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With the onset of winter season all around India, its time to plan for a special and adventurous trip which can rejuvenate your mood and refreshes you for a new beginning. After the exhaustive job timing of 9 to 6 per day, it’s the high time to start planning for a trip as the vacation season has commenced with lots of tourist packages hoarded all around the city and thousands of tourism advertisements popping on internet.
The Himalayas covered with snow, small wooden bridge, freezing weather; chill wind with the sound of water swishing and girgling in a valley nearby, and the people everywhere bundled up with woolen jackets, pashmina shawls or sweaters sipping their hot cup of tea or coffee, and some throwing snow balls on each other while others enjoying the toy train ride.

Yes!!! You guessed it right!! That’s the heaven on earth! It’s Darjeeling – 69 kilometers away from New Jalpaigudi station. So, if you are obsessed with the hill stations of India and its beauty, then it’s the right time to book a ticket and board the next train running to New Jalpaigudi and feel the heavenly Himalayan pleasures of West Bengal.

Packed an extra luggage for food items during the journey? Not needed!! RailRestro is on the way with you with you to provide the best food during your journey. No matter which route you are travelling from, RailRestro specializes for online food ordering in train and deliver the fresh food during the journey to lift up your mood and loves to see the smile with fresh food on your seat. Here are few specialties to order on the journey to New Jalpaigudi station.

Bread Combos:
Indian breads have varieties and are good to taste. Hot tandoor baked rotis, butter naan, Parathas, are now an inseparable part of Indian cuisines. New jalpaigudi is famous for the bread combos served with chicken bharta and mutton kassa. Taste these bengal delicacies now in train. To order variety of bread combos in train call us @ 8102-888-111 or visit our website for ordering online.

Rice and Biriyani Combos:
Biriyani is famous all around Asia. There are numerous varieties of biriyani influenced from Afghanistan and Pakistan. New jalpaigudi has instored something good for you in terms of rice combos like chicken butter masala and rice, egg curry combo served with steamed/fried rice, Chinese salad, and most the most traditional is the perfect home cooked vegetarian combo delight which includes rice, dal, bhujia, sabzi ,salad and pickle. To order these combos call 8102888111 or visit our website to order food online.

This delicious Tibetan delicacy is widely available in almost every local restaurant of New Jalpaigudi, Silliguri and Darjeeling. Served with spicy red chili chutney and hot tomato soup, it is one of the finest breakfasts of the localities in Darjeeling. To order hot and fresh veg, non-veg, momos and soup in train call us @ 8102-888-111.


Readily available in all the restaurants, Thupka is a noodle soup cooked with vegetables. Besides producing heat in the body, Thupka is very healthy recipe which provides sufficient nutrients to the body with immunity and strength. To order Thupka in train call us @ 8102-888-111.

Sael Roti and Phagshapa:
Good news for the pork lovers!! Christian communities love the recipes of pork preparation and Phagshapa is the well known recipe made with pork strips cooked with radish and dry chilies. It is best served with Sael roti which is made with a paste of rice and water, deep fried in hot oil. Get it served hot and fresh at your seat. Just call RailRestro @8102888111,  60 minutes before the arrival of your train.

Traditional Nepali Thali
Nepali cuisines can’t be ignored in such a chilled environment. The traditional vegetarian Thali includes saag (made of green leafy vegetables), Curry, Dal, Mix Veg, roti/sael roti, rice, pickle, Papad and salad. Not only the vegetarian thali has its taste dominance, the Non-Vegetarian Thali includes fresh fish curry chicken bharta, Roti, Rice, Dal, Papad, Pickle, and salad.  Is it not mouth watering? Get these platters of your choice delivered right at your seat. You are just a phone call away! Tring Tring!! Call 8102-888-111.

So next time when you plan a trip to refresh yourself and revitalize your mind body and soul, then get down at New Jalpaigudi station and begin your toy train journey to Darjeeling for endless adventures, fun, amusement and the most important,” Food”. Remember traveling is like flirting with life.

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