Love is the most favourite reason for the valentines to lose their sleep. Every year, 14th of February is a special day for the couples to express their love and intense feeling of deep affection towards each other. It’s the day to celebrate the love and connection between two hearts. Relationship traits like self-love, trust, honesty, communication and connection are the pillars to make any bond strongest forever.Loving someone in this world is something beyond any emotion as it’s the deepest interpersonal affection for each other. Every minute or seconds on Valentine’s Day (14th Feb) is a moment to cherish the tenderness and emotional values of a lovable relationship between two lovebirds.

Ways to Express Valentine Day
It’s an occasion which every lover waits for. The zeal to celebrate this auspicious day is visible in the market as every shop is decorated with valentine day theme gifts. The entire market is stuffed with red roses, gifts, cards and a mind-boggling decoration can be seen in the local bakeries where variety of cakes are prepared with valentine theme for sale. Well, lovers on this occasion spend their day through many ways like;

  1. A short trip to nearby hill stations: A short trip to an alluring and fascinating spots like Manali, Shimla, Leh, Khandala, Lonawala or Darjeeling can make this day special. If the journey is via train; you can enjoy hot and fresh food in train on your way to these special locations.
  2. By Exchanging Gifts: Valentine day themed gifts like red roses, chocolates personalized mugs, cushions, bouquet, wallet, purse, combo gifts (Cake, Teddy and Flowers) are available in market and online. Exchanging gifts on this occasion adds an extra vigor to the relationship.
  3. By Reserving tables at Restaurants: Great and tasty food makes this day awesome. Book a table and take your valentine to a foodie tour of exotic dishes and drinks.
  4. By a Candle light dinner (Romantic Date): Make this day the most romantic one. Many restaurants offer valentine day theme candle light dinner or do special customized arrangement of your choice. Remember your first date! It will always be the same.
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Train journey on Valentine Day:
Situation might differ for the valentine partners who are traveling in train. They can’t book a restaurant table or buy any gift by de-boarding at any station. That’s very sad! There can be many situation where you have to schedule a journey on this occasion which can’t be delayed or postponed. The news saddens your heart but journeying to the destination becomes mandatory. But the same journey can become special, if your love/valentine is with you on the trip. The boring trip can be turned into a most romantic one. The question pops “How”? What’s the key to unlock the celebration memories forever? The answer to the question is: “CAKES”. Yes! Now you can order variety of cakes and pastries in train to celebrate the occasion of love.

Cakes and Pastries:
Hardly, there would be anyone who can resist for a slice of pastry well topped with cream and cherries, or a cake of different flavours decorated with fruits and chocolates. Cakes, on the other hand, are the best way to express your love for anyone. It’s a dish of celebrations. Likewise, Valentine day is incomplete without a cake. Now, if you’re traveling via Indian Railways with your beloved and want to order cake in train, switch on your smart phone and visit RailRestro’s website or download our Android or IOS Mobile application to order cakes/food in train to enjoy the occasion. RailRestro has variety of cakes to order in train. They are;

  1. BLACK FOREST EXOTIC CAKE: Be assured that your loved one will definitely be impressed. Black forest cake will bring an expression of excitement and smile on your valentine’s face. After all, this is what you want.
  2. CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE CAKE: Chocolate is mostly preferred and loved as gift on Valentine’s Day. Pure chocolate and truffle (an exotic fruit) when blended together and added in the cake batter to bake to perfection, results in a big chocolate truffle cake, tasty enough to make your valentine happy.
  3. STRAWBERRY CRUSH CAKE: Red is the theme colour of valentine’s day and the strawberry cake supports this celebration. The cake is baked by mixing of strawberry crush in the batter. Further, it is also decorated with chopped strawberries and cream. Well, that tastes Yummm…
  4. EGGLESS PINEAPPLE CAKE: Is your valentine a vegetarian? Do not worry! The tangy taste of pineapple in a cake is an option available to order. Yes, and that’s eggless. You can order eggless pineapple cake in train to alleviate the festive moods.

Pastries are available too. You can order pastries like pineapple pastry, black forest pastry, vanilla pastry and butter scotch pastry. Price range Rs. 60 to Rs.75.

Pablo Picasso, a Spanish artist famous for his paintings has expressed his feeling through a beautiful quote i.e., “Love is the greatest refreshment in life”. According to him best and beautiful things can’t be seen and touched and so is the love- a never-ending beauty and an eternal bond between two lovers.


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