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If you are an avid traveler, you must also have a passion to make the most out of every travelling experience you had till date. A discussion with your fellow traveler may offer you new experiences which you might have missed to include in your itinerary. A food outlet could have been missed, if your cab driver wouldn’t have mentioned.

Making such memories while you set on for tour India via Indian railways is a great experience to have. Being a Food Junkie, you might be looking for destinations to do this season. Here are top 10 Indian destinations you should cruise to:

  • Kochi: “God’s Own Country” is not just beautiful but has a wide variety of food to offer as well – from the traditional thali served on a banana leaf (with various veggies, aviyal and rice) to snacks such as puttu, idiyappam and stew, not to mention beef fry and porota – you will find all this and more in Kochi. You can order food in train while travelling to Kochi.
  • Ahmedabad: Travelling to city of our Father of The Nation? Well you will find a wide variety of absolutely delicious fare in Ahmedabad – vada pav, daal vada, chole puri…Head to Manek Chowk or Khau Gali, where Jasuben’s Old Pizza is a legend. Order food in train at Ahmadabad junction.
  • Jaipur: The Pink City with its beautiful havelis and bustling markets is a treat for the senses. Jaipur’s most famous street offering is the hot and spicy pyaaz ki kachori, which is available at most mithai and namkeen shops. You can now order food now in train at Jaipur station.
  • Hyderabad: Biryani and Hyderabad have almost become synonymous. Other delicacies include the delectable haleem (especially during Ramzan), seekh kebabs and chaakna (a spicy stew). The paani puri in the Nizam city is also quite popular.
  • Amritsar: Be prepared to come back a few kilos heavier from Amritsar! From authentic dhaba fare (Kesar da Dhaba is the best) to Amritsari kulchas, from saatpuda to savoury moong dal laddoos, the city is a foodie’s delight. Make sure dad doesn’t miss the piping hot jalebis from Gurdas Ram or thick lassi with cream on top at Kesar. Order food at Amritsar while travelling in train.
  • Lucknow: Known for its traditional Awadhi fare, Lucknow is a great city to explore for cheap, street food. Tunde ke kebab made with minced lamb is an authentic delicacy as is the typical biryani from the city. Chai-samosa is another favourite, as are the sweet lassi, rabri and kulfi. Order food in train at Lucknow station.


  • Mumbai: You cannot visit Mumbai and not notice the ubiquitous vada pav. This spicy bread and potato fritter combination is the city’s staple snack-on-the-go. Make dad savour the pav bhaji with a generous dollop of butter. The chaat is also worth sampling, with the paani puri taking pride of place.
  • Kolkata: The Bengalis love for food is legendary. And Kolkata’s streets don’t disappoint – make dad relish the spicy jhaal muri and puchkas and then head to one of the sweet shops to cool his fiery tongue with rasgullas and sandesh. Other must-try items are the river fish (hilsa and bhetki) in mustard as well as any sweet made from nolen gur (date palm jaggery). Also, you can order many delicacies while ordering food in train at Howrah Junction.
  • Goa: The party capital of India has a wide variety when it comes to food since Goa is a major tourist hotspot. Pamper your taste buds with authentic fish curry and rice, Goan sausage and pao, vindaloo and sorpotel at several beach shacks as well as at popular restaurants such as Mum’s Kitchen and Martin’s Corner. Don’t forget to make him the taste lip smacking feni – a fermented drink made from cashew fruit.
  • Delhi: The capital city of India takes the top spot when it comes to being a foodie destination. Delhi wins hands down with its innumerable offerings in Chandni Chowk and Bengali Market. You will take immense delight in tasting the dahi bhalle, golgappe and papdi chaat, not to mention a visit to the Daulat ki Chaat outlet. And of course the numerous halwais dish up some amazing sweets such as gajar ka halwa and jalebi.

So which cities are you headed to pamper your appetite?  Check out Railrestro while ordering food in train and go on a delicious food safari!

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