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Train chart is a record of passengers who are about to travel in that train scheduled for their destination station. It holds the passengers’ seating status either confirm, waiting or RAC. It contains train number, name of passenger with age and gender, coach number and berth number. You can check your PNR status via RailRestro app, a verified e- catering partner of IRCTC. RailRestro allows passengers to check PNR status online, exact arrival and departure of train, train running status and ordering food online in train. If your PNR status shows “Chart prepared” and the above mentioned details, then your seats are finalized and you can board the train without any issues. For boarding a train, the final chart is prepared four hours before the departure of train from its origin station. But if the status displays “Chart is not prepared”, then there’re probabilities for waiting tickets to get confirmed. In case, your ticket is not confirmed, it is suggested to cancel your ticket and get refund. In case of online booked tickets, they’re cancelled automatically and refund amount is credited to the passenger’s bank account. You are not legally allowed to travel in waiting list. It’s necessary to check the train charting. It is displayed either on the green boards in the station premises just beside the entrance door of the train. So, if you’re next to travel by train, check the train chart before traveling and confirm your status.

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