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“Christmas is Doing a Little Something Extra for Someone”.

There’s no better time than the Christmas season to rededicate ourselves to the teachings of Jesus. One of the bible verses clearly states “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” – 2 Corinthians 9:15. Jesus considered every human being as a gift of almighty Lord that is one. It’s the high time arriving when full moonshine will be on its peak, snowfall in certain parts of world, Santa on the sleigh, colourfully wrapped gifts, church bells, X-mas cake, cupcakes, along with genial flame of hospitality and charity is all about what Christmas is. This year, lets us consider Christmas not only as a festival or a season, but it’s a feeling to rejoice. It is a stocking stuffed with sugary goodness. Here’re some of the tips on how to celebrate Christmas even in a Shoestring budget.

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  • Make a Budget in Advance: Christmas can be an expensive affair if not managed economically. Set a budget in advance and start shopping. Check online offers! You can get a discount on your purchase as compared to retail offline shopping.

  • Find Extra Savings: We eagerly wait for season sales where products are priced cheap than their original rates. Check offline sales in stores and compare them with online offers. Choose rationally.

  • Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree: Decorating an original Christmas tree can be an expensive affair to handle. Buy small artificial Christmas trees and decorate them on tables and shelves. It’s an economical option.

  • Make your own Christmas Decoration: Use stuffs present at your home to make decorative items and turn your Christmas trees into a dazzling beauty. Use DIY hacks from the internet.

  • Cook Together as a Family: There is no right or wrong way to prepare a meal. Put the stereotypical Christmas dinner dishes aside and cook together to create a dish with fun which is unique to you and your family.

  • Make a Shopping list and only buy what you need: In general, when we shop in a supermarket, we usually fill our physical cart with things we do not need. Filter out! Buy only useful articles!


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