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Indian Railways has offered a great means of transportation across the country via trains. There is no other means of affordable transportation for long-distance journey rather than trains. There are so many trains connecting one corner of the country to another. These trains connect the peripheries of the country and in the same list, Vasco da Gama express is no less than a gift by Indian Railways to the passengers traveling directly from Patna to Goa. This long-distance train connects Patna (Capital City of Bihar) directly to the party capital of India. The train covers the distance from Patna to Goa taking almost 41 hours of journey timing. In spite of being a long distance journey train there’s no pantry car attached to it. Passengers needn’t worry about the food. Your favorite meal can be served on your berth/seat via e-catering services which serves you with varieties of food during the train journey.

About Patna Vasco da Gama Express
This train is the single direct train for the passengers travelling from Patna to Goa- “The City of Festivities”. Being the only single train from Patna to Goa, it is nevertheless a boon for the passengers heading to Goa. This train covers almost 2,229 kilometers taking an average time of 42 hours. This train is currently operated on weekly basis with train numbers 12741/ 12742. The same train returns from Goa on the day when it reaches its destination.

When the train departs and it’s halting stations
PNBE–Vasco da Gama superfast express train (17742) departs from Patna junction on every Saturday afternoon by 2:00 pm. This takes almost 2 days to complete its journeys and reaches at Vasco da Gama (VSG) Railway station. Same train Vasco da Gama –Patna superfast express (17741) departs from Vasco da Gama on Wednesday by 7: 05 PM (evening) and reaches Patna Junction after covering the distance of almost 2,300 kilometers.

Trip to Goa via train
If you are yet to see the most beautiful railway routes, it’s the time to book your tickets in Pnbe – Vasco da Gama SF express. This train stops at almost 20 stations including Mudgaon. Passing via the rural areas of Bihar, one can see the sunset at its utmost charms from the window. Slowly the lights start blooming in the way and by 8’o clock you will reach at the holy land of Prayagraj. Cherish your journey by ordering food online in train at Allahabad Chheoki station. You can choose to order special combo menu for dinner. The train crosses through Deen Dayal Upadhyaya junction and halts for 15-20 minutes.

Day 2 starts with a refreshing morning when the fresh air vibes with the first rays of sun starts playing hide and seek with the rocky hills. You have entered the boundaries of Madhya Pradesh. The train stops at Itarasi Junction where you can have a morning tea in the train. The number of hawkers comes inside the train to serve you with breakfast items and tea. You can see many vendors selling “Agra Ka Petha” specially on platform no. 1. You have away from Patna and traveled almost about 1000 kilometers. The next stop arrives after three and half hours at Khandwa railway station. The train stops there for about five minutes. You can have some snacks at this station for your easy bites.

After crossing Khandawa station, the train stops at Bhusawal by 12: 30 pm. It’s the high time to order lunch in train. You must try to avoid the pantry food and opt for e-catering and order your food online in train within a few clicks. After having the delicious lunch, get ready to witness the most beautiful railway routes from the train. Plethora of tunnels, sea views from the windows, different beautiful jungles and sunset view from the window will mesmerize you. The moment you enter in the Konkan railway zone you will witness a number of beautiful places on your way to Goa. This beautiful belt supports the sentence “Journey is more beautiful than destination”.

By 5 to 5: 30 pm your train will stop at Nasik Road railway station. You can hear the cranky voices of vendors selling peeled pomegranate, oranges and grapes. You can treat yourself with the fresh fruits sold by these vendors. Nasik road is known for the massive production of these fruits, so it’s completely safe from the health perspective to buy some of them, as they will be the best option for your evening munch.

The journey continues by entering Maharashtra where Igatpuri or Kalyan junction are the two main junctions where PNBE – Vasco da Gama SF express pass by between 8’o clock to 9’o clock. Sawantwadi road is the last railway station of Maharashtra where the train approaches by almost 4: 30 in the morning. Most probably you will wake up early in the morning by 6’o clock and without any surprise the fresh air and beautiful railway route will welcome you in the land of Goa, The city known for joy, leisure, party and live music. Thivim is the first railway station of Goa where the train halts for two minutes. Second railway stop is the Mudgaon station where the train approaches by 8:30 in the morning. It is one of the most important railway stations of Goa. Here the train stops for 30 minutes, the longest halt after completing 2,214 kilometers of the railway route from Patna.

Turn at Mudgaon:
A twist in your journey! It’s the time to reach Mudgaon. Here the train approaches by 8:20 and halt at this station for next 30 minutes. Half of the passengers deboard their train at this station. Mudgaon is not only a major de-boarding stop but also this place is known for being one of the most visited tourism spot of Goa.

This train is no less than a boon for the students migrating for education at Manipal University. These people de-board their train at Mudgaon railway station and catch another passenger trains for their destinations towards Mangalore and Udupi. From the station of Mudgaon the people get on to passenger trains to the visit the most divine site of the south. It’s the Murdeshwar! A serene attraction is the tallest statue of Lord Shiva located on the sea-shore making it another exotic place in the state of Karnataka.

Vasco da Gama express is the train which connects the passengers from Bihar to Goa after 15 minutes of train running time from Mudgaon. The Mudgaon station is well-connected by different means of transportation such as cabs, taxis and other public transport. People also prefer state run buses to visit in the city. This journey could be your rememberable train travel for life. Long distance trains with no pantry haunts the passengers, but you can rely on the e-catering service which provides food for the passengers. You can also order food online in train in advance. So, plan your visit to the party capital of India and experience the most beautiful railway route of Indian Railways by Pnbe–Vasco da Gama superfast express.

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