sure you enjoyed the blog and couldn’t resist ordering something from the menu. 


How Healthy Is Paneer?


Paneer is a rich source of protein and also a hormone booster. After eating Paneer, the hormones like GLP-1, CCK, and PYY increase in the body which makes it a healthier food option. In addition, it contains fat, magnesium, and iron that play a crucial role in metabolism and maintenance. 


Is Paneer a Junk Food?


Not at all! Paneer is beneficial for your skin, muscles, and cartilage. Make sure to avoid eating too many fried paneer cubes. Unlike, Chinese dishes, Paneer cooked in Indian style won’t cause any harm to your body.


How Can You Order Paneer Dishes in Train?


Paneer is a great food for the long duration train journey. You can order Paneer recipes in train from RailRestro e-catering. Follow the steps mentioned below to order your favourite Paneer dish:


  • Download RailRestro App or go to its website.
  • Enter the PNR number in the box 
  • Select the Station where you want your Paneer recipe delivered in train.
  • Choose your favourite Paneer dish from the restaurant’s menu.
  • Select online payment or COD.
  • After successful placement of the order, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile number and registered email- Id.


Enjoy your train ride till your Paneer order arrives at your seat on the train. You may also track your food order online. Placing Bulk order for Paneer or any dish will also make you eligible for huge discounts and offers.


Enjoy Paneer on train and capture a smiley ride with us all over India.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar