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You can jumpstart the journey of your dream and may travel very light by enjoying the sceneries, snacks, tea/coffee available in the train, but traveling by train with baby may not be easy. Most importantly, you must prepare and pack baby items in advance, which will help to manage babies during the journey. Traveling with baby by Indian trains can become a challenge and make you exhausted. Like many parents, if you are travelling with your little ones in the train, then prepare yourself with some useful hacks and tips for making the journey as light as you travel individually on a trip.

Babies are a huge responsibility to care at home and the job becomes difficult when you travel in train. Limited space, baby food and sometimes unavailability of facilities like low-lighted lamps during night, medical help etc., makes it tough to go. RailRestro, shares seven baby-care hacks for the couples who travel with their babies and find it difficult to manage their journey.

  • Carry a Foldable Baby Cot: New-born babies sleep a lot. Carrying a foldable baby cot is useful in train as you can make your baby rest in a comfortable position. This Infant bed takes less space and relaxes you with the burden of carrying baby in the lap. You can use the cot to feed baby easily and fold it again whenever not in use.

  • Make one extra Baby Bag: Do not fit baby essentials into the luggage specially packed for you. Baby essentials should always be packed in a small separate bag. This bag would include, diapers, baby wipes, cream, soft blanket, soft towels, baby hairbrush, flat soft mattress to place on the cot, feeding bottle, sanitizer, baby milk Lactogen (depending on the age of the baby), thermos flask with warm water and all necessary clothing. Be prepared to stock these items in advance and carry them to make the journey comfy and cozy.

  • Emergency Medicines: Some parents cannot figure out why their baby cry during the journey. Most of us ignore or underestimate the fact that babies feel uncomfortable and start to cry with gastric pain after their food intake. Gastric issues are common during the night. Carry emergency medicines for the baby to avoid any illness like fever, colic, stuffy nose, burp, nausea etc.

  • Choose AC class for Your Journey: The most preferable coach for journeying in a train with babies are the AC coaches. AC coach would be a fine choice to travel with baby. Select a comfortable train via Indian Railways and choose 2AC to travel. The best part of second AC coach is that a night bulb with gloomy light is attached to the seat. This will help the baby to sleep well, as babies get uncomfortable and start to cry by seeing darkness all around. Crying baby in journey takes hell out of you. So, switch the night bulb to avoid.

  • Check the Delay Status of the Train: Reserved your tickets? Do check the delay status. If the train is delayed by hours, then stock up the extra essentials for the journey.

  • Couple of Toys with Enough Water: Carry a few small toys to entertain your baby in train. Try to book lower berth and let your baby play. Do protect your baby from any sharp edges of the berth, as the to and fro motion of the train can cause imbalance and injury. It’s easy to get dehydrated during journey. Feed your baby with enough water throughout the journey.

  • Food in Train: In the past, train journey with babies was next to something mountaineering at the Himalayas. Indian Railways were not equipped with proper food service facility especially that of a baby. IRCTC e-catering service has changed the scene today. RailRestro, figured out this concern and introduced the service of food delivery in train where one can easily order food in train and get it delivered fresh right at your seat. Now order baby food in train via RailRestro and stay calm. It will be delivered at any station you need.

Other important hacks to follow are:

  • Babies are ready to travel when they cross the third month. Try to avoid the journey when the baby is below 3 months of age. They are susceptible to any infections.
  • Do not let strangers touch or carry your baby.
  • Be careful when eating or drinking. Avoid unhygienic food sold at station premises.
  • Try to book tickets on a train having a direct route to the destination.
  • Follow the 40 days confinement period- The doctor suggests 40 days confinement period where the journey is strictly prohibited for baby’s health.
  • Take along your camera and capture the unlimited fun.

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