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“Athithi Devo Bhava”, the custom is followed in India from decades. The ritual of welcoming and hosting guests reflects the incredible culture of India. India is a perfect amalgam of values, tradition and beliefs that reveals its charm in every corner of the world. From the fragrance of religious fervor to the fancy and elegant modern life, India has everything that one can explore and adore. The charismatic beauty of India invites people across the globe with an emotion and feeling like “Kuchh din toh Bharat main bitaiye”. People from every country love to admire the fascination of Indian land once in their lifetime. Undoubtedly, flight is the only source that one can choose while coming to India from foreign countries. But post reaching India, if not travelled via train, trip to India is not worth.  Railway is one of the greatest heritages of India. Train journey is an emotion, an adventure and a memory to keep for lifetime. While visiting Indian corners, foreigners can delight their train journey with various food options by ordering online food in trainfrom RailRestro app.

Companion of healthy and tasty food, seeing beautiful scenery from train’s window and chitchatting with the people of different culture is the perfect blend of having a great journey and it is only offered by the Indian Railways. There are innumerable things to discover in India that the foreign travelers love to do. The time they land in India, they start their journey of exploring every bit of the country. They board trains to reach different tourist destination including Agra, Varanasi and many more. Since they are our guest, it is our primary concern to comfort them at our best. There are certain tips that will help the foreign travelers during their train journey.

Check the Train Schedule and Seat Availability to Book Tickets
Foreign travelers aren’t aware about the trains departing for the places they want to visit. They can check train schedule and seat availability online to book the tickets to reach their desired place. If not aware about the special foreign quota, it is advisable to them to avail the facility of foreign quota while booking the ticket. They can also book the tickets online from their respective country also via IRCTC ticket booking website/app which is a paid service for foreigners. They charge Rs.100 as a registration charge.

Take Care of Luggage and Baggage
While travelling to India, foreign travellers keep their personal expensive stuffs like camera to capture Indian diversity. There’re numerous belongings they keep with them. Place your luggage below the train seat and lock it with the chain. Always carry a locker chain while travelling via train and be vigilant.

Eat Healthy food and Avoid Food Offered by the co-passengers
India is also popular for its spicy and flavored food culture. The aroma of Indian cuisines attracts the tourists during their trip to India. But, it is strictly advisable to avoid the food from the unauthorized food vendors at station premises. Such foods are not healthy to consume as they aren’t prepared with hygiene and care. If you fall for the Indian delicacies, try to order it online in train and enjoy a healthy and safe journey. RailRestro is one of the leading brands for food delivery in train. Enjoy a healthy and safe journey with good taste of food. Another food related tip is to avoid consuming food offered by the fellow passengers. You do not have idea with what intention they’re travelling. They might add some toxic stuff in your food and make you unconscious. Be Aware! Your safety is in your hand.

Be Aware About the en route Stations
During train journey in India, foreign travelers are not aware of the stations falling en route. They’re also not aware of the timing to reach the destination. If they are travelling in night and do not have idea about which station they’re passing through. In such case, they might miss to deboard the train at their destination. Now there is no need to worry about the updates of stations and timings. They can be easily checked in the train live running status via RailRestro app and can be conscious about the en route stations, train delays and actual timing to reach the destination.

Always Carry Passport /visa for Verification Purposes
Before boarding the train, keep your passport in your bag because TTE will ask for it while checking tickets. It is an identity proof for the foreign guests during train journey in India. If they will not show it during ticket checking, they might not be allowed to continue the journey and they have to deboard the train. Penalty as per the railway extant rules will be levied on them.

If haven’t booked ticket earlier, check live station feature
There are many foreign tourists who do not book tickets in advance. They prefer to book seats in train post reaching to India. They can check the live station feature of RailRestro app to know about the trains in next 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. They choose the train accordingly and book the tickets to experience the wonderful train journey of India.

Indian Railway is a treat for the foreign tourists to explore the Indian terrain deeply. Sometime, tourists finds it difficult to board the train due to heavy rush. There are several premium luxurious trains like Maharaja Express, Tejas Express run by Indian Railways to comfort the foreign tourists. They can easily book the tickets in such dynamic trains from IRCTC app. Indian land always welcome tourists to feel its magical vibes.

Come India! Explore India! Feel India

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Author: Padmaja Mallik

Padmaja Mallik is a passionate traveler and a writer. She loves to explore different places of India and pen down her experience. Currently, she is a part of RailRestro working as a content writer.