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One of the fundamental facts about Bihar apart from its tourism is the delicacies which are spicy, flavorful and mouth-watering. If you are an avid traveler and want to explore the treasures of Bihar, then try these ten irresistible exotic dishes, which are deep rooted in the food culture of Bihar. Decide yourself as to which dish you will dig in first after reading the post.

1. Litti-Chokha: Think of Bihar and the first thought which passes your mind is the ghee dripping littis served with chokha. The filling of Litti is prepared with “Sattu” mixed with chopped onions, garlic, green chilies, mustard oil, salt, and lemon juice. It is further stuffed inside the dough and baked or deep fried till perfection. It is served with chokha which is a mixture of roasted eggplants, tomatoes and boiled potatoes. This famous dish is the glory of Bihar which is served throughout India. One of the religious facts about litti-chokha dates back to the era of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita who cooked the recipe to satiate their hunger during the fourteen years of their exile at Charitravan (now a part of Buxar). Buxar district in Bihar, celebrates and organizes “litti-chokha mela” where people from other regions of Bihar visit to taste this Godly cuisine. Want to taste the best Litti-Chokha in Patna? Visit Maurya Lok Complex or Boring Road crossing as your perfect destination. You can order hot baked littis in train. Just call 8102-888-111 before sixty minutes of your train arrival at Patna.

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2. Ghugni: It is prepared in almost every Bihari kitchen. It is one of the common recipes consumed as an evening snack and also served in a curry style which tastes best with hot fried puris. It is made with boiled grams or chickpeas with various spices added and served with a salsa made of finely chopped onions tomatoes and lemon juice. A must try for the foodies all around India as it is among one of the recipes which can be prepared in minutes to satisfy your immediate hunger.

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3. Naivedyam:
The Naivedyam ladoo is available at “Hanuman Mandir” located at Patna railway station. It finds its roots from Tirupati Balaji Temple. These round shaped ladoos are prepared with three major ingredients which are besan, ghee, and saffron. It is rich in dry fruits which gives the ladoo a tender crunch. This unique Prasad is easily available in the temple premises for Rs.180 per Kg. Do not forget to bag a kilo of ladoos for your relatives in your next visit to Patna. These soft Naivedyam ladoo melts in your mouth leaving a desire to have another piece instantly.

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4. Khaja: Khaja is a famous and scrumptious sweet from Bihar having wafery texture prepared with flour and sugar. The thin sheets of flour are greased with rich desi ghee and then molded in an oval shape. It is further fried till golden brown which is soaked in sugar syrup. This unique dessert is prepared all around Bihar and mostly used in wedding ceremonies. A wedding in Bihar is incomplete without this delicacy.

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5. Malpua: Malpua is considered as one of the star recipes cooked during festivals. The celebration of holi is incomplete in Bihar, if there’s no malpua fired in the kitchen. Preparing the batter of this recipie is an art. It is made with Maida, milk, sugar, ripe bananas, Khoa, dry fruits and condensed milk (optional).The batter needs a perfect balance of the ingredients with a balanced flame for cooking. The mixture is then fried in hot vegetable oil till golden brown and soaked in sugar syrup. Try this artistic and authentic dish of Bihar.

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6. Kadhi Badi: Kadhi badi is an everyday delight for Biharis. Gram flour (besan) and yoghurt are the two basic ingredients to prepare this delicious recipie. The kadhi is thick gravy made from besan and youghurt which is spiced up with tadka of mustard oil, cumin seeds, and dry red chilies. On the other hand, Badi is made from a thick paste of besan, turmeric, salt and water, which is deeply fried till cooked. The Badi is dipped in the spiced besan gravy and cooked further.

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7. Parwal ki Methai: Parwal is highly grown in Bihar and cooked in two forms. First is the curry form and the other is Parwal ki Methai (a sweet dish). The parwals are peeled with the inner pulp scooped out and cooked in sugar syrup for long till it absorbs the syrup. It is then filled with a mixture of khoa, and dry fruits. If you are in Bihar now, do not afford to miss the heavenly taste of parwal ki Mithai.

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8. Dal Puri: The love for Dal Puri is never-ending for the Biharis. You don’t need a special occasion or a reason to cook dal puri. The stuffing for the puri is made with boiled and mashed chana dal mixed with salt and spices. This is stuffed inside the dough made for puris. It is further fried till golden brown and best served with kheer (an Indian dessert). In Bihar, it is especially made on the occasion of RamaNavami and Dussehra.

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9. Thekua: This lip-smacking recipe is made with flour/rice flour, sugar/jaggery. It is a commonly prepared snack which is served during evening tea. However, it has a religious importance during Chatth festival celebrated in the month of November. It is a sacred sweet which is served as a Prasad to the chatt devotees.

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10: Pedakiya: This is another Bihari food served as one of the famous sweets specially cooked during the time of Teej festival. The tasty sweet is stuffed with a mixture of suji (semolina), Khoa, sugar, coconut and dry fruits. The mixture is stuffed in the dough prepared with Maida, vegetable oil and luke warm milk. This sweet savory is almost a treasure for Bihar which every food lover should taste while exploring Bihar.

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When are you planning your next trip to Bihar? Decide about which delicacy of Bihar you would like to taste first. You can order food in train from your food partner Railrestro either via website or on call at 8102888111.

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