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Scary stories, horrifying experiences, and places frequented by ghosts, are the contradistinction when compared with the soft and calm side of Rajasthan. Traditional beliefs, folklores have been passed from generations which support the logical presence of some evil forces and phantasm. Rajasthan is one of the spooky states of India where special circumstances after sunset restrict tourists and even locals to stay away from selected spots. Local residents after some unexpected encounter with ghosts had come up with different statements or stories which conspicuously stated “NO ENTRY AFTER SUNSET”. There are such mysterious places at Rajasthan where you can head with your friends and peers only during a shining natural daylight. After sunset these places become so scary that it can lead to uncontrollable palpitating heart beats, twitching nerves and trembling body with infinite fear and jittering.

The “Sand State of India” has few locations which will provide you a scary experience and at the same moment will arouse an interest to know about the ruins in detail. Goose bumps, cold creeps, and horripilation are some of the common reactions which appear on the body by knowing the stories behind these horrifying forts and buildings. There is an adventure involved in visiting such places with friends and peers. If you have decided to stopover at creepy and spooky spots, remember, you have only the day time to wander. There is a strict “NO ENTRY” instruction prescribed by the “Archaeological Survey of India” (ASI). Book your tickets and move to explore the mysterious forts and ruins of Rajasthan with your group. Yes! Your GROUP!

Rajasthani terrains during daytime might be like a “take it easy” case with friends, but the same situation doesn’t persist after sunset. Tourists who have tried to intrude these horrifying places by ignoring the specified instructions have never been spotted again. These abandoned and cursed places are not tour-friendly during night. It’s only the day time for the paranormal lovers/tourists to explore these locations with safety.

BHANGARH: Where Ghost Battle Exists
“Bhangarh Ka Qila” ranks first position in the list. It is one of the most haunted places of India. Decades back, the city was a beautiful and royal establishment, but turned into abandoned ruins after the tragic incident of a greedy oculist and Rani Ratnawati (Queen of the Fort). It is said that the occultist cursed the village and this royal palace transformed into ruins with his death. Since then, the city is deserted and no one dares to enter after sunset. As there is no population near the area, the locals claim that different sounds and activities have been noticed by them. As the sun sets, sound like that of an ongoing war, the dashing of swords, neighing of horses can be heard clearly. Paranormal investigators from all over the world have visited this place and through their scientific equipment, have recorded the apparition of the tantric, sound of bangles and a spirit crying for help. ASI has also restricted the entrance after sunset and before sunrise in the premises of Bhangarh Fort.

CHAND BAORI: Check your Footsteps
In a village of Rajasthan at Abhaneri, there’s a steep well which is said to be the world’s deepest well with staircases all around to enter in and out. It was constructed overnight by Jinn (a powerful force/spirit). This huge well is an attraction for the tourists but encompasses mysterious stories behind it. People who have stepped in the well, say that they have experience the presence of jinn. The amazing fact of the well is that, if any person uses a particular stream of stairs to enter the well can’t use the same pattern of stairs to come out of the well. Noisy and cracking voice of pigeons, owl and bats make this mysterious trip more petrifying for the people.

SUDHABAY: Where Exorcism is on Peak
Sudhabay is a small city located at Pushkar bypass in Rajasthan. Though, the place is not haunted, but the ‘Ghost Fair” held annually, is something beyond science and its concepts. People from all over the country suffering with paranormal issues, visit here to get relief from the evil possession of ghosts. People take bath in the holy well of Sudhabay to set their body free from evil souls. . It is believed that people get relieved from all the bad energy after taking bath in the sacred well.

Kuldhara: The Ruins of a Cursed Village
Kuldhara is an abandoned village in Rajasthan also popular with the name of “Ghost City”. Old broken roofless houses, silent streets, saddened environment, and negativity in the air are the signs to recognize this village. Everything here is horrifying enough to spook your nightmares. The village is a deserted piece of land with almost no vegetation and broken houses. The history behind to such a deadly place dates back to 1800s when the Diwan (Landlord) of the place wanted to marry a girl of the Paliwal Brahmin community living in the village. Everyone in the community denied and as a result the Diwan levied excess of tax on the locals. To safeguard their dignity and protect themselves the chief of the village along with other 84 villagers abandoned the place overnight. The Brahmin community cursed the place that no one could ever live or breed on this land. Paranormal investigators, through their inspection, have recorded painful voices of the villagers, sound of the Diwan, and footsteps of a child in the mud.

Brij Raj Bhawan: A Haunted Heritage Hotel
The place was once the residence of British Major Charles Burton. Major was killed in the house during the deadly sepoy Mutiny in 1857. The place has been converted into a heritage hotel named as Brij Raj Bhawan. The spirit of the Major is spotted at the corridors of the hotel. Security guards and workers have reported being scolded by an English voice instructing them not to sleep during the duty and avoid smoking. The guard even say that they are being slapped by the ghost of the Major for not performing their duty.

If you have a brave heart and courageous enough to enjoy the mysterious places to visit, then you must pack your bags this weekend and go on this trip with your friends. Enjoy your train ride with the royal taste of India by ordering food in train at stations en route.

Tips to Follow During your Visit:

  • Accompany a tour guide with you. Follow their instructions carefully. As they are the local residents, they know each and every intricacies of the area.
  • Read the ASI guidelines carefully before visiting any of these locations.
  • Vacate the spot after sunset. You never know when you can be in a danger or fall in an unmanageable situation.
  • If you are visiting such places for paranormal investigation or research, make sure you have every equipment and protection measures to overcome any unexpected events.
  • Do not disperse from the group. Stay together.
  • Seek for local help if you feel or anticipate any problem during the visit or after the visit.
  • Don’t be drunk: Avoid alcohol or smoking before and during the visit.
  • Follow the warning sign seriously: There might be sign boards or boards displaying the message like “NO ENTRY”, “DRIVE SLOWLY” “CAUTION” “DANGER- DO NOT ENTER”etc. Follow them religiously. Don’t be over excited.
  • Any group member suffering with blood pressure or minor heart issues must take proper measures and medicines. Carry them along with you.
  • Be careful and make sure you aren’t carrying home anything with you from such places. It can be dangerous for your life and enough to spoil your trip.

“Rajasthan is a place like moon. Shiny with darkness where even dead tell stories! These places are deserted but still convey a horrendous story they have gone through in the past. These places emit such energy which makes us anticipate that something is wrong. If these forces are instigated further, it can result in any unexpected circumstances difficult to overcome. Remember! There are some secrets, which do not permit themselves to reveal.

Image Credits: Pixabay,Thrillophilla,Theculturetrip,HolidayIQ,Haunted India

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